Another Clever Comment From Computer Guru: Formal Announcement that Alexis McBride Read the Quran; Congratulations Received By iPad; Gary Wills Informative Lecture; Marriage May Be a Necessity; Bawdy and Imperious Defined; Alexis with Great Hair and Face Mask

Computer Guru Chris, after reading the prior blog about the mess that the USA is at the moment wrote:
He: I know right.. what a disaster, I can’t stop looking though, so corrupt! they serve seemingly to just about make our powers that be seem marginally less atrocious Much love, Chris and Clare x
Me: Yes! The UK looks like an oasis of tranquility, common sense and intelligence in comparison with what is going on here. I love, love your comment and will place it upon the blog of tomorrow. All of this is enough to force one into religion, and in my case it has. Hahaha. Love to the two of you. Cannot wait to see you, if travel ever possible.

Readers yesterday were alerted to the news that I have finished reading the Quran – well for the first time anyway. It was down loaded on my iPad, all 883 pages. What was rather hilarious is that the iPad would routinely and voluntarily congratulate me “You have reached your reading goal of today.” I was not aware I had one but it certainly cheered me on. Then, Congratulations you have read seven days in a row, meeting your reading goal every day.” What makes it improbable is that I was reading the Quran which is “the Islamic sacred book, believed to be the word of God as dictated to Muhammad by the archangel Gabriel and written down in Arabic. The Koran consists of 114 units of varying lengths, known as suras; the first sura is said as part of the ritual prayer. These touch upon all aspects of human existence, including matters of doctrine, social organization, and legislation.” It is an ancient text, written at the time of Muhammed, not hundreds of years after the fact – which is true of the New Testament.

All of this is totally improbable – an old lady originally of the Protestant faith – becomes an atheist at the age of 19, then went to Dominican University after retirement, receiving a Masters in Humanity. While studying at Dominican took a required course featuring Jesus and other on Buddhism. Neither had any effect on my religiosity. But when in London, England began to believe in God – though did not believe that Jesus was the Son of God. The ‘reasoning’ behind that was rather complicated but when attending a Christmas performance of Mozart in a beautiful cathedral with a magnificent orchestra it just seemed that all of it could not be coincidence. But did not join a church or a specific faith – although everyone was trying to convert me for some strange reason. To Vancouver where Joo Kim Tiah tried earnestly to convert me to become a Fundamentalist Christian. He failed. Then back to San Francisco, where, under the strangest of circumstances began to learn of the Islamic treatment of women – the more I learned of the faith, the more impressed I was and slowly took serious steps which included speaking with an Islamic scholar. Muslims do not have preachers, there is nothing or nobody between you and Allah. Six people of the faith, including the scholar, are of the opinion that I was Chosen by Allah, mostly considering my late entry into the faith. One woman from far away Qatar, who was, of course of the Islamic faith believes that I am chosen. My task, said the Islamic scholar was to read the Quran and speak to Allah – the two of us would decide when I am ready. Things are a bit delayed as the mosques remain closed due to the coronavirus.

Those that know me are most amazed as I have been a rather colourful, bawdy broad surrounded by many men. Sex outside of marriage is forbidden in the Islamic faith – so it looks like I will have to get married (for the fourth time) if I wish to remain a sexual person. So I need to meet a nice Muslim man, sooner or later. Well, it could be a regular guy but he would have to convert to marry me. I have had two marriage proposals from Muslim men in 2020 but they did not work out. Too bad as both of them had a lot of money. Lots and lots of money. Oh well, my retirement income keeps me off the streets – well more than that as it is a most generous allotment.

By the way bawdy means dealing with sexual matters in a comical way; humorously indecent. The synonyms are most jolly: ribald, indecent, risqué, racy, rude, spicy, suggestive, titillating, naughty, improper, indelicate, indecorous, off colour, earthy, broad, locker-room, Rabelaisian; pornographic, obscene, vulgar, crude, coarse, gross, lewd, dirty, filthy, smutty, unseemly, salacious, prurient, lascivious, licentious, X-rated, scatological, near the bone, near the knuckle; erotic, sexy, sexual; blue, raunchy, nudge-nudge. I guess my favourites are nude-nudge and salacious.

My knowledge of Islam has been enhanced by the Internet – often the spoken word. Interviews with professors and scholars. A particularly engrossing one from Gary Wills who says “We have the free will to either read the Quran or hate Muslims. The talk was in the early days of Islamophobia, the days after 9/11. If the link does not link Google Gary Wills/Quran and you shall find three videos.

When people meet me and listen to my true stories about events that took place after I left Marin County in 2014, they say:
They: You certainly live an interesting life!!!!!!
Perhaps those days will be over. The photograph attached to the blog is me in face mask after getting a blow dry from Kim. She is slightly horrified to learn that I shall be wearing a head scarf. Some of the Qatar youngsters suggested that I should die my hair black.
Me: Yes, Kim that is what they said. But I said NO WAY. It took years for me to get white hair that requires no hair dye.
Kim: You are totally right. I would NEVER dye your hair black.
Me: Do not worry, I will not be asking you. Sometimes Royalty can get a bit imperious.
Some synonyms are: high-handed, commanding, peremptory, dictatorial, domineering, bossy, arrogant, overweening, overbearing, authoritarian, tyrannical, authoritative, lordly, officious. The worst of it is: they are just teenagers those Royals. .

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