Not Just Surviving But Thriving Under Home Shelter: A Fazza Poem; Then a Curve Ball; An Example of Brazenly Authentic; Ending With Good Bye Charlie

Never in a million years would I ever think I could even survive under these conditions – I have not ventured outside my apartment in three or four days, not seen a soul except the repairmen who came to fix my sink yesterday. But I am not only surviving but I am thriving. I am thriving on a daily diet of emails from CPI which I fire off in the morning.
Me: I feel like a Carmelite nun – without Jesus.
I am funny, there is no doubt about that. But Wise Man pointed out that I entertain myself with my sense of humour. He is wise, as usual. I laugh at my own jokes.
CPI and I discuss many esoteric matters.
She: Pahang is the third largest state in Malaysia.
Abdullah (b.1959) Sultan of Pahang became the sixteenth Yang di-Pertuan Agong or head of state in Malaysia in 2019. Confusing. My God, did they all go to Sandhurst?
Yes, I knew Malaysia was Islamic.
I think learning Arabic is an excellent idea.
Me: It appears EVERYONE went to Sandhurst. ROD, CP, his elder brother, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and now this Malaysian Sultan.
She:Don’t they speak Malay in Malaysia? So learn two languages.
Me: Let us not get carried away. Not many Malays in Malaysia and Arabic is most useful, no matter where I go as I am planning to embrace the Islamic religion.

So when I said I felt like a Carmelite nun without Jesus it was not altogether true. Jesus existed (fact) but I do not believe he is the Son of God. He was a prophet but not the Son of God. I am sure that Joo Kim Tiah is disappointed to read this because he was trying to convert me to Christianity during my atheist t days.. I wonder where he is now, I guess back in Malaysia. He was apparently back in the Vancouver are briefly, according to CPI.

My February 23, 2020 blog mentions a poem written by Fazza but does not include the poem. Here it is now. The end of this blog will contain a startling statement. The poem is entitled Between You and the Poem.

O poem, no matter how long time gets, I would not abandon you even if the weak of poems mix with the strong(eloquent poems).
my relationship with you O poem has always been a strong one.
if it was not because of you(poem importance), we would not have guarded the archive of Arabic poems(Diwan Al Arab) from being lost and protected it from being trifled with.
Yet, the poetry and its people (poets) have a moment of realization that distinguishes the creative poet from his imitators.
O you creative poet, whatever your mouth utters, its impression affects (poem) its listeners(audience).
write with (using) your mind what your heart keeps and do not bring except the strong(eloquent) of verses.
who plants jasmine will not harvest Arak (a type of plant), of course he will only harvest jasmine.
Since the flow of poem is zealous, I have a word for the clever minds.
(who takes)the path of success that starts with thorns, wins(succeeds) by his strong assured certitude.
He wouldn’t turn his head to every argument made by a skeptical person and I warn him against the laughs of his encouraging people.
If you have many loving friends from here and there, you cannot compare them with the ones who resent you(enviers).
and that who traces people(for faults) he shall be traced (and disgraced), and that who degrades himself, everyone else shall degrade him.
and the good loyal person, even if he is from your enemies, do not do injustice to him, because the oppression of a good man is shameful.
and you who thinks generosity is considered by how far your right hand extends(how much you give), consider how many misers have your similar right hand(similar giving).
You give and he gives(out of generosity) to this and to that, and despite that, God knows the hidden intentions
A good speech(words) from a man, when he comes to you, is enough and suffices for his hand givings.
and the kind person when you go to him or he comes to you, charms you with his (good)morals, friendliness and tenderness.
from his great kindness to the well-spoken people like you, you feel as if he is being kind to his parents.
and you who is precious to me, and you think that we forgot you, I wish you live in conten and you who is precious to me, and you think that we forgot you, I wish you live in content and a peace state of mind.
I hunt with my bird as if I hunt with your cheerful rememberance although I feel sad.
and I go back to the noise of the city and meeting with you is the first thing I think about.
If it was not for you, fondness wouldn’t have increased in me, and I swear I would sell the yearning with those who sell it.
Poem came to my mind and the poem remembered you, I feel there is something between you both.

The Crown Prince of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

I am asking myself this question. Does the Crown Prince write his own poetry or does he pay someone to write it for him? Particularly the romantic poetry as courtship patterns in the Islamic faith are not like the Western tradition. Also he showed no empathy whatsoever toward me and empathy is a trait of poets.
As you can see when I begin to get disillusioned, I get real disillusioned.

I had a previous experience with the first multibillionaire. In the beginning, although we both lived in Vancouver, we rarely had to face to face contact but communicated by email. Then at the end of August 2017 he left for China and Malaysia planning to return in a couple of months. Our extensive email correspondence continued but the tone changed. After the bitter end I came to the conclusion that he paid someone to email me. So it was all rather startling to realize that I had fallen in love with an utter stranger. But here is the good news – after I rejected him, he could save his money. I am laughing so hard at this moment. What do I think of Joo Kim Tiah now – well in comparison with the Sultan (aka Fazza, aka the Crown Prince of Dubai), he is looking real good. And there is Alix Residences, being constructed in Kuala Lamper where I can sip cocktails in a bar called Brazen. Public transportation nearby and an International School nearby where I could volunteer. The only problem is that Alix Residences is now but a hole in the ground, construction delayed due to coronavirus and Joo Kim is not known for getting construction done on time (Little Mountain and Trump International Hotel and Tower being two examples.) The foregoing is an example of Brazenly Authentic, the theme of Alix Residences. Forgoing is preceding, aforesaid, aforementioned, previously mentioned, earlier, above, above-stated; antecedent, previous, prior; rare anterior, prevenient, precedent, precursive, supra. ANTONYMS following.

Wise Man wisely said: You have this ability. When you see that a relationship is not good for you, when it causes you pain or when you see that it is going nowhere and you are being used – you just walk away. Sometimes it takes some time for you to see the truth but when you do it is Good Bye Charlie.

Google Good Bye Charlie, there is a Bobby Darrin song that is priceless. Its words: Strike Three You are Out is my theme. Guys get two strikes but on the third – they are out. I told Husband #3 that.
He: Why didn’t you tell me that before?
Me: Why? It would just delay the process, you are incapable of change.

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