Nobody Knows Nothing About Anything Especially Relating to COVID-19 And Ignorant People Are Making Decisions That Are Harmful to a Way of Life That We Have Previously Enjoyed; Perverse Defined; Medical Exclusion From Face Mask; I Sleep With Strangers

This factual material appeared, not gossip nor innuendo not from Governor Newsom’s office, nor the Office of the Mayor of San Francisco. According to the state’s projection, Marin County could see 115 COVID-19 hospitalizations on July 13 — a figure that would represent an 850% increase from the current hospitalization total of 12. Before panicking, Marin County residents should take notice of the fact that the ensemble projection gives significant weight to the Johns Hopkins model, which has consistently been projecting far more hospitalizations than actual hospitalizations. For example, the chart above shows that Johns Hopkins projected Marin County would have 80 hospitalizations on June 23 as opposed to 12. The John Hopkins model is not used to calculate R0, and is only used to project hospitalizations and deaths. It is also unclear why the state ensemble’s hospitalization projections have a rapid drop-off between July 13 and July 17. The projections for Solano, Sonoma and Napa counties look similar.”

In other words, all of this ridiculous panic that is taking place is totally unwarranted and not based on reliable science. John Hopkins protocol is unreliable. Governor Newsom’s face mask rule is unwarranted and, moreover, he is using Nazi tactics to enforce it – threatening to cut state funding to counties who do no comply with its hazy, unenforceable conditions. What are Newsom’s motivations? Not protecting the safety of the populace but rather his own political advancement. He wants to be seen as a strong leader who stamped out the coronavirus. That is totally obvious to me and should be to a discerning press, which it appears we do not have. But not so. The Mayor of San Francisco is similarly motivated, scaling back Phase Two, whatever that is. The Marin YMCA is not opening on July 9th after all. Why? Who knows? Swimming is a totally safe activity, all experts agree. Whatever! Reading expert’s opinions is laughable. NPR Health, upon this day featured an article about safe activities over the summer months and traced the risk of certain behaviours and had suggestions about lowering the risk. One man spoke of indoor restaurants and suggested that face masks, on the part of patrons would lower the risk. I wonder if he has ever tried eating while wearing a face mask. Then there was mention of worshipping in a rural Arkansas church where 35 out of 92 worshippers were infected with the virus. That certainly should shake my belief in Jesus – go to worship him and end up with the virus? I have a very perverse sense of humour as you can see. What is perverse? It is contrary, difficult, unreasonable, uncooperative, unhelpful, obstructive, disobliging, unaccommodating, troublesome, tiresome, annoying, vexatious, obstreperous, disobedient, unmanageable, uncontrollable, recalcitrant, refractory, rebellious; wilful, headstrong, self-willed, capricious, wayward, cross-grained, stubborn, obstinate, obdurate, pertinacious, mulish, pig-headed, bull-headed, intractable, intransigent, inflexible; bloody-minded, stroppy, forward, contumacious, stoppy, cussed. Antonyms are: accommodating, cooperative. My favourites are obstructive. obstreperous and cross-grained. That is my sense of humour.

This is what is going on with my quiet life, as revealed in my email to CPI.
Me: But onto the good news. My doctor gave me a medical exclusion from wearing the face mask. Those things do exist – the medical exclusion – I read the Executive Order. But the idiots that enforce the damn face mask rules are never going to believe me so I might as well wear the damn thing but, at least, it feels really good to know that I have a choice. I think I will have a sign made up and wear it around my neck I Am Medically Excluded From Wearing A Face Mask! I am laughing! Got a text from my dentist so it looks like I will have clean teeth on Tuesday, a step in the right direction.
She: No response as yet.

The email went on to discuss another another matter. .
Me: Another strange thing on YouTube placed by You Know Who.

As you see the YouTube centres upon a dream. If you follow the blog you will note that I wrote about the dream I had with the Sultan, in a featuring and strong role, so it is just rather eerie. Whatever! You will have a rational explanation, I am sure. I am laughing as usual. Watching Secretary of State on Netflix so there is some sanity in my life. Hahahaha.

But listen to this! It is no wonder I am doing so well. From NPR Health “Whatever you call the activity—and whether it’s just a few daily words or pages and pages—rematch shows such writing is psychologically and physically potent in the way it can help us self emotions, sort thoughts and communicate “Expressive writing is associated with improvements in physical health. Improvements in markers of mental health and improvements in immune function, as NPR reporter Andrew Limborg learned in discussions with James Pennebaker professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin.” Faithful readers will know that I write almost every day – the blog you are now reading.

I am in excellent physical health and have a superb immunity system, so needed in these troublesome times. I owe both to many factors, but my daily writing apparently adds to it. How fascinating.

The photograph is of an eye mask purchased and worn on my plane trip to London and Dubai in December of 2019 and January 2020. It is, as you will note, funny! I do spread joy, happiness and humour – also hugely important to immunity functions.
You: Thank you!!!!!
Me: You are welcome.

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