Much As I Hate To Be a Gloom and Doom Person Things Are Getting Worse with That Idiot Trump Who Is Incapable of Truth, Heedless of Science and Hostage to His Ego; The Profound Hope That Pence and Trump Contract the Virus

I am a positive person as faithful readers will know. But to be positive in the face of what Trump is NOT doing would be absolutely idiotic. He tweeted something stupid about fake news, and The New Yorker, who fact checks and has intelligent writers wrote about the mess in an article written by John Cassidy. “If you translate “Fake News” as “the coronavirus outbreak,” Trump’s analysis of what was driving the plunge in stocks was partially correct, but he had omitted another key factor: a chronic lack of leadership on his, and his Administration’s, part. By downplaying the covid-19 outbreak from the beginning, and by failing to prepare for its spread to the United States, which was inevitable, Trump and his colleagues have created an environment of fear and uncertainty that is crushing the markets. And now Wall Street has another problem to deal with. A bitter dispute over crude-oil production levels has broken out between two more authoritarian leaders whom Trump greatly admires, Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, and Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia”

The very well researched and written article went on to say: “The stock market could perhaps have dealt with either of these developments in isolation. Even before Monday, rising concerns about the economic impact of the coronavirus had caused the Dow to drop about eleven per cent from its February peak. But when Saudi Arabia, the leader of opec, announced over the weekend that it would boost its crude production during the coming weeks, after Russia refused to agree to a coördinated cutback in supply, the relative calm in the markets turned to near panic.”

What a mess! What a mess! Then David Remnick from the New Yorker casts a different spin upon the whole terrible situation, summarizing it in this manner: “As the outbreak spreads so has the President’s magical thinking.” But Remnick says so eloquently: “ But as the world now faces a pandemic, it has never been more essential to recall that norm-setting performance and to admit what has been demonstrated on a daily basis about the public official who carries ultimate responsibility for the public safety of American citizens: Donald Trump is incapable of truth, heedless of science, and hostage to the demands of his insatiable ego” I shall repeat this truth Donald Trump is incapable to truth, heedless of science, and hostage to the demands of his insatiable ego.” We might get rid of him but it is doubtful as the Democrats are self punishing, stupid and divided. It is rather fun to be a dual citizen, not that I think Canada is dong any better with Trudeau, whose beard makes him sort of look like the Crown Prince of Dubai. Trudeau has been humiliated on this blog many times, due to the wonderful cartoons and comments by CPI – my high school and Uni friend. I have recently not been kind to the Ruler of Dubai after the rulings of the High Court in the UK. I sass everyone – Trump, The Ruler of Dubai, Joo Kim Tiah and, more recently, the Crown Prince of Dubai. None of you are safe from my sass and I can just do it, as I have a fantastic blog master who has blocked efforts of Joo Kim Tiah, or his mother, to mess with me and hack me. I am powerful and grow increasingly so because I am retired with an excellent retirement benefit and I do not care for old friends and the Skvaril family. I shall go on to name people that have met my disdain, no more secrets, no more lies, no more coverup. If you messed with me, you should quake in your boots.

Then this statement, so short, so sweet, so eloquent. “Has there ever been a less serious President?”

Then the brilliant article went on. “Michael Mina, an epidemiologist at Harvard’s T. H. Chan School of Public Health and a physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, told me, “We need the President to put the well-being of the American people before his reëlection. And that requires open discussion and accurate information so that we can, along the way, condition people to what’s coming next, not to pretend that this is not a serious threat and they should just continue life as usual. His interest in being reëlected is in conflict with the truth and people’s best interests.”
Trump, Mina went on to say, “sees downplaying the threat as a way to look good. He can say all the words he wants, but that won’t change the biology of this virus, which will spread unabated unless we take the proper steps.”

But there is some hope as revealed: “ Marc Lipsitch, a professor of epidemiology at Harvard’s School of Public Health, told me, “It is just false and unproductive to say that things are under control, and it is false to say that anyone should go to work with a ‘minor’ case of the virus. . . . One thing you can say is that federalism is our friend. There are top-notch people in state and local health departments. They are very capable and put out good information.”

It goes on to say this: “Trump’s misstatements and understatements in recent weeks are consistent with his general attitude toward empiricism. Which is to say, he has never shown much regard for fact. In the past, Trump has said that climate change is a Chinese “hoax” and that “vaccines can be very dangerous.” Disinformation and misinformation are rampant in his mental universe. Trump recently gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh, who said, last month, “The coronavirus is the common cold, folks.” One of Trump’s ardent supporters in the Senate, Tom Cotton, of Arkansas, is among those who have suggested publicly that “we at least need to ask the question” of whether the virus was a bioweapon deliberately created in a Chinese laboratory outside the city of Wuhan—a theory rehashed in places like the Washington Times.”

And what about this, something I did not know: “Only Trump would put Mike Pence in charge of the coronavirus crisis when, as the governor of Indiana, Pence initially bungled the public-health response to an outbreak of H.I.V. in his state.”

Absolutely brilliant, Trump. Get a stupid guy in charge who cannot have anything to do with women unless his wife is there. Make him the flu czar. You are a flaming idiot Trump and so are you Pence and I do hope you both get the virus – it would serve you right! It is so much fun to be an independent woman and say what you want with no constraints. Because I have, no family, no kids, independent income and well deserved self esteem coupled with men that adore me despite my advanced age. I hope you get the virus Trump and Pence. Hahahaha

Good news contained in an email from former London Lover and Present Friend.
He: I note that there may be a positive outcome form the corona; trump is in the age category most likely to die ( as are we all) and he was seen shaking hands with a congressman who may well have been in contact with the virus. So keep your fingers crossed ( when not washing them)
Me: You are giving me hope – If it does happen then it will renew my faith in God, although I have been leaning toward Allah recently.

No attention to Dubai recently because so much going on here, both in political and in personal aspects.

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