Amusing Conversations with PCP; Email From CPI Sheds Light on Floyd; Take Time to Smell the Roses; The Men Were Crazy to Begin With

Received a telephone call from Personal Care Physician (PCP0 yesterday.
He: Alexis, you tested negative for antibodies.
Me: SHIT! Oops I am sorry
He: That is alright Alexis, I had.the same reaction when I tested negative.

We then had a further conversation about these crazy times and the over reaction on the part of the populace and the public health people. PCP a very scientific and informed, agreed that a vaccine is most unlikely. Do remember that he called me an intelligent pragmatist, Wise Man with his observation, saying that was a most apt description of me.

This conversation took place in PCP’s office last week.
He: How are you doing these days?
Me: Surprisingly well. This extrovert is actually thriving, and I am loosing weight – my clothes are falling off of me.
He: Alexis, everyone else is gaining weight and you are loosing weight.
Me: I am different
He: I am aware of that, I have been your doctor for years.

So it was disappointing to hear that I am not immune, but it does not really change that much. Recently read that the USA has 25% of world wide cases but only 5% of the world wide population. Of course there has been a huge increase in testing which would account for the numbers,

Reporting back on the ‘progress’ of the 5K offer of services. The price was lowered to Ik but then rescinded.
He: I was drunk when I texted and talked to you. If I text you or call you do not respond Do not ever talk to me again!
Me: Need I remind you that you contacted me, not the other way around. And listen, if you do not like the things you do when you get drunk you should quit drinking not order me to not answer my phone nor respond to texts.

It was all rather amusing but in a way, rather crazy making. Years ago I queried an old friend, a retired psychology professor known since I was 19.
Me: Why do I drive men crazy?
He: Alexis, they were crazy to begin with.
Me: Well, that is a relief!

In this day and age Wise Man agrees, just using different terminology. Words like sociopath, dysfunctional, compartmentalization, conflicted and internal defect are used instead of crazy. By the way, those words are directed at them, not me. It is interesting, and scientific actually, that opposites attract. I cannot think of two people more different from one another than the Sultan and Alexis McBride. Here is a YouTube link which was sent to CP. It was called Right Moment
Me: So it looks like he was in Vancouver in January of 2019.
She: It is a strange mixture. The first ‘romantic’ part has nothing to do with the Vancouver portion. I have seen the photos of him in rainy Vancouver before.
Me: Yes. But even stranger is the assertion that it is the right time and the right moment for a relationship he will give up everything for, but this in January of 2019, he goes home to Dubai and marries his cousin in May of 2019 – he and his two brothers had a group marriage. I do not think he is rhapsodizing about his cousin. Of course, I did not meet him until November of 2019 in London but, as you know, I was living in Vancouver in January of 2019.

I awoke this morning to an email from CPI concerning an entirely different matter.
Long article on Floyd in Wikipedia (already!) with many citations. The article includes his “several arrests for drug possession” and a 2009 plea plea deal for armed robbery. He served four years. However, he was certainly trying to change after release and I’m not excusing police behaviour. And now Gone With the Wind has been removed from HBO for at least the time it takes to write an “explanatory” note.
Me: Until you mentioned in a prior email Had no idea that Floyd was a convicted felon. So thanks for bringing me up to date. His criminality makes the situation less black and white (so to speak) turning it into more or a grey sone. The incident served to take people’s attention away from the virus.
CPI: Believe it or not, I had my first ever full manicure today – too many nicks and cracks. On to hair next week and perhaps some sort of revival. I’m sure the experience would have been more relaxing without the masks and plexiglas shield.
Me: My goodness Vancouver is opening up! I am sure no such things as manicures and hair appointments are taking place here. Not that I ever go out to see what is going on. Personal Driver took me grocery shopping last Sunday – that was my last venture out of the apartment. .
CPI: Uncle Dave?
Me: Well it has taken a new turn. Computer Guru needs to find work. So if I work on the book – we publish it and sell it – there would be money. It motivates me in a different way and which may be good. I have written other books – MacBooks they were called – pictures and text of a Norway fjord trip, one of my experiences at the Cordon Blue in Paris and one about the London Theatre Tour. Definitely marketable particularly with my ‘fame’ on this blog.

Yesterday was a day of reflection with no blogging nor any writing – I write every day, one day last week 4,000 words. I have spent the last year and a half ‘on hold’ – waiting for knee surgery, recovering from one knee replacement and then waiting again for left knee replacement. Not really getting on with my life, major decisions put off until the knees were mended. Well, and then along came the pandemic and self isolation. Now, PCP says left knee surgery not necessary as there is no pain. So guess I need to decide what I am going to do with the remainder of my life. I do laughingly say, and remind myself that there has been some men in my life, this past year and a half. If things had ‘worked out’ there would have been a major impact on my life MAJOR. But it did not come to pass, did not come to fruition. Fruition has the most marvellous synonyms: realization, actualization, materialization; achievement, attainment, accomplishment, resolution; success, completion, consummation, conclusion, close, finish, perfection; maturity, maturation, ripening, ripeness; effecting, implementation, execution, performance;

There was no ripening, no close, no finish and no consummation of any relationship. Then suddenly this thought comes to mind. I have a blog which is read by thousands of people all across the world – isn’t that enough? PCP said this pandemic has been a blessing for me it has forced me to “stop and smell the roses” It is an idiomatic phrase meaning To relax; to take time out of one’s busy schedule to enjoy or appreciate the beauty of life. Great conclusion, Alexis. There are gaps in my life but many of these will be filled when I embrace the faith.

The photograph is a poster made for my stand up comedy routine in a London Pub.

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