Fantastically Innovative Ventilator From Dubai;; EVERYBODY’S Life Matters; Differing Viewpoints Coming From Dubai; Good News About Left Knee, No Need for Surgery; Yummy Biryani

A news release dated June 6, 2020 told the world of the invention of a prototype: “His Highness noted that the development of the ventilator is part of the country’s efforts to deploy breakthrough technologies in the fight against COVID-19 and to enhance its healthcare capabilities. The developing agency was the Dubai Future Foundation, an interdisciplinary team designed what called a robust and rapid prototype mechanical ventilatory.
“Over an eight-week period, the project team worked relentlessly to design and build the M061 ventilator system as a modular and scalable prototype, relying on interchangeable components that are easy to source and integrate, in an effort to circumvent the world-wide scarcity of crucial medical supplies.” What they, are doing is so thorough. This is Fazza’ face mask guidelines: In an earlier media statement, His Highness noted that the development of the ventilator is part of the country’s efforts to deploy breakthrough technologies in the fight against COVID-19 and to enhance its healthcare capabilities.
Within the context of the intense pressure global supply chains face as a result of restrictions in different countries, the M061 Project serves as a response to calls for local ventilator production to meet the needs of the UAE population.
Another arena in which Dubai exceeds is in the realm of face masks. Fazza gives face mask advice and provides alternatives and prices.

  1. A pack of 50 three-layer disposable medical face masks for AED 37.96.
  2. Advance reusable face mask, suitable for when you go running or cycling for AED 122.00.
  3. Pack of 8 adjustable and slightly more affordable reusable face masks with breathing filters and earloops, for AED 70.00.
    They are inexpensive. In this area, in theUSA one disposable medical face mask cost $5.00 – these therefore do not get disposed and becomes a collector of virus droplets. I wear washable cotton scarves and when reaching home place in the washing machine and then drier. Bye, bye droplets. Information on face masks is obtainable, as I obtained it but it does take some work. Of course I have nothing better to do in my self isolation.

This is soon to be amusing. I politely congratulated the Crown Prince on his presentation at the Dubai Airport and the plan to resume Air Emeritus airline travel. However on May 14, 2020 this story appeared in the Western press: “Dubai Airports CEO Paul Griffiths recently told Bloomberg, that the whole travel experience, will be as enjoyable as open heart surgery. adding that precautionary measures like personal protective equipment and social distancing restrictions can only be short-term solutions while waiting on a vaccine.
“This crisis is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the aviation business,” he added. “We’re dealing with a monster.” I would not exactly say that the Crown Prince and Dubai Airports are on the same page (as the expression goes. Now they do have two different jobs and responsibilities – the Crown Prince desperately needs tourism, airline travel and normalcy appear so that tourist driven economy can survive. But there is a reoccurrence of the following phenomena. There seems to be two different versions of the UAE – one presented by Gulf newspaper media, the other by Western sometimes free press and it seem, the truth. At this moment almost everything in Dubai is open. Cinemas, museums, restaurant, beaches, parks, barber shops, gyms, salon, malls – only mosques, school and universities remain closed. So it is apparently life is back to normal. What is not discussed in the Gulf media is the fate of the the migrant construction workers – reported by CNN. They are stranded, have had enormous difficulties leaving Dubai achieving assistance by their own embassies. Thousands and thousands have returned to their countries of origin. Approximate; two years ago the Ruler of Dubai was interviewed by the BBC in which he tried to explain certain conditions in his country, including the horrendously cruel conditions under which migrant workers lived. ROD insisted that had changed, The CNN story pictured the living situation of the workers approximately one month ago. Primitive delegated buildings where up to 12 workers are crammed into a room – hot beds of the coronavirus. I hate being lied to and when person is found in a lie – one can never trust any word that comes from out of their mouth. So all of this has been rather disillusioning, these findings made today while in social isolation.

I am under no illusions about this country. Exactly what invention has the United States pioneered in these last eight weeks? I could be wrong but I think nothing. Instead this is what’s going on here. I peered out of self isolation to see a large sign on an SUv. Put on my glasses to read it. It said Black Lives Matter. WELL EXCUSE ME ALL LIVES MATTER! I would hasten to point out that even white, Chinese, Indigenous peoples etc etc Lives matter and the division rampant in this country is destroying it! But what are the alternatives for my living quarters?. Not going back to the land of my birth, Canada, for many reasons but dreadful medical care and onerous taxation being two of them. I have superb medical care here with a Primary Care Physician telling me that I have never looked better in the forty odd years he has known me. I laughingly say that he might be going blind but his heart is the the right place. I am joking. We spoke of my left knee which is causing no pain whatever, well partially because I go nowhere but not just that. He has found it common that when a patient has one knee replacement their gait improves, taking the strain off the other knee. So right knee replaced in August 28, 2019 with scheduled left knee replacement cancelled twice during pandemic. Probably not necessary as any exercise program will be confined to water aerobics, not running up and down his which would destroy it. Needless to say, this makes me most happy. My life has been put on hold waiting for right knee surgery – but so successful and such a speedy recovery. When we FINALLY get off “home shelter” I shall proceed. Do a Tate book launch from the roof of my San Francisco apartment, become a member of the Islamic faith, point my extracurricular writing in the right direction. Extracurricular in this context means beyond the blog. Personal Driver, a Pakistani continues to pursue the course of finding a man in Pakistan for me with a big house with air-conditioning. I do think he may be trying to get rid of me. The biryani, prepared by his wife and daughter, was absolutely delicious. A picture will make you drool.

I shall contain links to the new stories and interviews mentioned in this blog in a subsequent blog. I am too lazy to search at the moment and this must be sent this off. I did find a cheery note in one of my notebooks:
They: Alexis, you are so much fun!
Me: Thanks, I try to be.

Perhaps not doing such a good job today.

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