The Book; The Dryburgh Nose, the Strange Habit of Nose Bumping; The Tale of How I Almost was Named Regina that Rhymes with Vagina; A Fazza Poem Emblazoned on a Photograph; Thoughts on Contentment, Perhaps Due to Home Sheltering

Just some background, CPI is not only smart but was a librarian. So I sent her an email:
Me: How many words does it take to write a book, usually
She: As many words as it takes

Now that has to be a great answer! I counted the number of blogs that mentioned Uncle Dave and did some math (which was most difficult) and it seems that I have 140,000 words. That should do it.

But now I will add to the words. This has been mentioned before, in the blog of January 20,2020 but their will be more elaboration and two photographs each showing a nose.

This from the January 20,2020 blog with some edits and additions.

But onto a different subject – noses. My father is the seventh son born to Janet and George Dryburgh there were eight boys altogether. The all had the same nose, a rather large almost beakish nose. In the days of Niece’s Nexus, when six nieces of Uncle Dave communicated regularly via email we would often speak of the Dryburgh nose. None the female nieces have it, neither do my two brothers. Not sure of other cousins as we never saw one another. It was a rather strange and alienated group of people.
But here is the absolutely amazing thing – the Sultan (aka Crown Prince of Dubai, aka Fazza) has the Dryburgh nose. Now we could call it the Fazza nose I guess but he is younger than my uncles and my father – so it remains the Dryburgh nose. Now on him, it looks good because it is offset by those huge eyes, his thick dark eyebrows and thick black hair. None of my uncles, nor my father has incredible huge brown eyes, black thick eyebrows nor thick black hair. Those are the breaks, I guess, I guess. The Sultan also has great head hear and a charming expression which helps minimize the nose. .
So how likely his that? That the daughter of one Dryburgh and the neice of seven Dryburghs should meet a man of Arabic Royalty who has the same nose and need I remind readers, I was born in Saskatchewan, Regina and my parents were going to name me after the city and in the Canadian version it rhymes with vagina. What a life I would had led, someone intervened and I am Alexis
That was a digression. Its synonyms are detour, diversion, departure, excursus; incidental remark, footnote, parenthesis; deviation from the subject, straying from the topic, straying from the point, going off at a tangent, getting sidetracked, losing one’s thread; divergence, straying, drifting, rambling, wandering, meandering, maundering. The definition: a temporary departure from the main subject, the main subject is noses, not Regina that rhymes with vagina. I did not get the
nose, my nose is small, sort of a pub nose. Now my noise is not at all suited to Arabic nose bumping, but, I learned later that it is usually only men that nose bump with other men. It was rather distressing to learn that because I nose bumped or banged with an extremely handsome Arabic man in the lobby of my London Hotel. There is a video, I nose bumped, began to giggle and said that I was in heaven. It was so funny, I will never forget that. The handsome Arabic man had the Dryburgh nose, I think he was related to the Sultan. (aka Fazza aka Crown Prince of Dubai) Most of the family was gathered in the lobby that afternoon including the Senior Wife of the Ruler of Dubai. All of that is the truth although it sounds most unusual and rather unbelievable.

The pictures are of Uncle Dave and Fazza – you can probably figure out which one is which. I laugh. The Fazza photograph has a poem emblazoned upon it. At one time I though the poem was written to me, but at this moment I do not think so. It is rather beautiful, well except for the breasts and waist being like fruit on a fig tree. As CPI pointed out figs ooze when they are ripe, so that is not very romantic, nor very sanitary either.

So I continue to be very happy even under these conditions. But perhaps it is because of these conditions. I am utterly isolated. The only human contact is daily telephone calls with Personal Driver. I, of course, knew I was self reliant because almost all of my life I had no one to rely upon. Not a soul. However, I am most extroverted and most popular and have, what one psychiatrist said about me – Instant Intimacy. I was not in treatment with him, met him in Las Vegas. But I am seeing that I have been giving far more than I am and getting back. All alone I am forced to give to myself and it feels great. giving to myself. No obligation to give to anyone. It is interesting to read the Fazza poem in light of that, it suddenly occurs to me. Even if it the poem was written to me, by him, it imposes a rather terrible burden. Cheer me up, it says I need you cheer me up. However, another person cannot make one happy. It must come from inside. I am ‘tuff’ Sir Sultan and that is what you most admire about me. I met a woman who is the strongest person I have ever known, you say. Bet your bippy I am, It is a humorous cleaned-up vulgarism, popularized by a comedy television show in the late 1960s called “Laugh-in.” The common expression would be “you bet your ass” or “you bet your sweet ass.” The vulgarism “ass” was not used on television in the U.S. then, so the comedy team of Rowan and Martin said, “You bet your … Whatever, Sultan (aka Fazza, aka Crown Prince of Dubai,0n.

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