Things Are Not Looking Good on Many Levels; Go Away in April; Family Court Judgment from London; A Man Has Gotta Do What a Man Has Gotta Do

An Indian student in Dubai has been found infected with the virus, the family has been quaarintenetd in a hospital, school has been suspended and the special measures taken to disinfect the building. In the meantime, President Trump made a brilliant statement.

US President Donald Trump earlier this month said that the coronavirus will “go away” in April. The logic he cited was that the heat generally kills this kind of virus. Britain’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock had also reportedly said that the virus could be less transmissible during summer. How very intelligent – it is “going away” in April. I wonder if he is planning on giving the virus a good bye party. The :go away’ statement was found on the Internet from a Gulf Today article. There is some intelligent thinking that the heat of summer may slow the spread but unfortunately I live in cold San Francisco.

And other very disturbing news has just been reported by the Guardian.

“The ruler of Dubai orchestrated the abductions of two of his children – one from the streets of Cambridge – and subjected his youngest wife to a campaign of “intimidation”, a damning UK family court judgment has found.
In findings that risk destabilising diplomatic relations with the United Arab Emirates, a close Gulf ally of Britain, the actions of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum were described by the judge as behaviour which, on the balance of probabilities, amounted to potentially breaking English and international law.

The Guardian and other news organisations can reveal the ruling following months of private hearings and a legal dispute that reached the supreme court. It details an extraordinary family saga spanning 20 years during which the sheikh, 70, organised international kidnappings, imprisoned two of his daughters and “deprived [them] of their liberty”.

‘Much of the 34-page fact-finding ruling by Sir Andrew McFarlane, president of the family division of the high court in England and Wales, records the events surrounding the notorious disappearances of Princess Shamsa from Cambridge in 2000, when she was 19, and of Princess Latifa, who was seized by Indian army commandos from the Indian Ocean in 2018, when she was 32, before being forcibly returned to Dubai.”

I am shaken to my very core. The wonderful fourteen year old who placed make up on my face and wrapped a scarf around my head (making me look like an Arab) in yesterday’s blog is a child of the Ruler of Dubai and I quite love her, we somehow have a very special bond. I had of course, heard of the allegations against the ROD but rumour is one thing and 34 page fact-funded ruling is another. It is difficult for me to integrate and take this all in. A prior blog volunteered to be the seventh wife of the Ruler of Dubai as the offer to be the London wife of the Sultan was getting me no where. I hereby rescind the offer.

So to say the very least, this has not ended up to be a very good day, at all. A telephone conversation with Personal Driver somewhat cheered me up. I told him about the virus in Dubai and the findings of British court. This is what caused us to laugh.
Me: All of this going on and guess what the Crown Prince is doing tomorrow?
He: What? I cannot guess
Me: I just read this: T”he 119km Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Cup will be the highlight of the Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Cup Festival, which draws to a close on Saturday.
The Festival, sponsored by Emirates Airline, began on Monday and comprised of four rides, catering to a wide range of riders and horses-including female riders and mares – adding variety to this celebration of endurance riding.
The event is being hosted by the Dubai Equestrian Club at Dubai International Endurance City, a purpose-built, state-of-the-art endurance facility”
He: Really?
Me: Yes, I guess a man has gotta do what a man has gotta do. He’s gotta get on a horse. horse.

I googled the Jonas Brothers song and here is the link:
It will totally cheer you up, it is so funny and high energy.
Here are some of the lyrics:

Caught my heart about one, two times
Don’t need to question the reason I’m yours, I’m yours
I’d move the earth or lose a fight just to see you smile
‘Cause you got no flaws, no flaws
I’m not tryna be your part time lover
Sign me up for that full time, I’m yours, all yours
So what a man gotta do?
What a man gotta do?
To be totally locked up by you
What a man gotta say?
What a man gotta pray?
To be your last “Goodnight” and your first “Good day”
So what a man gotta do?
What a man gotta do?
To be totally locked up by you
What a man gotta do?
What a man gotta prove?
To be totally locked up by you
You ain’t tryna be wasting time
On stupid people in cheap lines, I’m sure, I’m sure
So I’d give a million dollars just for you to grab me by the collar
And I’ll come build…

Some say it is a quote from John Wayne. “A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.”

So the song says: “I’m not trine be your part time lover. Sign me up for the full time.” The search for the March Man goes on and it is already March 5. MMO was not at the YMCA today, nor could I find Emir, my ‘intended”. I was going to suggest that Emir could perhaps switch positions and be the March Man instead of the husband. There is a selfie of us so you could see how handsome he is but I did not get his permission to put it on my blog. You may get to see it later.

I continue to be most distressed by situations spoken of in the beginning of the blog but somehow I can rescue myself from despair. I do hope that the Sultan (aka Fazza, aka The Crown Prince of Dubai) is reading this blog and goes to the link. The poor man has so much on his mind. He has my sympathy.

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