Funny Comments About Comedians; Reflections Upon My Comedic Debut Revealing the Secret of My Success; Respite Defined; Egg On My Face; Putting One’s Foot in One’s Mouth Defined and Seven Suggestions to Remedy; Extreme Seclusion Not Like Me But Is Me; Going to Mecca Becomes a Dream; Eating and Drinking With Face Mask On Proves Impossible

This interchange between Computer Guru Chris and Alexis was sparked by the photograph of the poster pictured on the June 12, 2020
He: We would have loved to have seen this…how did it go?
Me: It went very well. I was most funny and I got a lot of laughs. There is a recording of the blessed even, somewhere. I was going to digitalize it using the equipment at the Vancouver Public Library but did not get around to it. But I never want to do it again, It seemed that I was prostituting my sense of humour.
He: I wish more ‘comedians’ had your restraint.
Me; You are making me laugh so hard.

Most of my life I wanted to be a stand up comedian and received much encouragement from many people over the years. While in London learned of a two day comedy workshop, signed up and went. The class consisted of about six young men and me. It was great fun. There was an evening planned where participants were encouraged to come and bring friends and family but I had a class that night and could not attend the wrap up. The pub down the street from my apartment was hosting an Open Mike Night so I signed up. I made the posters using an Apple program and plastered the windows up and down King’s Cross Road with news of my debut. My cousin Gail arrived from Canada as we were going on a trip to Scotland so she was in attendance. I sometimes giggle thinking how strange it must have been for her to be in London surrounded by posters of her wacky cousin Alexis. It is difficult being a stand up comedian – if you over rehearse your jokes are not funny to you anymore but one does not want to take the chance of having nothing prepared. I had a brilliant idea, I made flash cards and a friend pulled them out it stimulated my memory and out came the joke. It was really rather brilliant, if I do say so myself. Sometimes I marvel at my ambitions and my drive. I am a driven woman, these weeks and weeks and weeks of self isolation have been a total respite, all of my doctors say that it has been very good for me. Respite is a a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant. Its synonyms are .break, breathing space, interval, intermission, interlude, recess, lull, pause, time out, hiatus, halt, stop, stoppage, cessation, discontinuation, standstill; relief, relaxation, repose; breather, let-up. So this has been a breather, a time out, a breathing space. I have not been out of my apartment for an entire week. Today Personal Driver is coming to get me, we are driving to Marin to go to the Apple Store and my storage facility and get some groceries. It is a big day! I am going a bit stir crazy, so it is a good idea. Personal Driver and I laugh and swear, and laugh laugh and swear. Then abruptly switch gears and talk about the Islamic faith. I lead a very unusual life even when I am in solitary confinement, house arrest or whatever you want to call it.

The following was written the next morning:

This is rather embarrassing – I have egg on my face, such a strange expression. ‘To have/caught with egg on your face’ means to be made to look foolish or to be embarrassed. Origin: “Random House Dictionary of American Slang, Vol. … Lighter (Random House, New York, 1994): “have egg on (one’s) face — to look foolish or be embarrassed. The expression originated in the United States some 25 years ago, probably from the fact that someone eating an egg sloppily is likely to wind up with some of it on his face and therefore not looking his best.

I have egg on my face because, in a prior blog, there was an assertion that the Sultan (aka Crown Prince of Dubai, aka Fazza) was not being authentic Inauthentic defined as lacking in sincerity or not, in fact, what is said to be. Whereas authentic, as applied to me: “Yes you are one on your own, there appears to be little put on for show, you are what you are. “

The reason that I am embarrassed has to do with this YouTube:
It is Crown Prince of Dubai addressing the UN Digital Cooperation Roadmap launch event. He addresses all in English which is not his native tongue. I did make a public comment on YouTube saying how impressive the address was and, how inspiring. “Your command of the English language is masterful. Good job!” That was a rather strange thing to say: “Good job!” – I used to say it to my grandchildren when little and here I am saying it to Royalty. I am laughing. The address to the UN was definitely authentic – no question in my mind about that. There is another apt phrase about people who put your foot in your mouth; which is say or do something tactless or embarrassing, to commit blunder. Allwomanstalk helpfully suggests what can be done when that happens, seven suggestions: 1) apologize 2) make a joke 3) let it slide by 4) explain what you really meant 5) explain that each situation is unique 6) admit you put your foot in your mouth 6) learn from it.
I do not think you have to do all seven, but some have already been done. I am sorry Crown Prince of Dubai. I do admit that I put my foot in my mouth. I have made a joke of it and I have learned from it. So there! So There! So There!

Yesterday turned into a great day going to Marin and grocery shopping with Personal Driver, much was accomplished. I went to the Apple store and finally learned how to turn off my phone, I have had the phone for over three months, it was about time. I am laughing. Went to my storage facility and picked up some items. Got money, turned some over to Personal Driver. Got coffee and a pastry,
Then to the Lucky Store on Fulton in San Francisco for weekly groceries. I talk all of the time when there is someone to talk to – managed to get two readers for my blog standing in line checking out.
Riding to Marin spoke to Personal Driver about Mecca, he and his wife went seven years ago. It is an amazing trip, go for thirty days travelling in a group with an extremely well informed guide. I think I shall go on Turkish Air, stopping in Istanbul. I have never been there and yearn to do so. Of course none of this is possible, probably for at least a year. But it is joyous to have something to look forward to.

So I am most happy. This, in an email from high school and Uni friend CPI
She: But I do wonder about your almost reluctance to leave the apartment – this does not sound like you at all. Not that I necessarily want to go out, it’s being told I can’t (or really shouldn’t).
Me: I know my extreme seclusion does not sound like me at all, even I cannot believe it. It is not very nice to be out – with the damn face mask on – it is hard to breathe. And the science behind face mask wearing. is less than compelling. Research saying it is effective was done on hamsters. Every tried to eat with a face mask on??? Haha. As you can see my sense of humour is still working. Off to blog – took a day off yesterday Today’s is going to take a strange turn..

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