Conversations with Personal Driver Led Me to This and Its Wisdom: Precept Defined; The Obligation Not to Condone a Wrong Within the Islamic Faith; Servicing A Car; Preposterousness Defined and Illustrated

Personal Driver and Alexis McBride speak a great deal, sitting in stupid traffic in San Francisco and often speaking on the phone when we are not in transit (or sitting still in transit). His wisdom and practice of his Islamic faith taught me the the manner in which Western folk view the Islamic treatment of woman to be deeply, if not tragically flawed. So I did extensive re research, fuelled by horrible treatment women within the Royal Family of Dubai have received at the hands of the Ruler of Dubai. There is this an extremely informative website which I shall herein convey it to you. You, if you take the time and effort to read it, will be astounded at the thoroughness and completeness and respect that women receive within the Islamic faith. The Ruler of Dubai should read this site, your Highness. You must mend your ways. Here is : › ~msaiupui › qaradawistatus

The entire Royal Family of Dubai have been contaminated by his proven actions, his abuse of women, which violate the mandates of Islamic law and principles. What am I, Alexis McBride, doing in the middle of this mess, this is not my problem. Telling the truth, that is what I am doing. I guess I was put on earth to do that. I am very good at it – not good at math and cannot sing but excellent at telling the truth. Hahaha

The basic precept of the Islamic faith is that Women are the underpinnings of future generations and must be treated as such. What is a precept? rule, tenet, canon, code, doctrine, guideline, working principle, law, ordinance, statute, command, order, decree, mandate, dictate, dictum, directive, direction, instruction, injunction, prescription, commandment; Judaism mitzvah.

The canon, the rule, the doctrine and the command is that: “Islam, the mercy of Allah, is for all of mankind and makes no preference to sex. Men and women have a calling and a place in nature. Neither has a greater value, nor is one of greater importance. Both are subject to Divine Retribution which is equal for the capacity of each. The Quran expounds upon this in multiple verses and exists as an illuminating miracle for those who reflect.

An analysis of a few of the individual mandates and commandments will be made at this and in one or two more blogs. The bottom line is that the Ruler of Dubai has ignored multiple mandates, but according to the Islamic faith, everyone who sees and.or participates in the wrong has a duty to do something about it. I see no evidence that anyone has, save the Sixth Wife. I am a problem solver and had a personal connection to some members of the Royal Family of Dubai, therefore, upon first learning of the ruling of the British Court, I looked to a solution as so much is at stake. Expo 2020 is a huge and well planned event, but people will be reluctant to attend an event in a City State ruled in this autocratic and despotic manner, particularly toward women. I felt sympathy toward the Sultan, (aka Fazza, aka the Crown Prince of Dubai) i who served on the committee to bringing Expo to Dubai. One solution might be to have the Ruler of Dubai stepped aside, making his worthy son the successor – that would work. But that scenario is highly unlikely, says Wise Man, as men of power are extremely reluctant to abdicate that power. This clinging to power Is not just a masculine trait: look at Queen Elizabeth II holding onto her throne for dear life she should go to the countryside with her dogs and let Charles take over. But, who am I? I am just an old lady born in Saskatchewan. Hahaha

But Alexis, this is not your problem, there is no sense worrying about it. It is rather entrancing, and with a wry sense of Irony, it is noted that Allah does know how to exact revenge – he shall hit the Ruler of Dubai in his pocket book, where he lives and exists.

One precept is the prohibition against Arranged marriages and this will be chronicled at the conclusion of this blog. It is absolutely clear that this prohibition was, has, and perhaps will be violated by the Ruler of Dubai.

The Ruler of Dubai was charged with arranging the marriage of his eleven year old daughter to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. In all fairness, it was an allegation not proven as there was only heresy evidence. But there is clear proof that arranged marriages take place within the Royal Family of Dubai. Look at the marriages that took place in May of 2019 between the Crown Prince of Dubai and two of his brothers. An earlier comment made on this blog, in a humorous fashion, was that it was a mighty unusual wedding reception with many men, much kissing and nose bumping between them all, stirring music but no women to be seen.

That is violative of the basic precept of what marriage, within the faith, is to represent. But moreover please pay attention to this. ‘ Every Muslim is the recipient, guardian, and executor of God’s will on earth; his responsibilities are all encompassing. A Muslim’s duty to act in defense of what is right is as much part of his faith as is his duty to oppose wrong. The Prophet once said, “If someone among you sees wrong he must right it by his hand if he can (deed, conduct, action). If he cannot, then by his tongue (speak up, verbally oppose); if he cannot, then by his gaze (silent expression of disapproval); and if he cannot, then in his heart. The last is the minimum expression of his conviction (faith, courage).”

So, as I read it, everyone that participated or attended that ceremony has an obligation to oppose, speak up or gaze a silent expression of his disapproval. I did not see that happening when viewing that reception.

So if this is an incorrect reading, I stand corrected, but I do not see that it is. I can change my mind if provided some other information. But at this moment it is rather damming.

But it is not my problem. Here at the home front my postponed date now has problems with his alternator. He humorously note:
He: Looks like I need a new alternator. I was hoping to service you, not my car.

So some prudes may think that he is not showing me respect – but he does, constantly. He respects me and my sexuality. Arranged marriages do not respect women’s individuality, personage, or their sexuality. So there! So there! So there!

I can perhaps let all of this go – as it is not my problem and I am free of restraint and a model for women of whatever faith.

What follows is a learned treatise on arranged marriage, the prohibition of same within the Islamic faith.

“Marriage as defined by Islam is always consensual; the prohibition of forced marriage and promotion of a healthy consensual relationship is confirmed throughout the Qur’an and other Islamic texts. The Qur’an states: “It is not lawful for you to inherit women by force. Nor may you treat them harshly so that you can make off with part of what you have given them, unless they commit an act of flagrant indecency. Live together with them correctly and courteously [. . .]”20
Forced marriage has no legal validity in Islam. No-one can be forced into marriage against their will, and there is no basis in the Shari’ah for this practice.”

Whoever though that a woman born in Saskatchewan and abused by her father from the age of six to the age of seventeen could be this sassy? Obviously, not me but I am.I But in a good natured way – I do rather laugh at the preposterous of it all. What is preposterous? It is absurd; ridiculous, foolish, stupid, ludicrous, farcical, laughable, comical, risible, hare-brained, asinine, inane, nonsensical, pointless, senseless, insane, unreasonable, irrational, illogical; outrageous, shocking, astonishing, monstrous, unbelievable, incredible, unthinkable; informal crazy. ANTONYMS reasonable, sensible.

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