A Personal Thank You to Princess Haya; Mirage and Besotted Defined; Poets Have Empathy Study Shows; But Then a Total Surprise Resulting In a Blog With a Before and After

This was very recently found on a CNN website, it was posted on March 5, 2020, the day of infamy for the Ruler of Dubai. This rendition included a statement made by the exceedingly brave woman Princess Haya, for former sixth wife of the Ruler of Dubai.

“Giving testimony last year, she told the court: “It’s not just him I’m worried about. It’s the people around him, people that I know. I know how they operate. I have seen what has happened to their sisters and I can’t face the fact that the same might happen to them.”

I wept when I read this. ! I was ‘exposed’ to the wonderful Royal Family of Dubai, many children of the Senior Wife, but some from other wives as well. I met them, they were staying at ‘my’ London hotel in in late December of 2019. ]. I fell in love with them and they me, it was all rather magical. I cannot face the fact that the same fate might befall them and I am heartsick. I cannot imagine the pain that you, Princess Haya, went through, you brave woman. I speak out through my blog which is read by people in Dubai. I am learning about the Islamic faith, which brings me hope as I do know that on Judgment Day, I would not want to be the Ruler of Dubai.He is going to the hot place. But he seems to remain in power. Those that surround him appear to be cowards, despite the fact that their faith DEMANDS they speak out. I fear I would be in the midst of it all, if not for your bravery in bringing and maintaining the actions., difficult to explain but I would be. Hopefully good will triumph over evil. – I know it will. All praise to Allah!

I do hope your extreme brave actions in fleeing and going through the horrors of extensive court proceedings, will mean that the sisters are protected. It is my personal belief, as supported by evidence, that they will be safe only upon his death, which I pray to be soon. With affection, Alexis The end of the note to Princess Haya.

Personally I hope not to meet another multibillionaire. Two are enough! The prior one, the first multibillionaire, has a very kind father but a Dragon Lady for a mother. Whereas the Senior Wife is a wonderful woman. I met her, hugged her and kissed her check upon her request as translated by her ten year old youngest son in the lobby of the humble London hotel where I met them all. The same one where I met the Sultan (aka Fazza, aka The Crown Prince of Dubai) during the first week in November of 2019. It entire story on the blog.

But now it all seems to be a mirage, not the feelings for the family but any feelings for him. What do I mean by that? It is rather like an optical illusion, hallucination, phantasmagoria, apparition, fantasy, chimera, trick, vision; delusion, figment of the imagination, misconception, pipe dream, day dream; literary phantasm. His huge family are real to me, and always will be, but he is not.

When one thinks about it – it was a vision, a figment of the imagination, a pipe dream because it was his manufactured self that attracted me. I did meet him, that is for sure, but then had no personal contact with him – face to face. Still have not. Despite the fact I was in Dubai for about a week and he was in London when I was there at the end of December.

Wise Man spoke of a study wherein researchers looked at a large group of poets and analyzed what they had in common – a trait they all shared. As most know, Fazza (aka The Crown Prince, aka the Sultan) is a poet. Interestingly, the trait the poets studied shared was EMPATHY and that makes perfect sense. What was my reaction when I heard of the results of the study? I screamed: “But he does not treat me with empathy – time and time again with no empathy, whatsoever” All those that know the inner workings of this ‘relationship’ agree with me.

So all in all, I now laughingly say, it does not look like a very good idea and I definitely need to get over this besotted condition. The meaning is strongly infatuated. Its synonyms are: smitten with, in love with, love-struck by, head over heels in love with, hopelessly in love with, obsessed with, passionate about, consumed with desire for, devoted to, doting on, greatly enamoured of, very attracted to, very taken with, charmed by, captivated by, enchanted by, enthralled by, bewitched by, beguiled by, under someone’s spell, hypnotized by; informal bowled over by, swept off one’s feet by, struck on, crazy about, mad about, wild about, potty about, nuts about, very keen on, gone on, really into, hung up on, carrying a torch. ANTONYMS indifferent.
I am getting decidedly indifferent.

This is so unbelievable, mind boggling. The above was written yesterday or the day before. But then I found this https://youtu.be/YPg3PmhBbS4. What is it? Well, you can see for yourself but I shall tell you of my reaction to it. It begins with the Crown Prince (hereinafter CP) forcefully striding down a pathway in a park – forcefully striding. ROD is pictured, staring over the City that he created. Then, interestingly there is a photograph of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi with his hand over his heart, he is such a good man, they clearly have strong attachment to one another and he must be a source of strength to CP. Images continue, showing CP’s intense rage. Then a photograph of CP and his brother confronting their father, ROD.. There is no question of what is going on there, What is fascinating is I had suggested on this blog that CP and his brothers meet with ROD and force him to step down. I cannot remember when that was – I must look. Another image so strong and poignant is of CP and his elder brother when they were children. What does this say to me? That he has finally accepted the fact that his father had his brother killed – a heart attack at 32 unlikely, at best. But CP goes on – more beautiful shots of
Dubai, which his father built. So it is nuanced. It ends with him walking with determination and then the shot of him being high in the sky with the flag of UAE. It is the most powerful piece I have ever seen as it forces the viewer to make up their own story. As readers will note, I did, but I have more information than most people. I do have sympathy toward CP but his rage will empower and protect him from despair. My rage does that for me,.

To say the least, this was jolting, the before and then the after. How do I feel? Primarily relief and reassurance as CP will make sure his sisters are safe. So comfortable about that and that is my primary concern and how this daily blog started out. But who knew it would end like this? It seems that the Crown Prince of Dubai is still the Crown Prince and the Ruler of Dubai remains as Ruler of Dubai. But I strongly suspect that the inner dynamics of the Royal Family of Dubai has changed, and no one can stay that a change was not in order. Sometimes one courageous person can change everything – and she did. Princess Faya is accomplished, she is educated, she has self esteem and does not take shit from nobody, and she is empathetic. Come to think of it, I have all of those traits. Hmmmmmmm. I do laugh.

The photograph is of the unicorn the Royal Family gave me on New Year’s Eve – it ushered in 2020 – what a momentous year and it is only March.

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