Oh My Goodness, He and the UAE are More Wonderful Than Ever I Thought!!!; Where Are You Pence, Trump and the USA?; So Much Fun With the Royal Family of Dubai in London with Photographs to Prove it

This is the news from Dubai. What a wonderful man that Crown Prince of Dubai is, an incredible individual. (If only he treated me a bit better)

HUMANITARIAN INITIATIVE: The ‘UAE Homeland of Humanity’ initiative follows the orders of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, to evacuate people from Arab and friendly countries from the landlocked area of Hubei, China to the UAE
So not exactly, because it is the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, but we know that the two guys talk to each other and collaborate. Arab men do not collarbone with women but do with members of their own sex. That is commonly known as SASS.
More information reveals the following:
HUMANITARIAN APPROACH: Sheikh Mohamed’s order is in line with the directives of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a gesture that reflects the UAE’s humanitarian approach to stand with brotherly and friendly countries and extend a helping need to them in difficult circumstances.

More to follow: RESPONSE TEAM: The evacuation was carried out by a humanitarian response team consisted of a team of volunteers, including pilots and medical and administrative teams, who participated to enhance and highlight the humanitarian and voluntary role.

What is the USA doing? Headed by Pence??? He is having lunch with his wife and Trump perhaps?? Worship and fall down before these Middle Eastern leaders, not by the way,, in a democracy. They are ruled by kind and compassionate and wonderful men. We, in this United States , are governed by idiots. Democracies are not working, there are several reasons which we will explore in upcoming blogs. I am not just a pretty face. Hahaha The chief reason being that democracies require an educated and intelligent base to elect qualified people. And This Stupid United States of America does not have, any longer, and educated and intelligent base. So there! So There! So There! By the way, I am a dual citizen of Canada, but they are doing no better at all. Look at the newly bearded Trudeau who vaguely looks like the Crown Prince of Dubai. Trudeau should have got his brain and his resolve NOT his beard. Just read that BC had its first case of the virus. What will Trudeau do???? Read prior blogs and cartoons. Assume a Shakespearean character and act like that. I am laughing, but in dismay. Canadian medical care is hopeless and there is no way that they can ever fight anything, they are stressed beyond belief. Well. We lucky people have Pence but a very healthy medical care system. Not as good as Dubai and Abu Dhabi but much better than Canada. (of the formerly Great Britain). I have excellent medical care, paid by my retirement, All Praise to Allah. That song on the Fazza network keeps coming to mind, how very strange.

I shall now speak and show photographs of my very strange life in London at the end of December and early January of 2020. I was gifted, and I do mean gifted, by the Royal Family of Dubai who were staying in my hotel in London, a rather ordinary one. . The multiple children very much loved me and came constantly to visit me in the middle of the night. The Sultan’s (aka Crown Prince of Dubai, SSS etc) t14 year old sister took great delight in putting make up upon my face, in strange ways. A sensitive friend looked at a series of pictures.
She: The sister is trying to make you look Arabic.
Me: How goodness, yes. That you for bringing that to my attention.

But I am a Canadian with only Scottish origins. My precious girl does a very good job occasionally but it is not working. One photograph with me in a head scarf and glasses hiding the blue eyes.- yes. One with me looking relatively normal – ok but not my style. The other one is totally bizarre. After she completed her make up job she pointed her phone at me and asked me to say something in Arabic. Obediently I did so. I think I told the Crown Prince of Dubai I loved him using his entire Arabic name. I looked into her phone and there were his eyes. He heard and saw all of this. It boggled my mind, and yours too when you see what I looked li like. In retrospect it is most funny, at the time, just absolutely bizarre. I could not get the stuff off my face. Other members of the Royal Family of Dubai bought make up removers, scoffing at me because I did not have them.
Me: Excuse me dears, I do not wear make up so I do not have to remove the stuff.
They: Granny Alexis, you must wear more make up!
Me: Excuse me! I am the Granny, I get to boss. Hahahaha

All of this is true. The photographs prove it! Truth is stranger than fiction. Put truth is stranger than fiction in the search engine and a prior blog will appear, .

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