An Exquisite Day Filled With Pampering, Affection, Love, Laughter , Blood Letting, Banking, Compliments. Address Change; Pamper Defined; Off to Memories of London and Dubai; Offer of Free First Class Ticket to London; I Can Imagine The Two of You Together

Yesterday’s campaign began with a telephone call from Personal Driver ordering me to come downstairs because he had something for me to go in the refrigerator. Obediently down I went and I was gifted with two rolls of toilet paper, a roll of paper towel and containers of marvelous home cooked Indian food. So I put the toilet paper and paper towel in the refrigerator and off we drove to Marin County for a jam packed day. Now, of course, I am joking, I put the food in the refractor, placing the other items on the counter. But bringing me food prepared by Personal Driver’s wife and daughter? I am so incredibly pampered. What is pamper, indulge with every attention, comfort, and kindness. Used in a sentence: Alexis just loves being pampered. Pamper synonyms are: indulge, overindulge, cosset, mollycoddle, coddle, baby, wait on someone hand and foot, spoil. I definitely am mollycoddled and waited on hand and foot by Personal Driver (hereinafter PD) and his family but also by many others. Well,not everybody – not by jealous women and misogynists. Misogyny refers specifically to a hatred of women. The word is formed from the Greek roots misein (“to hate”) and gynē (“woman”). Each of these roots can be found in other English words, both common and obscure. But do take into consideration that jealous women and and the other rather large group are not kind to anyone, even themselves.

But onward with the day, not necessarily in the order in which events made their appearance. An appointment at the office of my Primary Care Physician (hereinafter PCP) Just so I would not forget anything I made a list of what I needed to talk about with him. But I did not have paper so I wrote the categories on my hand: Face, Test, Exercise, Turds, Sex. We did address all subjects. You may not hear the answer and diagnose of all these items but a satisfactory and even joy was felt. He has been my PCP for over forty years, this is what he said yesterday.
He: Alexis, I have never seen you look better than you do today.
Me: Oh thank you so much, I do not think I have ever felt better even in the midst of this turmoil.
He: Alexis you are so creative,
Me: Thank you! I remember when I got off the antidepressant you said that I would be more creative. I remember saying back then: How could I be more creative? But you were right.
This said at the end of the appointment.
Me: The only problem with being so healthy is that I do not get to see you very often.
He: Laughter and then: See me in a couple of months.

PCP said that the reason I looked so fine was that the social isolation gave me chance to rest and take things easy. He knows all to well how driven and seemingly tireless I have been over the last forty odd years. As you can see, he is most wise, compassionate and caring. Oh, by the way, my blood pressure is perfect.

Then it was off to the lab for the blood test where we laughed.
Me: Well I hope I am immune, then I can have sex. But the trouble is there is no man in my life at the present time. Wel,l there might be one but he is far away.
The person who drew my blood was a handsome young man.
Me: My goodness, lucky me. Having my blood drawn by a handsome young man. I think you are, cannot really see with the face mask on.
He did an excellent job, no pain was felt but there was a problem.
He: I am so sorry but your vein rolled. I will have to use your other arm.
Me: That is not your fault, that is my vein’s fault
Success was reached, blood gushed forth from the other arm. Results will be forthcoming in three or four days, PCP’s office will inform me. I read somewhere that there were immunity passports. They would have to be taped on your forehead to be of any use and even then people would give you a hard time. So whatever will be will be, the future is not ours to see.
One benefit would be the lack of necessity of washing your hands all the time but that is not a big deal. One of my doctors scientifically reported that melatonin and baby aspirins taken daily significantly lowers the probability of becoming ill from the virus. Just remember. you heard it here first. What do I take daily? Melatonin and baby aspirin. I do take tremendous care of myself, do need to because I am going to live at least until I am 100, so says PCP.

Also to the bank to get money – best place to get money is at .the bank. Handed it over to PD (not Police Department). He does not do all of this for free but have no idea as to what I would do without him. Then to the UPS store for copies and envelopes and stamps to accompany reimbursement forms which I finally got around to doing. Then to MCERA offices for a change of address form. Woman so helpful, emailing me with a very considerate question. Met Jeff Wickman, the very able boss at the door and we had a brief chat.
Me: So good to see you! You should see the statistics on my blog and all of the countries around the world that read me.
He: I will go in the office and look at it.
Me: It is ok. You do not have to. I have enough readers

Then back to San Francisco. Conditions in Marin County and except for face masks things almost back to normal. Not here of course – what a mess but nothing to be done . PD is coming on Sunday and we will grocery shop for an entire week so I do not have to leave these walls and have contact with the crazed people on the streets of San Francisco. Lock down over ten days apparently, but who can trust the Mayor to keep her word? She does not have a history of doing so.

Yesterday I wore my purple dress, the one I wore in Dubai on my last night there, January 16, 2020. I purchased a beautiful scarf from a store in the hotel , the owner draped it over my head in Arab fashion. It was wool so did not wear it in the Marin heat. I had drinks in a newly opened bar on the 70th floor in a new bar called the Vault. I was treated by an Emerita, joined by his fiancé and her friend. The view was spectacular, conversation superb. We discussed rich Arab men and their not to charming ways. It explained many things, that is all I have to say. Rich Arab men are not collaborative, apparently. That was certainly my experience. I do laugh.

But onto things further afield. Sultan made an announcement at his meeting at the Dubai Airport. He purchased a first class ticket to the UK to London and said he would give it to anyone that could travel to Heathrow. Well that was generous but good would that do for me? For one thing I am not Dubai but even if I was I would arrive in Dubai and be placed in quarantine for two weeks. The problem is that I do not a home to shelter in. So no thanks, maybe later. He has quite a few places in London I understand. I am laughing!

So both of these are true stories. I met a woman from Dubai in the elevator in the the London Hotel. She told me that the Sultan had a harem. No idea if that is true or not and no way to find out. This even a stranger story, also in the bar/restaurant of the hotel. I struck up a conversation and went to sit with a woman who lived in London but hailed from Dubai. We had a long and rather intimate conversation ranging on my topics. At one point I said that I had met the Sultan (aka Fazza, aka Crown Prince of Dubai. She smiled.
She: I know him. I can imagine the two of you together.
Me: Really? I cannot believe you said that. Please write that down for me.
She did, found the piece of paper the other day, I had forgotten about that conversation, truly I had. It was my November 2019 trip .

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