Loosing The Desire to Write: Obsession Defined; The Only Royalty I Deal With Is You: Come to Qatar They Say; Surrealism Defined; Charlene’s Lady J Podcasts Are So Inspirational; Will You Marry Me?; Age Discrepancy

Writing the blog is an obsession, which is a fixation ruling/consuming passion,, mania, idée fixe, compulsion, preoccupation, infatuation, addiction, fetish, craze, hobbyhorse; phobia, complex, neurosis; informal a bee in one’s bonnet, hang-up, thing. But it seems that I have lost this craze, this fixation. Perhaps it shall return, guess I hope so because this is taking discipline to write when usually it is natural and, in a strange way, needed. Not sure what happened, perhaps the instructions (by Wise Man) worked and the change to a Type B personality overcame my Type A personality. An unintended consequence.

The biggest news of the day is that I have been invited to live in Qatar. It is unbelievable but it is true. Shall I? Well obviously not now as it is impossible to go anywhere but sometime down the road, a possibility. Wrote to CPI to get more information on the country – the only factor stopping me would be leaving my superb medical care, that and Personal Driver. But suppose something could be worked out.

So there was a glitch which is defined as a sudden temporary malfunction. I am laughing at the word and its definition. I received a text from the Princess – commonly known as Alix Regina, She said her father would not approve of her picture being posted. I apologized saying
Me: I should have asked you first. I am so so sorry. I will immediately email my computer Guru and have him remove it.

So I did, saying that sometimes Royalty can be somewhat difficult to deal with. He is SO SO funny and here is the correspondence
Me: Please take the picture down. It is somehow not allowed. Do not associate with Royalty it is so difficult.
He: Oh, gosh and golly, it is done. I’m so glad the only royalty i deal with is you x
Me: I love you! I love you! I love you! And I love Claire. My life is so weird and it is all because of this blog.

Well actually that is not true, because it is my personality that gets me in trouble, not just the blog. The blog has nothing to do with many friends. For example my friend Charlene Jenkins that I met in Las Vegas. She is all over social media and has a podcast. called Lady J, She has such a message, such a powerful message. Her podcast dealt with depression, it was so timely, so honest, so what everyone needs to hear, particularly now in these troubled times when depression must be rampant. She used BEAST to describe the effects of her depression. E was for energy, T was tired and S was socialization. The podcast described the steps she took to overcome her depression – saw a psychiatrist. It was most encouraging and uplifting. Then she left an unhappy marriage, first leaving him and later getting a divorce. Her suggestion to listeners was to make a list of the reasons for their depression. Indeed it is most timely as am not depressed, just terribly frustrated with the stupidity of it all – the disease just has to run its course – opening up businesses, restaurants etc etc. and then closing them up again is pointless. I am most fortunate with retirement income and Personal Driver to take me grocery shopping and to my medical, dental and hair appointments but others are not so fortunate.

Thinking about my life – the word surreal cones to mind. My phone just rang and it was a video chat with a member of the Qatar Royal Family – a young man who I met when in London, December of 2019. Now that is having the qualities of surrealism; bizarre: a surreal mix of fact and fantasy. Synonyms are unusual, bizarre, unusual, weird, strange, freakish, unearthly, uncanny, dreamlike, phantasmagorical. So it is uncanny and freakish to have one’s telephone ring and be speaking to a seventeen year old who happens to be from a Middle East country, who asks the strangest of questions. Some normal questions, are you rich or poor and how much money do you make. But other unusual questions. It is more than a little unusual and freakish to write a blog which is read by people all over the world. The unearthly quality of my life is, in many ways, due to the blog. But not everything – my conversation with the young man is not blog related – he was staying in the same hotel in London and is apparently returning to the UK tomorrow. I guess different travel restrictions in Qatar. Here in San Francisco there is no international travel at the present time. The Internet makes all of this possible – the conversation with the young man and my blog. It also makes possible a friendship with Charlene and the pleasure of listening to her podcasts.She has a new podcast through a company called Anchor.
Her newest podcast is about old habits, and giving up on them. She admits to having a big mouth and most defensive. She is most inspirational , speaking of being transparent. Habits can be destructive she says and it is true.

The young man from Qatar is a prince actually, come to think of it. He asked me if I was happy,
Me: Yes I am actually even though this is a difficult time times being stuck in a small apartment for months with no hope in sight.
He: Will you marry me?
Me: No! There is a bit of an age discrepancy. You are 17 and I am 77. But thanks for asking.
He: I have so very much money
Me: I know dear, but I do not need your money.

Then I called Personal Driver and had a regular conversation with a regular man. We spoke of when he would come and collect me as I have two doctor appointments in Marin – one a knee doctor as my left knee is hurting and the other with a dermatologist because of the rash on my face. A return to a normal life, then after that groceries so I can self isolate or home shelter for another week. When will this ever end?NEVER with Newsom in charge. It is interesting that being a politician means that no intelligence, no humanity, no logic. Examples: Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau and Gavin Newsom. But not Elizabeth Warren who has logic, intelligence and humanity. So there! So there! So there.

No photograph as face is covered in a rash. The Princes in Qatar say I am beautiful but not so.

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