I Spy for the FBI; Abdication Not a Possibility Apparently: Tips on Raising Children; Do Onto Others As You Shall Have Them Do onto You; Becoming Mystical; Slightly Frustrating Day in Marin Because Left Phone at Home; Tips on Being a Good Parent; Having a Type A Personality; The Princess and Alexis

I have no idea where that title came from, no idea it all but it did come to mind in an unlikely context. There is a relatively recent video posted on YouTube by someone called Royal Misery. The posting date is April 24, 2020. It is interesting that there is a new video posted by “Royal Misery” on YouTube. Its title is I, Fazza. A Descendant of Bin Rashid, My Father is My King, My Blood is My Country & My Peoples. Here is the link, should you want to look at it https://youtu.be/6VmqjT3nqOY It consists of a series of photographs of Fazza and some with his father. No idea when the photographs were taken. But something is rather amiss – none of the photographs show Fazza with a face mask which he constantly wearing these days and has been for months, so these photographs must be old stock. It seems like Fazza (aka Crown Prince of Dubai, aka the Sultan) has no control over his social media. Anyone, it appears, can use pictures of him and put it on YouTube. I am a trusting, truthful soul with control over my social media – so I assume that other people are as well. But this may be faulty reasoning my part. Being a spy is rather the antithesis of being trusty and truthful. Oh well. I was thinking that Fazza was planning on abdicating for me, leaving his country for the woman he loved – rather like the Duke of Windsor who gave up being the King of England for Wallace Simpson. Hahahaha. I guess the Sultan and I will never be together as there is no way I could ever live in Dubai – not with the Ruler of Dubai in command. I am being most brave and taking it in stride. By the way I Spy (For the FBI) is a fantastically funny song, Here is the link: Yesterday was a slightly frustrating day – it was off to Marin for doctor appointments but silly me forgot her phone at home which did manage to confuse things and make things rather frustrating. The rash on my face has not cleared up, my Primary Care Physician gave a referral a dermatologist, placed a call and have an appointment for next week. She can also be consulted about the discolouration on my right arm – the result of bruising caused by the handcuffs on August 18, 2019. Other reassuring words by PCP, we are fans of one another and have been for years and years. Personal Driver and I had lunch again on the patio of Andy’s Market – delicious tuna melt sandwiches and again spoke of the Islamic faith. They also have this guideline “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.” The Ruler of Dubai is going to be in real trouble – he is going to be kidnapped, abducted and mistreated. As previously discussed people are good to me as I am good to them. It works. Learned something from Wise Man that shall be passed on. To be a good parent one must give their child three things: Attention, Approval and Affection. It is a little late for me as I did not have children and at the ripe old age of 77, it is doubtful that I shall but thought I would pass it along to readers that are. I am in somewhat a parenting role as was congratulated for my behaviour – did all three just the other day. This is going to surprise everyone, and it certainly has surprised me. I am becoming mystical, no doubt a result of self isolation, home sheltering or whatever you want to call it. A mystical experience is one that is spiritual, religious, transcendental, transcendent, paranormal, other-worldly, supernatural, preternatural, non-rational, occult, metaphysical, ineffable. Spoke to Wise Man about this and learned that mystics are almost always women, who have direct a direct line to their unconscious and a direct line to their intuitive feelings. Me: That describes me, so I guess it is no wonder. He: Yes it does describe you. More practical discussions about Type A and Type B personalities. The experiments done to determine Type As and Type Bs were done on pigeons – how rather fascinating. Guess which one I am? Type A which is not exactly good thing. But learned some strategies of how to become Type B at least part of the time. Practiced one early this morning and it worked. Think I will practice another one and let myself off the hook and make this a short blog. I am such a fast learner – and humble too. Hahahaha The photograph is a selfie taken in London of Alexis McBride and the Qatar Princess. As you can see, she is beautiful. She has an older sister who looks very much like her.

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