Learning More About Looting; Vandalism, Fires and The National Guard; Disagreements with the Learned Professor The Meaning of Prejudice and How the Concept is Misused; My Lack of Prejudice; On a Soap Box, Defined and Shown

I read many articles about the looting taking place in the Bay Area and other parts of California. I do admit to making a false assumption – I did assume that the looting was the same brand as the aftermath of the 1962 Rodney King vandals, and looting and deaths. A fascinating interview with USC professor taken from NPR’s All Things Considered: The Title of this is: V: USC Professor On How Protests Have Changed Since LA Riots In 1992
“Looting, fires, vandalism and the National Guard on the streets — for many, the unrest of 2020 evokes memories of the destructive riots of 1992 in Los Angeles.
Both times the protests began in anger over police violence against black men — in 1992, when four police officers were acquitted of the brutal beating of Rodney King; now, when George Floyd died in Minnesota after a policeman knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes.
“We keep telling ourselves that somehow technology or training will end police misconduct,” says Jody David Armour, a law professor who studies the intersection of race and the criminal justice system.
“But in this case, we saw that in Minnesota, the police department did a lot of that stuff. And still here we are.”
Armour, who has taught at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles since 1995, talked with All Things Considered about how protests have changed in the 28 years since the Rodney King riots.”

Professor Armour says in the audio “That was America who committed atrocities upon these black men killed by police.” I beg to differ – I am an American citizen. Neither I, nor any of my ancestral family have had anything to do with slavery as our roots are Scottish. I do not practice prejudice toward blacks and respect them if they deserve respect as individuals. As a matter of fact I was extremely fond of a black man, met in London. He had his first child when he was 19, raised him and supported him, worked hard his whole life (he in fifties), was a diligent grandfather and was so knowledgeable about many things, including all of the facts about slavery. But I do not have to respect or honour those who loot, vandalize and take no responsibility for their behaviour.

I do in many ways admire the fact that blacks fight back, as long as it is done peacefully. Canadians are so incredibly critical about the USA’s treatment of blacks But they have treated their indigenous people in far more heinous ways than has the United States treated its Blacks.
I am a Canadian by birth but am not prejudiced toward the indigenous or Metis population in general. I very much admire, even perhaps worship, a Metis woman who went to law school, works for the Canadian Federal Government is an excellent wife and mother and key and influential member of her large family. It is not that I admire or respect all Metis or indigenous people, just those that earn respect. The Indigenous people do not fight back, it seems to me, although peaceful means are making some small impact. But Indigenous woman have murder rates that are astronomical even in this day and age.

Now, it could be said that I am somewhat prejudiced toward the Chinese. But when one looks at the definition of prejudice one can see that it is not true. Prejudice is: conceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experiences. Its synonyms are: bigotry, bias, partisanship, partiality, intolerance, discrimination, a jaundiced eye, preference, one-sidedness, unfairness, inequality, inequity; racism, racialism, anti-Semitism, chauvinism, sexism, ageism, heterosexism, classism. I do have a reason, as a matter of fact, actual experiences that proves the unfairness in which I was treated. Mainland Chinese in Vancouver are extremely rude to all people around them and serve them. Now, as pointed out by two gracious Chinese, not the Hong Kong Chinese nor the Chinese born in Canada. I spoke to four young men about my blog in a restaurant in Vancouver, that I had addressed rudeness. One young men threw water in my face – which was devastating but did prove my point. I was attacked in my apartment on August 18, 2019 by five or six Chinese goons, saved only by the sudden appearance of paramedics. Then four or six weeks ago I was verbally assaulted by a group of women in the jacuzzi at the YMCA – apparently they did not like my bathing suit, a translator told me. I did have a Chinese friend and we were fond of one another. But at one point he said something prejudicial against white people. It was not justified, he was not a poor Chinese brought to Canada at the turn of the century, he had hordes, stacks of money. In response I emailed;
Me: I cannot help it that I was born white.
He: (I cannot remember that he made any response)

This here is another example. I am not at all prejudiced toward Muslims – as a matter of fact I am going to become one. It is not motivated by my association with the Sultan (the Crown Prince of Dubai, aka Fazza). He is indeed a fine man, there is no doubt about that. However, his father the Ruler of Dubai is not a fine man as has proven by the High Court in London found he caused the abduction and kidnapping of two of his daughters and the terrible mistreatment of Princess Faya, his sixth wife. It does not make me prejudiced against Muslins nor of Arabs – it makes me prejudiced toward him and him alone and it is not prejudice if you read the definition – he is certainly sexist and intolerant and discriminates toward women. But he is only one man, albeit a powerful one. A learned man of my acquaintance opined that the ROD would face no punishment for his misdeeds even though a UN investigation is being considered.
Me: I agree, but in many ways he is being punished in slightly more subtle ways. The Queen is shunning him, no longe will he sit in the Royal Box, cheering on his winning horses. His London connection and holdings, so treasured, shall disappear with Princess Faya in favour. The coronavirus will seriously impact the economy of tourist driven Dubai and his Airline, which he founded as is most proud of. And then, I would not want to be him on Judgment Day, he is of the Islamic faith. He is certainly not going to Paradise, but the other place. CPI’s humour prevails:
She: Perhaps he should sell his horses to the Chinese.
Me: You are so funny. But at the present time the Chinese are not as rich as they used to be. So, no idea what will happen to his London stable of fine horses.

But back to the issue of current vandalism and looting. In 1992 looting and vandalism was largely limited to LA and the neighbourhoods in which Blacks lived. These times are different according to facts. Looters travel to Walnut Creek, for example, and loot at Neiman Marcus. I suppose one could congratulate them on having fine taste, but not me. I do laugh! Also I am not prejudiced toward the Mayor of San Francisco. She is taking unreasonable actions – we have a curfew but looting takes place in the middle of the day when stores are open. This does not make any sense whatsoever. San francisco’s continued shelter in place continues but so many agree that it serves not purpose whatsoever. So she may be Black and myself White but it is not prejudice but her unreasonableness that I speak against.

I do admit to being on a soap box this morning. What does that expression mean? A thing that provides an opportunity for someone to air their views publicly”I certainly did air my views publicly that is for sure, due to the extensive following of readers in many lands. I do laugh!

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