Emerging From My Cocoon; Not Pleased With Biden’s Choice of a Running Mate but Feeling Sanguine About It All; Amazing Statistics Strike Again Complete With World Map; Sanguine and Cocoon Defined

For some strange reason I have the feeling that I am emerging from a cocoon, I guess to be a butterfly, as that is what usually happens So far I have not sprouted wings – I will keep all informed when that happens, I am laughing and laughing and laughing What is a cocoon? It is a wrap, swathe, swaddle, muffle, cloak, enfold, envelop, cover, fold. The cocoon might well be this period of self isolation, home sheltering, staying safe or whatever you want to call it. Of course, it is not over yet, perhaps is an attitudinal state of mind leading to the belief that I shall emerge. Now looking ahead to the future and making tentative plans, plans to get out of here at some point, most probably within a few months even if the vaccine is not in circulation. There are safe ways to proceed even if the vaccine is not alive, well and distributed. The destination is London where I will meet with Chris, the computer guru and we shall wrap up the Uncle Dave book. I have enough miles to travel First Class so the voyage will not be that traumatic even if I have to wear a stifling face mask. I cannot breathe when wearing a face mask. They do lead to a false sense of security but we are stuck with them. It is great to have an IN day with no need to wear a face mask so one can breathe easily.

Not very surprisingly Biden made a stupid choice in a running mate. The woman has experience being a DA but not in governing. He apparently made the choice in order to attract black votes. One would think that a strong platform of reform and changes made with the input of Elizabeth Warren would be a magnet but I guess that is too rational for the likes of Joe. Trump could play a Trump card and appoint a black woman as his running mate – that would be so funny. There is time to do it and would serve the purpose of getting rid of Pense. I do hope that Trump reads my blog and will take the hint. Feeling most sanguine about the situation, sanguine’s meaning: optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation: This positive feeling based on two facts. 1. No pressure to get involved in the campaign in any way, would have supported Elizabeth Warren and would have worked hard at it. 2) The simple fact that federal politics do not have a big impact on people’s lives. Local and state politics have a far greater influence. In all of my years in the USA federal politics has never been an issue. I am, of course, forbidden from running for President as I was born in Canada, not the USA. I suppose I could go back to Canada and become the Prime Minister but the medical care there is so bad and I would end up dying in office. Not a good idea.

Yesterday I asked Chris for my statistics and did receive them. As usual, I about fainted. They are attached and you shall see. They are presented in the usual fashion and also a country by country breakdown and a world map. Some are inexplicable. The United Arab Emirates with 265 readers is rather believable as I did travel to Dubai in January, meeting many. But 206 readers from Qatar? I have never been to Qatar – I do correspond with some folk from Qatar but not 206 of them. Qatar is a tiny country – an extremely rich one with a very diversified economy but tiny. I sometimes wonder if the Emir reads me, he just might. I am positive that he would find me most amusing. Largest readership is from the US with 7, 980 – well I live here Canada with 4,434 – used to live there and was born there. United Kingdom has 1,115 readers – lived there for two and a half years. Malaysia with 25 readers – not been there and not planning to go there, despite Alix Residences. Which is probably still just a hole in the ground with no air conditioning. New Zealand has 91 people reading me. That is a Wow factor, as no relatives there, perhaps one friend but that is it. Australia has 40 readers but many relatives live there. So it is a mystery, but I certainly am not complaining.

Workmen arrived to fix my bathtub so now I can have a bath – it is a very good day all around!

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