Congratulations to the Crown Prince of Dubai in His Actions Involving The Workplace of Government Employees; How I Was Able To Overcome My Abuse; Photograph of An Appropriate Mug

As usual, I attempt to be fair, to allow new information and to alter my views. So I did learn, in today’s research that the Crown Prince (not the ROD) made an enormous step to protect government workers and I cite the article. I cannot imagine the United States of America ever showing so much concern for its workers. Trump or Pence, I do NOT think so.

“The Dubai Executive Council has outlined a range of precautionary steps to ensure the health and safety of government employees and contribute to local and international efforts to combat the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.
The move comes as part of the Dubai Government’s preventive measures against the pandemic, and under the directives of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council.
The Secretary-General of the Executive Council Abdulla Al Basti said the government places the highest priority on the health and well-being of its employees. He explained that the preventive measures are aligned with the leadership’s directives to provide maximum flexibility in working conditions. The measures have taken into consideration the needs of the family and community, Al Basti added.
He went on to say, “H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum directed us to implement all procedures required to protect Dubai Government employees and their families. Accordingly, the General Secretariat of the Executive Council has outlined measures that ensure a balance between protecting government employees and ensuring normal workflow in the government sector.”
The Director-General of the Dubai Government Human Resources Department Abdulla Al Falasi thanked Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed for the support and care he has extended to government employees and their families. He affirmed that precautionary and preventive measures will be implemented in all Dubai Government departments.
The measures include suspending fingerprint attendance machines and activating the ‘Smart Employee’ app or alternative attendance systems; and allowing pregnant female employees, elderly employees, employees with disabilities and employees with diseases that compromise the immune system to work from home. The General Secretariat of the Executive Council called on all government departments to postpone events and gatherings and offer flexible working-hours for mothers with children in Grade 9 or below.
Each department has been authorised to take additional precautionary measures in coordination with concerned bodies including sterilisation of the facility, furniture, office equipment, vehicles and elevators. All departments have also been directed to encourage their customers to use online customer service apps; postpone non-critical overseas assignments and training programmes, especially in high-risk countries; use online meeting technologies; and raise awareness about essential precautionary measures among employees.”

That is so IMPRESSIVE AND INTELLIGENT! Thank you Sultan (aka Fazza, aka Crown Prince of Dubai). I have not been very kind to you recently, I do admit, but I am MOST impressed, mightily impressed.

My continuing research on the virus is leaving me calmed. Only 2% of folks that get the disease die from the disease. Although I am in the age range of those that crook (vernacularly die) my health and immune system (being one of the best in the universe -slight exaggeration). So I keep washing my hands, but other than that – pretty much conduct my life as I used to before the panic set in.

As you can see, my intelligence is coming into play. I was able to overcome the horrific childhood abuse because of five genetic traits – at this exact minute I can only recall your of them. 1. Intelligence 2. Sense of humour 3. Logic 4. Perseverance.. It is scientific, so I do not care what any of you believe. I have said that if given a choice – having a happy childhood and be stupid, staid, lazy and illogical and having the horrors of my childhood and my genetic traits – I would choose the horrors of my childhood. Therefore, the couple that inflicted horrible sins upon me, also gifted me with their genes. It is most paradoxical.. That is: self-contradictory, inconsistent, incongruous, anomalous, conflicting; improbable, impossible, odd, illogical, confusing, absurd, puzzling, baffling, bewildering, incomprehensible, inexplicable; rare oxymoronic.

So it is oxymoronic, that is my favourite of all of the words, that I owe my mental health to the two diseased people who gave me birth.

So I send this off, accompanied by a picture of a mug in my collection that somewhat describes me. . .

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