Brilliant Words From Computer Guru; A True Story About My Return to Dubai Without Embellishment; A Proposal of Marriage from Another Prince; Then the Story of the Attack on my Person By Chinese Shews; Shrew Defined; Two Photographs, One Happy and One Very Sad

These brilliant words from Computer Guru
He; Pence really is a massive boob
Me: So funny! It is going on the blog!

So I hardly feel safe with an idiot in charge of virus control but there is nothing I can do about it. I would not mind if not for the knee replacement. I need to get it over with so my mobility will not be compromised and if the hospitals get shut down there will be no surgery. And even If the surgery takes place, my immune system might be compromised. I have made plans for my recuperation. To Dubai I will go – this email was sent to the Marriott Dubai:
Me: Thank you so much for your prompt response. I think I will Choose the AED 525 single room as the recovery from my surgery may be uncertain. I am most impressed with your hotel and eagerly look forward to returning to you and your wonderful staff. It will encourage me to recover quickly, With so much affection and please say hello to everyone from me and tell them of the good news. Affectionately, Alexis McBride

This is the truth and not even embroidered, that means embellish, colour, enlarge on, exaggerate, catastrophize; add detail to, go into detail about, flesh out, add flesh to; touch up, dress up, gild, ginger up; informal jazz up. ANTONYMS simplify.. The photograph contained in this blog is myself and an Emirati, employed by the hotel. He said he would kill himself if I did not promise that I would be back. So there is a a dated and signed document promising my return. Someone said that he would never do that, as it was contrary to his religious beliefs. But just in case, I would not like to have his blood on my hands. I do laugh.

I write this from the Mercury. A handsome young man came and sat next to me and, honest to goodness he proposed – after about half an hour. It might work out – he used to live in the same building as I do so he knows his way around. He is most young (37) and can not come to Dubai because he has an Israeli passport. He did not volunteer to be March Man. I have not told him the good news as yet. The good news is that. I am also a Canadian citizen. Of course I had to tell Personal Driver the good news.
Me: You let me out of your sight for one day, and look what happens. Now I am engaged to be married.
He: When is the party?
Me: You are taking this very well. See you tomorrow early.
The man’s name is Emir, which means Prince, so I have two Princes in my life, I guess. Life is good. I returned to my wonderful building and told the managers of my good fortune.
He: What is better than one Prince
Me: I do not know. Please tell me!
He: Two Princes.
Me: How funny. It is going on the blog.

But this is most strange Emir and the Sultan are both 37 years old, as was RTA. I do seem to keep cradle snatching. Hahaha

I will see Personal Driver in the morning because he gives me a ride to the YMCA going early to a nearby Starbucks to miss the heavy traffic. S I will be free to pursue MMO – sure hope he is there. I have an appointment to get my hair cut on Friday, making me most happy. . I suppose I could mention the appointment and suggest a date night on Friday so that he could see me and my cute hair. What is weird and unbelievable but true – he reads my blog, I am sure. This is so bizarre, Writing this blog has totally changed my life, that is for sure. It has yielded, not one but two multibillionaires. Well, not exactly yielded as I did not marry either one of them, but in a way yielded, in complicated ways. .

I suppose that this might be a good time to talk about the third attack upon my person made by the Chinese. It happened at the Embarcadero YMCA. First there was the water aerobics class expertly conducted by Jean, but then to jacuzzi to relax. I lower myself into the wonderful water and am immediately attacked by four Chinese women speaking their native language in loud and offensive tones. It seemed to have something to do with what I was wearing. They call over a lifeguard and point to my garb. He looks at them as if they are mad and tell them that I have a bathing suit on. It was covered by a mesh blue top which is rather transparent, but I am clothed. That does not stop them and they keep screaming at me. The wonderful lifeguard leaves, saying he will bring back a translator. He does, an a woman staff member appears and talks to these women who are screaming at me at the top of the voice, until her arrival. I did say to the ring leader and top screamer “Fuck you!” People afterwards did say that is universal language and she would know what I was saying. I left the Jacuzzi as it was far from being relaxing being screamed at in Chinese – do not know if it was Cantonese or Mandarin. The staff at the Y could not have been more accommodating, saying constantly that they were sorry.
Me: You have nothing to apologize for. You did not do it they did.

But one staff member told me that I should not call them Chinese.
Me: I was born in Canada, I do not mind and would welcome being called a Canadian.
She: But that is different.
Me: Why, it makes no sense to me at all.
She: It sounds like you are prejudiced.
Me: Well I do admit that I am not that crazy about Chinese at the present time. This is the third attack on my person and one was almost lethal.
She: But do not call this an attack.
Me: You were not there. It was an attack. A verbal one perhaps but an attack, by women who did not respect me and I deserve respect.

Political correctness in my humble opinion hides prejudice, politically correct people do not dare to say anything to reveal their prejudice. There are cultural differences between people of different places in this world. They need to be recognized as such.

What amazes me and I did say in English to this horribly rude group of people that, I knew a multibillionaire who was Chinese – Joo Kim Tiah by name. He had the most impeccable manners and was so gentle in his demeanour. These shrews were not. What is a shrew? A Virago, dragon, termagant, vixen, cat, fishwife, witch, hellcat, she-devil, tartar, spitfire, hag, gorgon, harridan, fury, ogress, harpy; informal battleaxe, old bag, old bat, bitch; Scottish & Northern Irish informal targe; archaic scold; rare Xanthippe.

They were hags and battle-axes, those women that picked on me. Very recently I went to the jacuzzi and the ring leader was there. She ignored me, even though I was clad in the same garb. But, an insight from a staff member. I look, actually quite sexy as I am quite well endowed – the mesh top showed a bit of skin but not a great deal. These gorgons were flat chested. They were jealous because I looked sexy. Sometimes being sexy and seventy-six is not all that it is cracked up to be. Good news, I was wearing the same bathing suit when I met and flirted with MMO. Hahaha

Another picture accompanies this blog. The continuing scars of the attack made on my person on August 18, 2019. There was considerable and awful bruising from the handcuffs thrown on me by Chinese goons superficially in police uniforms. I wrote about the attack from the safety of London in November of 2019. I do believe I have continuing protection as a certain man read it and has the means and the opportunity to protect me. I do feel cared for.

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