Truth Lifts the Heart Like Water Refreshes Thirst; Knowledge So Valuable; Campaign Slogans For Biden Describing Trump as Backasswards; Erectile Dysfunction Supplements Not Needed; Bad Ass Squared

Yesterday I learned the truth about something, something major. I made a false assumption promoted by a lie made by a ten year old boy – something rather playful actually. But learning the truth was a vast relief as my worries and concerns were for naught. The truth also wielded the final blow to an obsession that has haunted me for many months. On first learning the truth, in in my mind, in self isolation, played with events happenings and conversations giving them new meanings But then, an inspiration – looked to the Islamic faith to discover the importance and meaning of the truth within their tenants and within the Koran. The first, so meaningful as true in my situation: The truth lifts the heart like water refreshes thirst. Now, that is profound. Then this: Oh my Lord, increase me in knowledge.

Knowledge is so powerful and so encouraging. Here is an example. Learned that there was a second wave of the coronavirus in China and was panic stricken. But then learned the facts from a reliable news source. First, that this is the first case since February, I was not aware of the suppression of the disease over all of these months. Then to learn that China has definitely learned from its mistakes – the source of the new cases was immediately traced to a food distribution center in Beijing – it was immediately closed, all of the workers were tested and quarantined and all deliveries were traced. The area was sealed off. It was impressive. My concerns vanished. Infected people would not be climbing on planes as happened the first time around. Phew!

Here is another example of the profound effect of the lack of knowledge. CPI, in an email spoke of the following.
She: Evidently up to about 80% of the population here is at least somewhat reluctant to return to restaurant dining (at least dine-in), and certainly the weather so far has not been conducive to patio dining.
Me: That is fascinating! Restaurant dining may become a thing of the past. When attending Dominican University took a graduate course, Paris, the City of Lights, learning that restaurant dining began in Paris during the nineteenth century. Before that everyone dined at home. Now, restaurant dining may become obsolete because of the virus. But in actual fact and truth, it is rather safe. Heat destroys the virus, so the food not a problem and the six feet RULE is not based on science or knowledge. There must be prolonged exposure to a person (or animal) in order to cause infestation. I personally have no desire to return to restaurant dining. It is hardly going to be a gracious experience, waiters with face masks, tables separated by miles and being unable to eat with someone other than one’s spouse and/or children. What is the point of that? This phobia about nearness is not based on fact at all. For me going to West Marin and having oysters outside at Hog Island Oysters would be delightful, in the sunshine overlooking the water would be perfect. Perhaps I could find a guy and we could go there for a date. But here, in marvellous Hayes Valley, an indoor restaurant? No thanks

But getting back to the truth. I do always tell the truth and assume others do so as well. But when finding that a lie has been perpetuated upon me then I assume that everything that comes out of the person’s mouth is a lie. This is a problem that Trump suffers from – rational people do not believe one word he says. He has the advantage of living in a country where most folk are not rational, so he got elected and might again. There is nothing much I can do about that, she said laughingly. It is unlikely that irrational people are reading this blog, so my sphere of influence is not wide amongst the Trump devotees, that I know. So what is irrational, the meaning: not logical or reasonable. The synonyms describe President Trump: unreasonable, illogical, groundless, baseless, unfounded, unjustifiable, unsound; absurd, ridiculous, ludicrous, silly, foolish, senseless, nonsensical, laughable, idiotic, stupid, wild; untenable, implausible, unscientific, arbitrary; crazy, mad; barmy, daft; backasswards.

My three favourites have to be barmy, backasswards and daft. Perhaps I should volunteer to work on the campaign for Biden. The slogan could be Trump is Backasswards – it does have a certain ring to it. Trump is Barmy is pretty good as well.

There was a mention in the first paragraph, of the truth curing an obsession. I am exceedingly empathetic which can be most painful as I feel what an other is feeling, walking in their moccasins, as it is described. But as the feeling for the person lessens, it is sympathy that comes into play which is a feeling of sorrow for someone’s misfortunes. Then as the feelings for the person dissipate further, pity comes into play. It is like regret or disappointment. The feeling of pity is more comfortable, it is not anger, it is closer to indifference with an ounce or two of compassion thrown in. Hate is not the opposite of love, indifference is, that is one of my wisdoms.

It is most strange the emails that drift into one’s Inbox. A recent one was for an erectile dysfunction supplement. What???? Neither me, nor any man I have ever been to bed with, needed an erectile dysfunction supplement. And in my 77 years there has been many a man – I have been married three times but spent many years single and shall we say, out there. It is preposterous but since April of 2016 120 men have asked me to go to bed with them. Of course, I did not go to bed with all of them, in fact quite few. At some point, should do a count. The self isolation, this pandemic is slowing things up, only two in the past nine or ten weeks. They were two men that reappeared, so to speak, met them before and they either emailed, called or texted asking for me. But, of course, there was no union, not possible in these troubled times.

When this individual blog was first written, it was with the thought that it would be an examination of the concept of truth in the Islamic faith – but obviously it became a bit off topic, This does not mean the project is abandoned but serious work needs to be done on the faith and my mood did become more playful.

The photograph is my mug. While in Vancouver, at the Equinox gym, I achieved a nickname. It was BA Squared. It stood for Bachelor of Arts (have one) and Bad Ass (am one). I was going to have a tattoo made with the symbol. I may still, it would be funny, Not these days however, no tattoos possible.

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