Joining Team Joe Big Mistake; Bidi’ My Time, Song and Campaign Slogan, Please Pick Elizabeth Warren as Your Running Mate; Off to Solve Problems in the Middle East; Inundate; Shoot Yourself in the Foot and Throw in the Towel Defined; No More Men for Me.

Last week sometime I joined TeamJoe – the grass roots campaign to defeat Trump – it was a huge mistake. My phone and my email is inundated with all manner of messages. Inundate is such a good word – synonyms are flood, deluge, overflow, overrun, swamp, submerge, engulf, drown, immerse, cover; saturate, soak, drench. Some of the deluge are pleas for money; floods of celebrity emails, for example one today from Barbara Streisand. A saturation of pleas for tickets for some rally or another, The overwhelmingly irritating aspect is that they are totally non responsive. In the beginning of the deluge I wrote to offer my blog as I have thousands of readers across the United States. Nothing in response, made the offer two or three times but no longer. Now I just automatically delete any message without reading it. Democrats over the years have made a habit of shooting themselves in the foot and they are doing it again. Shoot yourself in the foot is such a fun phrase and it just came to mind. Here is its history: “In the First World War soldiers in the trenches on both sides would someone’s give themselves a non-fatal wound (intentionally shooting themselves in the foot, whilst making it appear as an accident being a favourite. The purpose was to get themselves medically repatriated and out of th way of possible more serious harm, or death in action. Often I hear people use the term “he has shot himself in the foot’ to refer to someone who has unintentionally harmed his own interests while in the process to drying to damage someone else.

So Biden, in trying to damage Trump is coming on super strong but not getting any message out and turning people off. I was under the impression that he had chose Elizabeth Warren as his running made. But apparently not as he is being urged to have a black woman as his running mate. But dear man – Elizabeth is by far the best candidate and the best person for the job, as succinctly put “She knows how to govern.” “People who admire Warren say she’s one of the sharpest policy minds the Democratic Party has — a progressive who also knows how to get stuff done. Her own failed presidential bid was characterized by its detailed policy plans on everything from taxes to childcare to health care. Shortly after she dropped out of the presidential race, Biden endorsed her bankruptcy plan — which was notable, because years ago the two had famously clashed over bankruptcy reform.” Do I have any faith that Biden is going to make the right choice. Quite honestly – NO. What can I do about it? Nothing, except write about it in my blog and come to think about it – I just did. Oh I do make myself laugh and come to think about it – I just did.

I thought of a great slogan for Biden – Biden My Time – it is the words to a song that suddenly came into my mind.
But I’m bidin’ my time
‘Cause that’s the kind of guy I’m
While ot
her folks grow dizy
I keep busy…
“Bidin’ My Time” is a song composed by George Gershwin, with lyrics by Ira Gershwin. It was introduced by The Foursome ( Del Porter, Ray Johnson, J. Marshall and Dwight Snyder) in the 1930 musical Girl Crazy.

Here are some notable recordings.
Nat King Cole (1961) – included in the compilation set L-O-V-E: The Complete Capitol Recordings 1960–1964.[2]
Ella Fitzgerald – Ella Fitzgerald Sings the George and Ira Gershwin Songbook (1959)
Judy Garland – recorded November 4, 1943 for Decca Records, catalog No. 23310.[3]
Teddi King – from “Bidin’ My Time” (1956, RCA).[4]
Margaret Whiting – a single release in 1956.[5]
Sarah Vaughan – Sarah Vaughan Sings George Gershwin (1958)

Joe Biden: Thank you Alexis, that is a great idea.
Me: You are welcome, anytime. For that big favour you need to pick Elizabeth Warren as your running mate. I do drive a tough bargain.

I shall now offer my services to the Crown Princes of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is my considered opinion that the economy of Dubai is in deep trouble due to the overwhelming reliance on tourism and tourism is in deep trouble because of the virus. In the past Any Dhabi bailed out Dubai giving the Ruler of Dubai money to make all of the tourism happen. It does not seem to be a good idea to do it again. So – the two city states combine and become Abu Dhabi Dubai. The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi remains as the President of EAU, the Crown Prince of Dubai replaces his father as Vice President of EAU. The ruling house of Abu Dhabi could remain in command but the Crown Prince of Dubai could be the Crown Prince as he is only 37. The successor to the Crown Prince of Dubai could be one of the sons of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi – he has nine children and all are legitimate.

I used to be a big expert on Dubai – if the coronavirus did not come along I would probably be living there now. I would have gone to recuperate from my left knee replacement – the surgery was scheduled for the end of March. I could have just stayed on, there is an active literary society. But along came the coronavirus – knee replacement surgery was delayed. I renewed the lease on my San Francisco apartment and my Primary Care Physician says I do not need left knee replacement surgery as I am not in pain and am quite mobile. Mind you my mobility is a bit academic as this self isolation has resulted in me being in bed most of the time. I write from bed, shop for groceries once a week, escorted by Personal Driver. Go to doctor appointments, had my teeth cleaned this week and will have my hair cut on Sunday. It is actually not a bad life. I have Netflix for entertainment.
So it is not a bad life at all – there is no man in my life at this moment and it is difficult to meet one during these troubled times. One man appears to be showing interest in me again but it is a little too little and a little too late. I think I am giving up that aspect of my life anyway – three husbands, lived with one man for five years and have had countless lovers. Perhaps it is time to throw in the towel. Throw in the towel is an idiom meaning: To give up on some endeavour; to quit or abandon something; to admit defeat or failure. So bye guys!!!!

Photo is my rubber ducky, I bathe with him daily. Hahaha

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