Good and Not So Good Shirtless; Proverbs From Fazza Network; Back to February 12, 2020 Camel Races; UAE Facts; Challenging the Stupidity of Heathrow Quarantine; Perhaps London After All Someday: An Inspirational Soulmate Quotation

I awoke to an email which sent me into gales of laughter that continued for about ten minutes. It was from my computer guru Chris.
He: Have you seen what happens when you type in ’computer guru shirtless’? It’s not the same and it’s not pretty x
Me:I am consumed in gales of laughter that will not stop. It is going on the blog.
What Chris is referring to the June 6,2020 blog wherein I discuss finding a Google category called Crown Prince of Dubai Shirtless and the effect the contents had on me.

To be internally consistent we will now move onto proverbs from a Fazza Network.
” Don’t ignore the small things the kite flies because of its tail.”
💡” The crab that walks too far falls into pot.”
💡” Behind an able man there are always other able men.”
💡” Misfortune shows those who are really friends.”
💡” A word spoken in anger may mar an entire life.”
💡” With a stout heart, a mouse can lift an elephant.”
💡” Don’t hang your hat higher than you can reach.”
💡” Beauty without virtue is a flower without perfume.”
💡” The truly rich are those who enjoy what thy have.””
💡” Never spend time with people who don’t respect you.”
💡” Don’t be so clever; cleverer ones than you are in jail.”
💡” Never make a defence or apology before you be excused.”
💡” The only way to have a friend is to be one.”
💡” Don’t call the alligator big-mouth till you have crossed the river.”
💡” Nothing is too high for a man to reach, but he must climb with care and confidence.”
💡” The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice you give to others.”
💡” It takes two to make a quarrel.”
💡” Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill.”
💡” Cross the stream where it is shallowest.”

Not too sure which is my most favourite of the proverbs but think it is “With a stout heart a mouse can lift an elephant” In second place: “Crab that walks to far falls into pot.”

This is some other item from Fazza land that cheers and brings laughter,the link The video portrays the February 12, 2020 Camel Festival held in Dubai. It seems like a very joyous affair and everyone so happy. But this is the hysterical part – Alexis the Chinese Camel won the highly competitive race. I can see the bewilderment on the Crown Prince’s face.
He: What?? I thought Alexis was born in Canada?
Me: Well,I was and I am not a camel.
I am laughing so hard at this moment. Of course ,I was not in Dubai at the time, but here in Francisco.

Keeping with the internal consistency CPI supplied valuable information including a web site where she gathered many material facts concerning the UAE.
MeFantastic web site – thank you so much! Two surprising facts. The percentage of Emerita – I knew small but only 11%?. Do I ever feel privileged – drinks with one, his fiancé and her friend on the last night in Dubai. And, of course, association with the Royal Family while in London. God knows how many of them were at the hotel. . I think I might have met 4% of the entire Emerita population. Hahaha The other startling number 87% of the population live in urban centres. Sixty years ago when UAE first united probably 0% lived in an urban center. Fascinating region. How improbable that, with your able help, I become an expert on the UAE and all because of a chance encounter in a London hotel.
That is true, now I probably know more about Dubai than I do about Canada and the USA combined. I do know quite a lot about those two countries – went to law school and studies USA Constitutional Law for example.
What use am I going to make of my UAE knowledge – none I can think of but it has been, and is, a good ride.

Moving right along, very good news yesterday.”The parent company of British Airways is considering launching a legal challenge against the UK’s plan to quarantine arriving travellers, its chief executive said on Friday. RyanAir made this intelligent statement:The Airlines has rejected the UK Government’s travel quarantine as “ineffective and useless”, as it does not “detain” passengers, but instead collects phone numbers and allows them to travel on London public transport.” The virus would be spread on public transportation and on the Tube. They would purchase groceries in a super market and self isolation could not be regulated or enforced. But it does take legal challenge, not complaints and someone needs stand up to ignorant politicians that make rules and regulations that useless, unworkable and sheer folly. Someone must stand up the the Mayor of San Francisco, but that is not my job. I was an attorney but retired. I hope for the best British Airways – the best being the UK Government’s abdication of its ridiculous travel restrictions. The UK government will need court orders because it is highly unlikely that common sense and the common good will prevail within a governmental body.

So things may be drastically change all of a sudden. I may be immune, airline travel to London may be possible with the Heathrow quarantine overturned. Perhaps this is soon to be over. No plans to go to London, but could, perhaps. Lots of things to accomplish here before a trip to London. Goodness knows – three journeys to London in 2019 may be enough. We shall see – would stay at my Gatwick hotel, my last stop before going to Dubai flying Air Emeritus in January from Gatwick on trip from London to Dubai.
But onto something inspirational instead of mundane or funny Found this absolutely profound quote, so deeply meaningful. “A soulmate isn’t someone who completes you. No, a soulmate is someone who inspires you to complete yourself.”
— Bianca Sparacino, The Strength In Our Scars
So true when you think deeply about it. Do I have a soulmate? I am pretty sure I do. Rather complicated, as is most of my life. A niece, many, many years ago was convinced that I was her soulmate I was convinced as well but no longer, guess you can be someone’s soulmate at one time in life bur it not continue. I do remember saying to a man, not a great emailer and we were apart and remain apart. .
Me: Just because you are my soulmate, you are not relieved of your responsibilities of communicating with me. no idea why I suddenly thought about that, but I did This man and I had the funniest of relationships I spoke of this relationship to Wise Man recently.
He: The relationship became stalled and then stopped, not because of anything you said or did but because of his own inner flaws. He wanted to be with you but could not. So when you were safely back in Canada he would pour his heart out to you.
Me: That is interesting Can see that you are right.Oh well, your words bring me peace, and closure, actually.

Found this link to a Lancet Medical Journal discussingCOVID-19 immunity passports and vaccination certificates: scientific, equitable, and legal challenge Cros sref DOI link: It is so informative but very intellectual and nuanced, thinkI will wait to read it until the results of the test are in. No use learning about something for nothing.

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