Laughter. the Benefits of Same: Logic Defined; Notebook Yields List to be Presented to a Certain Man; Possible Explanation on Why He Did Not Show UP; Forgiveness Given at This Late Date; Thoughts on Blog Writing; Another Man Understands Me; Blood Tests Not Required on Air Emeritus Flights

It is now afternoon,1400. Opening email find from Healthcare this appears: 7 Serious Health Benefits of Laughter. Faithful readers will know that I constantly promote laughter, in person and through the blog. Now there is scientific evidence to support this philosophy. So here are the health benefits: 1) Burns calories and tones muscles 2) Improves memory 3) Lowers cholesterol
4) Protects against heart disease. 5) Enhances mood 6) (Almost) no side effects 7) Boasts natural killer cell activity. Go to Healthgrades so you can see the logic and science behind it. What is logic?: reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity: experience is a better guide to this than deductive logic | the logic of the argument is faulty | he explains his move with simple logic.
• a particular system or codification of the principles of proof and inference: Aristotelian logic.
the systematic use of symbolic and mathematical techniques to determine the forms of valid deductive argument. Synonyms are: judgment, logical thought, rationality, wisdom, sense, good sense, common sense, sanity; informal horse sense..
So I have a great deal of horse sense but never mounted a horse, my whole life.

I shall be refreshing and revealing, looking into my notebooks I found a list prepared when scheduled to meet a man and was determined to work out issues early, not letting anything left unsaid and unresolved. Here is the list: 1) Father a) Inheritance a] custody b) inheritance 2) Do you have a harem? 3) Your eyebrow has a scar, what happened? 3) Women that broke your heart and why? 4) How many kids do you have? 5) Ride a horse 6) Learn Arabic
He did not show up, so no idea of his answers so will not know, probably ever. So one can clearly see that, at one point in time, January 2020, actually, I was planning on riding a horse, but it did not come to pass. I am not going to learn Arabic either, for many reasons including the fact that I am 77 and not very talented in foreign languages. The notebook also contains notes of a conversation held in the Vault, a bar in the Marriott Marquess on January 16, 2020, Possible explanation for the no show. He had no experience or model in collaborative decision making and had no empathy. I was treated as a subject or a liege which is the relationship between a feudal superior and a vassal. Now, of course, my feelings were hurt, more than a little hurt. But some forgiveness, as it was not purposive, he could not not help having no model or experience in collaborative relationships, nor could he help having no empathy. This I see clearly from the distance of time, much reflection due to social isolation, and the knowledge that it probably would not have been operative. Forgiveness has such lovely synonyms:absolution, exoneration, remission, dispensation, indulgence, clemency, mercy; reprieve, amnesty. My favourite is dispensation, second favourite is clemency. So perhaps I can provide dispensation and clemency now, with the passage of time.

Found this in another notebook, a man commenting upon my blog, in its earliest days. “You are not writing for the public, you are writing what you think and feel.” This was spoken by Ash, a trainer at the Dolphin Square London. It is most accurate. The blog began the end of January, 2017 left London the middle of March 2017. My blog writing a most unusual experience. For example this morning. Awoke most anxious from an anxiety producing dream, anxious to the point of being nauseous. Wrote about the dream, analyzing it. Then did some research on a topic that will be discussed, unrelated to the blog. Both of these tasks reduced the anxiety. Then to the beginning draft of this blog with no clear idea of where it was going, it just flowed. It is not an effort, in a sense it is a necessity, putting me in touch with the world, my past, and my feelings. Some people (usually women) tell me that they are going to write a blog.
Me: It does take a lot of time and it can take over your life.
They: In what way?
Me: Well it has made me famous and that is not always a good thing. Especially when fame is not necessary for your livelihood, like an actress or a politician or a prince.
They: So what is good about it?
Me: Writers want to be read, that is the whole point of writing. I am certainly read, no one can doubt that.
They: Anything else?
Me; I have experiences that no one else has or even believe that I have. ‘Relationships’ with multibillionaires and Royalty which are a direct result of the blog. It also provides a motivation for learning new things and tracing down the facts and science of occurrences, for example the coronavirus. But also strange consequences.
They: Strange consequences?
Me; Yes, Twenty men have been attracted to me. Ten of them read the blog, as far as I know. Perhaps more, not sure.
They: That is strange. I had two main purposes in beginning it and a secret one revealed to my high school friend. “I am going to make a man fall in love with me by reading my blog.” She replied, with knowledge of my life: “Alexis you overdid it.” I laugh every time I think about that.

But back to the notebooks that are proving to be a real treasure trove. Here is a description of me, made by a man, probably in July 2019. “You have natural charisma, you are brutally honest with yourself not others, you give people comfort, you share things, making no judgment,. Life for you is an amusement park.” I had a professional relationship with this man, but no longer see him.

This was the email that spurred my morning research
CPI: I did read that the Emirates were going to require a blood test to fly.
Me: That seems a little unlikely but I will see what I can dig up.

So here is where logic took me. The only blood test that would be effective would be an immunity test – as the passengers would be virus free and not be in danger of either getting or transmitting the disease. But that would mean that you could not be a tourist unless yo had contracted the disease. Now many people have gotten the disease and recovered but nearly enough people to spark needed tourism, particularly needed in Dubai where its economy relies on tourism. And then this scenario, if one wanted to go on a trip you would first have to go and purposefully expose oneself to the coronavirus. But good news arose from the research: In April all passengers on a trip to Tunisia were required to have a pin prick blood test administered by the Dubai health authorities. The passengers were returning migrant workers. However, the test was only 30% accurate, so was never done again and will not be contemplated in the future. For inexplicable reasons this knowledge lowered my anxiety level..

The photograph is of the watch given to me by Personal Driver’s daughter in the beginning of May.

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