Shirtless; I Need to Forget You For Awhile; Suggestions for an Air Emirates Flight; to Singapore But Where is Unknown?; Too Much Empathy

You shall not believe this but go to Google, type Crown Prince of Dubai and there is a special category called Crown Prince of Dubai Shirtless. One clicks on the category and they’re about twenty pictures of him with no shirt. WOW WOW. It is almost too much for an old lady to take in, I mean really. I do remember blogging at some point that the two characteristics that were at the top of my admiration list were his poetry and then how he looked without a shirt. Serious, it is there somewhere. So when seen, I laughed out-loud, between the drooling.

Recently came upon a note to myself written in a notebook, undated. “I need to forget you for awhile.” It was not sent but do know, with absolute certainty who the you is. I did, forget because it was necessary for my well being. But now I am fine and such forgetting is no longer necessary. Not sure what made the difference, why the forgetting necessary and the remembrance comfortable. Some things are never to be known. Will it happen again – no do not think so.

I have a brilliant idea based on my statistics found in the June 3, 2020 blog. For the background go to this link: The Crown Prince of Dubai is announcing the resumption of flights to certain countries, listing them. My idea is to take statistics from the country or countries largest in my fan base and send flights there. The blog is most positive about Dubai and the Crown Prince – sort of a fan club in a way. So, the example look at pastedGraphic.pngSingapore1584. People from Singapore just might flock to Dubai. But it seems that I should get a bonus – I am tired of giving things to Dubai for nothing. I am so laughing! Now this might be a bit difficult, this my largest following ; pastedGraphic_1.pngUnknown4682. I do not know how one can a send a flight to Unknown, I am laughing so hard. It is possible to understand the numbers in Korea as I met three young girls and their instructor in the Vancouver Public Library and we were quite taken with one another. The Japan numbers also traceable as someone, known visited Japan in the recent pass, and another country as well. How confusing, but unknowable so why worry about it. Wise Man has commented my ability to know when something cannot be determined and then let it go.
He: It is amazing quality. You just shrug your shoulders and say: I am not going to worry about it, and you do not.
Me: I am not sure that I had that ability but it is true, I do know.
This trait comes particularly handy now as my heart bleeds for a certain girl and her other family members but there is not one thing I can do except to hope that a solution will arrive.

Yesterday included a visit with Wise Man. A prior appointment left his office and walked toward the door wherein I indulged him in conversation. Wise Man appeared and began to laugh saying:
He: We are working very hard on her sociability because she is so shy. .
Me: You are making me laugh- that is least of my problems.

We walked into his office, sat down and began to discuss a matter whereupon I broke into convulsive sobs that continued for some time.
He: It is your empathy toward the girl and her family.
Me: I know. Empathy is sometimes not a gift.
He: Especially when you have so much of it.

He paid me the greatest of complements.
Me: At one point in time I decided that I wanted to become a psychotherapist.
He: You would have made a very good one because of your empathy and the brains behind it to fuel it.
Me: That is the nicest of compliments. Thank you! But instead I became a lawyer, was a very good one as a matter of fact. One would think that would not be compatible. Now I am a writer, no more career changes. Hahahaha

We went on to do some dream analysis which was most helpful.
He: You use your dreams well.
Me: Yes I always have but your help is invaluable.

When I left he teased me.
He: I want you to come back with some more dreams, one or two problems, please, and two new men.
Me; Well I will work on it but I do not have a lot of faith in the problems or men categories.

It is now Friday 2100. I have begun eating my Indian food. A phone call to Personal Driver.
Me: I have begun to eat my food. It is SO good. The chicken, if rated from one to ten would get an eleven.
He: it is delicious, the spices so unique.
Me: The dessert is the bestI I have eaten. It is pure ambrosia, an unbelievable treat!
He: Yes, it is my favourite, it takes all night to cook.

There are certain advantages to being on self-isolation – one can begin with dessert, no one knows and nobody can tell you it is bad.. Self-isolation can actually be rather fun.

Writing rather compulsively these days but with an understanding of why and the purpose it is serving. Not telling, but am fine with it. Today writing 2500 words – that is huge, rather momentous.

I also send strange messages on YouTube. This one is almost classic:
Me: The little girl is the most beautiful in the earth and the sky and you have so much affection for her. But, I do admit, that the camel crossing the road in front of the car led me to say: Please Camel, get off of the road or I will run you over. Well, of course, I would not.

Words, to that effect. I am most useless on YouTube and cannot find the video at this moment. One can not be good at everything! Plans for the evening involve more Indian food and possibly the completion of the spoken story of Mohammed. Well, and making the bed after the sheets get out of the dryer.

The photograph is the remains of the incredible dessert. I do laugh. It will be consumed, trust me!

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