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CPI spoke of her experience dining out in a restaurant, it does sound rather gruesome.
She: Our first dinner “out” in three months was bordering on the surreal. Servers all masked, servers not allowed to pour water, not allowed to pour wine and no litres or 1/2 litres of house wine. Think we may continue living on take out/pick up/delivery for a time yet. I am so lazy. However, there was the upside of eating outside in absolute peace – would be wonderful if at least 1/2 capacity and tables six feet apart could continue. Doubtful, but why can’t the noise and table cramming be confined to pubs or sports bars? Couldn’t possibly be because of money, could it?
Population seems to be half masked, half not but it wouldn’t surprise me to have them made mandatory inside. Your problem may be the rash, mine is more basic – hard to see over the top and worse, hard to breathe.
Tuesday as productive as planned?
Me: It is clear that the days of gracious dining are over. I have no desire at all to go to a restaurant, not that it is a possibility here in San Francisco. Tuesday most productive. Personal Driver brought wonderful home cooked food which went in refrigerator and then off we went. Teeth cleaning made quiet marvellous as nitrous oxide was provided, breathed deeply making the experience entirely pain free. Then to lawyer’s office for the signing of documents. Slight snag as my driving license has expired but it was eventually worked out – in a way. To the bank for money, back to San Francisco to stock up on groceries for the next week. But it was all rather exhausting being out in the world. Wore the damn face mask because it was easier than explaining to ‘enforcers’ that I had a face mask exemption. Marin is more relaxed than San Francisco, less restrictions and, consequently, greater calm. Face masks everywhere because of Newsom’s mandate.

So now it is back in until Sunday – the day of my hair appointment. This is such a lazy life, cannot imagine anything different at this point, even when things begin to open up. No need to shop for clothes or shoes as pyjamas are the usual attire. Face masks make cosmetics irrelevant.

Had an interesting conversation at the grocery store wth one of the clerks. He said that there is a growing disregard for all of the precautions – people becoming careless about all of the rules which is going to be a problem when things ‘open up’.

There was encouraging news – parents in one school district took matters into their own hands requesting and voting on opening the school in August rather than waiting until September. The vast majority in favour of the early opening of classes. Good to see some initiative instead of everyone acting like sheep.

Social media is most confusing. Someone saying that they are the Crown Prince of Dubai sent me a message – “How dare you call my father evil!”
Me: But he has been proven evil by a Court of Law – I am not just gossiping about him. Reality check!

What is the definition of evil? Its synonyms are: bad, badness, wrong, wrongdoing, sin, sinfulness, ungodliness, immorality, vice, iniquity, turpitude, degeneracy, vileness, baseness, perversion, corruption, depravity, villainy, nefariousness, atrocity, malevolence, devilishness; shadiness, crookedness; rare peccability, peccancy.

To say otherwise is denial. Denial is not just a river in Egypt. This blog did address the issue of
The Ruler of Dubai’s violating all precepts of the treatment of women in the Islamic faith. This taken from my March 16, 2020 blog.

“As in most of the nomadic tribes of the ancient world, women were deemed unimportant in pre-Islamic Arabia. Indeed, in a society shaped by the rigors of desert life, women were relegated to the margins of community life.The advent of Islam fundamentally altered the status of women in several ways. First, and most importantly, it overturned tradition by according women equal status before Allah. No longer were women denied a human face. Their souls like the souls of men were precious to Allah. They, like men, were worthy of dignity and respect. As a result of this new status and the revolution it worked on Arab society—women became pillars of early Muslim society and were counted among its strongest supporters. Several women—notably Fatimah, daughter of the Prophet Muhammad and wife of Ali, the fourth caliph—even played important roles in the propagation of the faith. To the Shia, for example; Fatimah is an authoritative source of the Prophet’s sayings and deeds.
“The Prophet set an example for the treatment of women in marriage through his relationship with his first wife Khadijah.” She was fifteen years older than he was, although polygamy was extensively practiced, she was his sole wife until her death. She was his first convert and a strong supporter in the birth of this new faith.After her death, Muhammad married more than once. “Aishah bint abu Bakr (613-678) was Muhammad’s favorite wife of later years. Noted for her education and intelligence, in particular her ability to read and write, she was often consulted about the teachings of the Prophet after his death. She played an important role in the life of the early community, most famously by opposing the succession of Ali after the death of Uthman, the third khalifa.”
There is other encouraging news.
“The new, elevated status of women is apparent in numerous Qur’anic proscriptions which set out women’s rights and obligations. On protecting the dignity and self-respect of women, for example, the Qur’an is emphatic and unequivocal: One of the seven hudud crimes is maligning a woman’s reputation.”

Several blogs discuss the role of women in the Islamic faith. Type Islamic faith in the search engine of this blog and they appear. The treatment of women within the Islamic faith is one of the main reasons that I shall become a Muslim when the mosques open. I am telling the truth.

The photo attached to this blog is also an example of truth telling. It is selfie of me with the nitrous oxide mask when having my teeth cleaned.

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