My Life Could Not Be More Bizarre; Proof Given With a Definition of Bizarre; Wacko; News From Scotland of the Ruler of Dubai Being Thwarted; Some Fears For My Life; I am Authentic, Not Sure of the Sultan; Brazenly Authentic Revisited

My life could not be more bizarre, this blog is responsible. So the strangeness of my existence can be shown by using the following method. Go to the June 9,2020 blog, the one with the Back to Icarus title, go to the Related Stories, click on the June 13, 2018 blog entitled; He Was Not a Crown Prince After All. Read it from start to finish. It describes a man coming onto me using Instagram saying that he is the Crown Prince of Dubai. He tells me he will introduce me to his father if I come to Dubai and bring him a thousand dollars. “One of my best lines is if you are the Crown Prince of Dubai then I am the Queen of Sheba.” But I do find out where Dubai is, get a book from the Vancouver Public Library, have a conversation with someone who visited there but decide there is no way I would ever go there. The entire reading of the June 13 blog reveals much detail.

This is what makes my life bizarre, other words to describe it are strange, peculiar, odd, funny, curious, offbeat, outlandish, eccentric, unconventional, unorthodox, queer, unexpected, unfamiliar, abnormal, atypical, unusual, out of the ordinary, out of the way, extraordinary; fantastic, remarkable, puzzling, mystifying, mysterious, perplexing, baffling, unaccountable, inexplicable, incongruous, irregular, singular, ludicrous, comical, ridiculous, droll, deviant, aberrant, grotesque, freak, freakish, surreal weird, wacky, oddball, way out, freaky, off the wall; wacko, bizarro. No one would call my life ordinary or normal.

Because this is the wacky, oddball thing that happened is, seventeen months later, I met the Crown Prince of Dubai (aka the Sultan, aka Fazza) in a London hotel lobby and then two months later met most of the Royal Family of Dubai in that same hotel. I did not meet the Ruler of Dubai. I would certainly not pay $1,000 to met him, I would pay at least $1,000 to not meet him, to get away from him actually. I did meet his Senior Wife, an utterly charming woman. She was at the hotel with at least four of her children – she gave birth to twelve, including the Sultan.

Then I travelled to Dubai. I travelled to London from San Francisco on Air Emeritus and one must stop in Dubai – I stayed at a Marriott Hotel for about a week. But I did not see any of the Royal Family when I was in Dubai but did correspond for some time with on of the Princesses.

What does the blog have to do with my mystifying, mysterious, perplexing and baffling existence. Blogging almost everyday is a means of recording events and conversations in great detail. I did remember that an Instagram scammer came onto me but it was not until I reread the Related Story that the details came into clear focus which made it seem ludicrous.

Then the reason that I struck up an acquaintance with the Crown Prince was because of the blog. I did accost him in the hotel lobby, telling him that he was the most handsome I had ever seen but it is only because of the blog that he greeted me two days later telling me he was the Sultan. I had written about him on the blog and proposed, saying I would be his London wife, he can have more than one and I do not like the heat so Dubai would not have been a good idea. As you all know I live in San Francisco, so it did not happen. Thank goodness with the mess the world is in at the present time with the pandemic. I am safely quarantined near my very trusty Primary Care Physician and Personal Driver.

News from Scotland from Scottish News and the Telegraph. “Billionaire Ruler of Dubai has Highland Lodge plans thrown out by Highland Council. Locals objected after ROD asked to expand his Inveinate Estate by erecting a six-bedroom building to accommodate his relatives. A picture of the estate is included in the article – it is already huge. The Sheikh’s application was refused at a meeting of the local authority’s application committee despite planning officials recommendation that it be approved. The chair of the committee, a woman, stated:” I do not really understand why they need to build right next to somebody else.” The Sheikh bought the estate 20 years ago. The Telegraph reported: “Thwarted by locals! Dubai’s billionaire ruler has failed in his latest bid to build a hunting lodge on his estate after an elderly neighbour said he feared it would lead to armed security patrols and spotlights outside of his home. The Sheikh apparently promised money for affordable housing in the Highlands. The Sheikh said that he only visited once a year.”

But this is Alexis speaking: “How could anyone trust the word of this tyrant?” What is a tyrant? It is a a cruel and oppressive ruler. Used in a sentence” The tyrant was deposed by popular demonstrations. There are synonyms: Used in a sentence: An evil tyrant who has imprisoned all who oppose his regime: despot, autocrat, absolute ruler, authoritarian, oppressor, dictator.

It is with fear that I write this, knowing that this message will go out over the world, how rather fantastic and out of the way. This evil man has shown that he can reach out, over civilized countries, one daughter was kidnapped in Cambridge. But Your Royal Highness, I have a plan if anything happens to me and the plan is in effect and operative and strong. I am not being paranoid, I am being realistic. I do feel protected because of the events of August 18, 2019 when I was attacked by Chinese goons in multibillionaire fashion. But my circle of possible perpetrators has expanded: it also could have been Tony Tiah. He had method, he had motive and he had opportunity. Oh well, I am sure the force that saved me that evening will save me again should the ROD decide that I am too independent and outspoken and truth telling and must be put down. In my days at the Trump International Hotel and Tower there was a saying: dnefwmmcb. It stood for Do Not Ever Fuck With Ms. McBride, not sure how or why they figured that out so early on. I look back now at the effects that this virus has had on the people in the hotel and restaurant facilities. It is massive and the people who messed with me did not have a vast supply of savings, living at edge of their incomes in an expensive city. They, I know, are suffering. And also the Tiah family, though not in the same way.

But on a much lighter note. There are many YouTube videos of the Sultan in Scotland. He is hiking in the Highlands and by streams, an amusing one where his uncle, in a kilt is thrown into the water. But there are none showing where he must have been residing while there. The videos look like an ordinary life – but not so. He was not staying in a tent, nor even a hotel, but a mansion in the Highlands. That is not authentic. And we do know that I am Brazenly Authentic. I did question friends and followers: “Am I brazenly authentic?” One man had the best answer, a man who knew me well. It is taken from my August 14, 2019 blog. Just type brazenly authentic in the search engine of this blog.
“Me: Do you think I am brazenly authentic? If you answer no I will still be your friend.
To a person EVERYONE says: “Yes, you are brazenly authentic. But the prize goes to this measured response – a man who has known me for over three years.
He: But I’m not sure that the two words go together. Yes you are outgoing to an extreme amount, i can recall your response to a lecturer on stage which was loud to a point where i feared for our ability to remain. Does this mean that you are brazen? Don’t think so.
Authentic; yes you are one on your own. there appears to be little put on just for show , you are what you are.
Me: What an entirely sweet answer and you win the prize. I cannot remember the lecturer on the stage – he must have been irritating me.”

How wonderful it is, to have a man who loves you say: “You are what you are” “ You are one on your own.” He is no longer in my life but I do know that he loves me. It is intensely gratifying.

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