The Crown Prince is Being Brilliant Again, Contrast Between Crown Prince and Trump Akin to is Day vs. Night; Black vs. White, Bitter vs Sweet; Raper Wit; Shooting Oneself in the Foot; Good Karma and Bad Karma; Following the Direction of Dave Dryburgh

The Crown Prince is being brilliant again – the comparison between he and the bumbling idiot known as Donald Trump is stark. The topic under discussion at this moment is how they are handling the economic fallout from the coronavirus. .

‘Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum launched late on Thursday a AED1.5 billion ($410 million) economic stimulus package to support businesses over the next three months as the new coronavirus threatens to slow down the local economy.
Under the directives of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan said the package seeks to enhance liquidity and reduce the impact of the current global economic situation.’

I wonder if we could just move the Crown Prince of Dubai to the United States of America and have him take over from Trump. Well, there might be some problems BUT I am a citizen of the USA – he and I could get married. Actually, that is a sore point, not a very amusing topic between the two of us, for undisclosed reasons. The Crown Prince knows what he is doing – of course, in part because he graduated from the London School of Economics. It would be a miracle If Donald Trump graduated from kindergarten, he does not act like he did. I am so funny! Therein, doth lie my power. My sense of humour devastates my enemies and makes men fall in love with me. Thank you Mom and Dad for this genetic gift, which I have improved upon over time. I now have a rapier wit. (Rapier wit means a sharp intellect, making points so deadly they are like a french rapier sword in fencing duels.) I have no idea how I come up with these phrases, they just pop into my head. Used in a sentence: She also reveals a lot: behind her rapier wit, there’s a vulnerable side.(Sunday Times (2016) Actually, that does describe me, I definitely do have a vulnerable side, wish I did not, but definitely I do and my vulnerable side is constantly being beat up. .

But back to and more on the Crown Prince’s stimulus package. “The stimulus measures that will be introduced with immediate effect will be valid for the next three months. Following this period, the impact of the measures on the economic situation will be reviewed “

So it goes into immediate effect and will be reviewed. There will be possible good news for Alexis McBride in this package. “The tourism sector will benefit from four initiatives over the next three months, including the reduction of municipality fees imposed on sales at hotels from 7 percent to 3.5 percent.” So less taxation if she should come to recuperate in Dubai as originally planned. However, since she took a rather voracious stand against ROD, it is probably not such a good idea. She is not a fool and is most self protective. Things would have to change drastically before a return could be made to Dubai in safety. Perhaps safe passage guaranteed by the Ruler of Abu Dhabi, such an honourable man but he is busy and has many other important matters to attend to.

Returning to first person, I shot myself in the foot when taking a strong stance against the Ruler of Dubai What does that expression mean shoot yourself in the foot. It means inadvertently make a situation worse for oneself. But in this instance, it was not inadvertent. I made a conscious decision and after consulting with people close to me. I have lauding praise and honours upon Dubai for months in this blog. My veracity is most important and I felt like a fool when the decision of the High Court was revealed. It must be remembered that these are the actions of one man but unfortunately that one man is in charge of the country – well, it seems to me nominally. It looks like the Crown Prince does all the work. I have not met the Ruler of Dubai – met most of the rest of the family but not him. I do laugh.

Recently, perhaps research for the book on my uncle, I examined the concept of karma, perhaps it is in the blog as well. I will see what the search engine reveals.. There is good karma and bad karma. An example of bad karma is an instance where someone steals money then the thief has money stolen from him. In my simplistic mind the Ruler of Dubai is going to be facing some bad karma. But then there is good karma. If one is kind and generous and intelligent and giving toward others then good comes back to the beneficent one. I see the Crown Prince of Dubai as a beneficent man and deserving of good karma. They are related to one another, being father and son, but they are not the same person. My goodness, I am even confusing myself. Such a dilemma. Intermingled in all of this are the rights of women , actually at its core as the actions taken by the Ruler of Dubai were actions against women. There are no accusations against the Crown Prince and he seems very respectful of women and not intimidated by powerful women. Perhaps a bit wary of powerful women at times, but still, on the whole respectful.

So I am making peace with myself, speaking of one other issue soon with regard to the treatment of women in the Islamic faith, do a review of women as human beings within Islamic teaching and then let it go. By doing that I am heeding the words of Uncle Dave Dryburgh; “Alexis, stop fighting, Go to the sidelines, they will do themselves in.” When I do that, they do themselves in, in frightening proportions actually. If someone messes with me, and I manage to step aside without fighting, they get done in. I am laughing at this moment – people, institutions, restaurants, I am able to move on and not focus on negative situations that I cannot change. I can do nothing to change the governance of Dubai – I must move on.

The photograph is one taken by Alexis McBride. It is Covenant Gardens in London, England. All this and I can photograph too.

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