Alexis As Mythical Hero Icarus; Two Multibillionaire Situations Analyzed; Some Fazza Poetry; Making Love to a 101 Year Old Woman; The Way to a Woman’s Heart

An exchange of emails with Former London Lover and Present Friend:

Me: Remember when I first began the relationship with Joo Kim Tiah and you said watch out warning me about the mythical guy who attached feathers with wax and flew toward the sun, flew too close so that the sun melted it the wax and he was plunged to the earth. Who was that??? And by the way, you were and are right and I have done it again with the Crown Prince.
He: Icarus.
Me: Thank you for the prompt response! Fortunately I was wearing a life jacket when I fell to the earth and did not drown (and had a building named after me, do not forget that part).

This from Wikipedia: n Greek mythology, Icarus (/ˈɪkərəs/; Ancient Greek: Ἴκαρος [ǐːkaros]) is the son of the master craftsman Daedalus, the creator of the Labyrinth. Icarus and his father attempt to escape from Crete by means of wings that his father constructed from feathers and wax. Icarus’ father warns him first of complacency and then of hubris, asking that he fly neither too low nor too high, so the sea’s dampness would not clog his wings nor the sun’s heat melt them. Icarus ignored his father’s instructions not to fly too close to the sun; when the wax in his wings melted he tumbled out of the sky and fell into the sea where he drowned, sparking the idiom “don’t fly too close to the sun”.

But what does this myth mean and how am I like Icarus? Again turning to Wikipedia: Literary interpretation has found in the myth the structure and consequences of personal over-ambition. In psychology there have been synthetic studies of the Icarus complex with respect to the alleged relationship between fascination for fire, enuresis, high ambition, and ascensionism. In the psychiatric mind features of disease were perceived in the shape of the pendulous emotional ecstatic-high and depressive-low of bipolar disorder.] Seth Godin’s 2012 The Icarus Deception points to the historical change in how Western culture both propagated and interpreted the Icarus myth arguing that “we tend to forget that Icarus was also warned not to fly too low, because seawater would ruin the lift in his wings. Flying too low is even more dangerous than flying too high, because it feels deceptively safe.”

In the Multibillionaire Tiah family case there was no personal over ambition on my part. I am not bipolar, so that had to be ruled out. I am not narcissistic, so that has to be ruled out. It is interesting, Godin’s point of view, that flying to low was the other warning and is more dangerous as it feels deceptively safe I can never be accused of flying to low and not taking chances.

Falling to earth in the Tiah multibillionaire situation consisted of the depression felt upon my termination of the relationship and the attempt on my life made on August 18,2019 which is chronicled in this blog, written from London where I felt safe. The attack took place in multibillionaire wipe out fashion – at that point I knew only two multibillionaires with motive, opportunity and method – Joo Kim and his mother. I was not to meet my second multibillionaire until the first week in November in London.

I always acknowledge my mistakes, and learn from them. But not this time I fear – I became Icarus with the Royal Family of Dubai It looks like my life jacket was on because there have not been, as yet any repercussions. I do admit, in this situation of some personal over ambition . I met most of the family and did feel that my presence in their lives could make a difference, a significant one. That is no longer my belief occasioned by the March 5 findings of the High Court in the UK.
“The sheikh’s treatment of his daughters is “of a very high order of seriousness,” the judge wrote, and “man well involve findings that he violated criminal law and human rights norms.
Sheikh Mohammed and the Dubai and Emirati governments have assured the court that they will respect its judgment, according to the documents. The sheikh as agreed that the children can continue living in Britain with their mother, and is now seeking only to re-establish direct contact with them, the finding sass, But while the judge expressed “gratitude” for such assurances, he wrote. “I concluded that these instruments failed to afford the children any significant level of protection from the risk of abduction within England and Wales.” It has to be remembered that Sheikh Mohammed declined to appear in court or provide witnesses, according to court documents and did not dispute he ordered his daughters returned but for their own protection. But by not appearing, it does seem that he was of the belief that he was above the law. It has been shown that he was not and moreover, he is not above the dictates of his religion.

But some beautiful things remain. This from YouTube, with link provided. hese are poems by Fazza with a background of truly beautiful music. Four
particularly caught my eye

Your modest beauty made you a modest person and your rare charity increase your purity in my eyes.

Any woman next to you will turn into a Tyrant.

You have everything I want but everything I cannot have.

I am a narcissist but in her love, I never am.

All of these have great meaning to me. I was once described by the Sultan’s Aide as being beautiful, I demurred by writing that he must be blind. But perhaps I might be considered to have a modest beauty, “I am a narcissist but in her love, I never am” absolutely takes the breath away. It is profound in its understanding of the nature of narcissism and love.

So I am returning to a simple life. I am being hotly pursued by a man who texts constantly with the funniest comments. Some of the language has been cleaned up for the purposes of the blog.
He: I hope I am making love to you on and off till you are over 100, You would be my fantasy. Making love to a 101 year old woman I would be 50 years younger than u at that point, I hope that turns u on even more.
Me: Well it does, except for the fact that you are forty, not fifty years younger than I am. This is confusing because I am not good at math.
He: You are better in bed then you are at math – trust me.
Me: That is still not saying much. I do laugh.

And other comment, not quite cleaned up.
Me: I am growing rather fond of you.
He: The way to a woman’s heart is through my cock.

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