A Charming Text Response Inviting Bath Company; Texting with Charlene With Possible Radio Show; Stupidity and Illogic From News Media about Pandemic; The Time Frame of My Long Life; Logic and Occurrence Defined

A prior blog included a photo of my rubber ducky with this caption:
Me: Photo of my rubber ducky, I bathe with him daily,
He: I want to take a bath with you!
Me: You are so sweet. But who are you?

I am laughing at the improbability of it all. The blog discussed at great length that I was through with men and I get a really rather sexy response. I think I know who it is by investigating the area code of the text. A man met in LasVegas almost a year ago. He did call me a few months ago, saying that he had daily read my blog since we met. Of course, there is no way such joint bath could take place in this day and age as he lives on the other side of the country. Even under self isolation strange and amusing occurrences happen to me, An occurrence is an incident or an event. My two favourite synonyms are a happening or a phenomenon.

The ten day trip to Las Vegas last year was very interesting, met many people in my gregarious style. Yesterday received a text from a fascinating woman who lives in Maryland. Her name is Charlene Jackson – a picture of her will be included, picture taken in Las Vegas. We had the longest and the best text chat, promising to stay in touch with one another. She is a part owner of a radio station and has her own very popular program. She wants me to be a guest on the program, that is such an honour. I have never been interviewed on the radio, I do think most unexpected. It will be a happening and rather exciting. Just when things seem to be rather normal – then something like this happens.

Speaking of Las Vegas I read somewhere that although the casinos are open , they are empty. People are not thronging back to them – this pandemic is really changing how people interact in this world and in such unpredictable ways. The press often fans the flame of panic, not using facts, science or logic for that matter. Here is an example from SF News
that provides me wth news I would wish to avoid. “ California went from the glory child of the spread of the virus to the total and complete opposite. “in about five weeks, the nation’s most populous state went from success story cautionary tale. Health experts say no single thing went wrong, but a contributing factors included a populate complacent by long a stretch of positive trends, the rapid reopening of businesses, a confusing patchwork of local rules and enforcement, and Newsom’s late adoption of mandatory mask rule, on June 18.

Every statement is simply wrong. For example, a populace grown complacent with positive trends. Not every member of the population reacts in the same manner. There are two extremes – some people panic and are extremely cautionary – but there is the other side of the spectrum people who are reckless and in denial The place to be in somewhere in the middle not in a panic, but taking proper precautions. I, and most people I know are in the middle. We have not become complacent Business have not rapidly reopened, so that is not a fact nor a factor. There is a great deal of uniformity in enforcement and rules. Newsom did not adopt mandatory face masks late – it was rather early and it is rather useless and burdensome. I have a face mask exemption from my physician who was most comfortable in granting one. You must be kidding on all points. There are other compelling, logical conclusions but God forbid we use logic when mass hysteria seems to be the proper response. . I am EXTREMELY logical but it seems I am alone but at least have presence on social media. What is logic? Definition: reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity. Synonyms are: reason, judgement, logical thought, rationality, cognition, wisdom, sagacity, sound judgement, sense, good sense, common sense, rationale, sanity; deduction, inference, syllogistic reasoning; coherence, relevance; horse sense. Horse sense my favourite.
It is all rather infuriating, the best course of action is not to tune into the to the minute by minute count of cases. I stay EXTREMELY safe, it is easier that way. I shop for groceries once a week and only leave my apartment for doctor appointments, or a dentist appointment, go to the bank or tomorrow a hair appointment. Writing about this has gotten me into a rather bad mood.

In the meantime, cleaned apartment, did a wash, had a hot dog for lunch with sauerkraut, and looked within a notebook. I had done a time frame of my life because having difficulty with what happened when. Here it all is, my life before you, not an obituary as suggested by a man of my acquaintance, but something.

1943 Born
1964 Graduated the University of Alberta with BA
1966 Marry first husband, Garth
1972 Divorce Garth
1979 Start law school at night
1983 Graduate law school
1985 My beloved Aunt Alice dies, I leave a man I have lived with for 5 years.
1986 Marry second husband Ken
1989 Divorce Ken in February
1994 Marry Paul, the third husband.
2004 Retire from the County of Marin after 31 years
2010 Leave third husband Paul
2011 Attend father’s 90th birthday
2014 Go to London for school and theatre
2017 Hire Chris, brilliant blog master and begin blog
2017 Go to live in Vancouver
2019 Knee replacement surgery necessitates return to care in SF
2019 Eventually settle in SF after successful surgery
2019 Go to London to celebrate my successful recovery
2019 Meet the Sultan, aka Fazza, aka Crown Prince of Dubai
2020 Pandemic strikes, me safe in SF with my team. Self isolation for months!

There, now you have it. That is my life in a nutshell. It has been a brave and daring expedition. My Primary Care Physician of some 40 odd years said I have never looked better.
He: Alexis, You look better than you have ever looked because you had to stop and rest after all of those years.
Me: Oh my Gawd thank you. You are right. Where would I be without you?

Photograph is of Charlene taken in Las Vegas.

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