Falling Apart at the Seams; Repairs by Physicians; Handsome Physical Therapist in Future; Born Again Virgin; Psychological Repercussions of Shut Down: Exotica Defined; Seeing Qatar from a Lexus; Brace and Bandaged Arm Pictured

Yesterday was two doctor appointments and it appears that I am falling apart at the seams and beginning to feel like a run down old car. By the way, falling apart at the seams means: If something is coming apart at the seams or is falling apart at the seams, it is no longer working properly and may soon stop working completely. Well, it is not all that bad because of the magnificent medical care I receive. The left knee became most painful again but help is on the way. A cortisone shot will reduce the pain in a few days. A brace will be pictured – it too will help with the swelling. Physical therapy has been ordered and the first appointment made for next week. I asked for a handsome physical therapist and apparently I shall have one. Then, related to all of this I have sciatica – an appointment next week to see a nurse practitioner to look into that matter. So all is well but it was most difficult to get around yesterday because of the pain. Then the rash on the face which is rather severe but oral medication prescribed and should clear it up. The great advantage of the face mask is that the rash is hidden behind the face mask. I fell in the bath tub and hurt my arm and it keeps bleeding but an excellent bandage was applied by the dermatologists office and shall also be pictured. The personal in both doctor’s’ offices spoke of the delight that people took in coming to the doctor as it is an opportunity to get away from home sheltering, self isolation or whatever you want to call it. It certainly was a relief for me, the staff most accommodating and cheerful.

The good news of the day was an egg salad sandwich on the patio of Andy’s Market with conversations of the Islamic faith with Personal Driver. Both men and women are to be virgins when they wed. But here is the good news for me – the woman of the three marriages etc. etc etc. I would not be held to this standard in the past before I became a member of the faith. As long as I behave myself after becoming an adherent I will be a virgin when I wed – if marriage is in the future. Also, apparently marrying someone much younger than myself would not be frowned upon so the seventeen year old Prince of Qatar might be in luck. He is really rather darling – takes me on video chat car rides showing me the sights of Qatar. Yesterday it was a ride to the beach, he was going for a family picnic. That made it strange was that he driving a Lexus, and, of course, my name is Alexis. We did laugh about that.

CPI and I spoke of the psychological tole that this shut down is causing. Depression is rampant.
She: With me, it is not boredom. It’s a sense of entrapment and fuzziness and loss of the reality of time. I think the psychological damage of the lockdowns is going to be immense, and of course so much harder to measure than the economic losses.
Me: I definitely agree, that the psychological damage will be immense and something that the Gavin Newsomes of the world are not considering. I find it amazing that I remain basically cheerful but I too suffer from a loss of the reality of time. Some days do not know what day it is. I mark Xs on a calendar to mark the progression of time.
She: I finally found someone who gave me a third hand report on the virus. She works with someone whose son caught covid in New York – evidently just like a cold (report a la Trump) and he was fine in four days. But he’s 26!
Me: Yes, The crippling cases and deaths take place in people who have compromised immune system, heart or kidney problems. My ‘joke’ is that they might die of a hang nail. The trouble is that the public health officials know nothing as they have never experienced anything like this.
Would one of your famous bubble baths hello?
Me: Definitely, a bubble bath with my rubber ducky brings out the best in me.

Watching Netflix is my comfort and joy. The British Broadchurch is a great program. This very insightful comment ended the last segment: “All we really want is love and good deeds.” The most recent series is Dr. Foster, she is a powerful well drawn character who is a woman scorned – husband having an affair. She does an amazing job of getting even.

It has turned into a rather boring, ordinary life – the only touch of exotica is video chats with a 17 year old Qatar Prince, who will be out of touch as he is travelling for a couple of weeks. Well, there is the handsome physical therapist to look forward to next week. Hotw the mighty have fallen – there used to be a Sultan in my life. Those were the days my friend, we though they would never end. But fortunately they did. By the way exotica is defined as: objects considered interesting because they are out of the ordinary, especially because they originated in a distant foreign country. As you can see correctly used as Qatar is a distant foreign country – well Dubai is as well.

The photographs are of my leg brace and my bandaged arm – all rather dull and not a trace of exotica.

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