New Situs; Quitting Instagram; Another Attack by Chinese on the Person of Alexis McBride; Are There Chinese in Dubai; Portent Defined.

I am changing some of my habits. This blog is being written in the library/computer/community room of my wonderful apartment building. It is about noon, the morning was spent making a new friend (Wendy) at Starbucks, going to a water aerobics class at the Embarcadero YMCA, then home via Personal Driver and then getting the computer and coming downstairs. It is a plan approved by Wise Man combining my need for solitude along with my need for sociability. There are are also many young and handsome men living in this building, who often use this room. I am laughing. I have earphones and I am listening to Classical Motivation – an album from Apple Music. It is inspirational.

I have determined that I will no longer follow Instagram. I was finally, with the help of Arif at the Apple Store on Union Square able to get a password and so it was on my phone. It brought some relief but then when I went to click on Instagram this morning, it was again asking for my password.
Me: I do not think so, I do not thinks so.
Alter Ego: But how will people reach you. You communicate with many using DM and the more public venue, people responding to your stories and posting.
Me: Well it is complicated. I will not officially remove myself because one has to be able to log on to get out. I am laughing. But I just won’t use it.
Alter Ego: Won’t that confuse people.
Me: That is their problem. Again laugh. But I thought of a solution.
Alter Ego: What is the solution?
Me: I announce on the blog that I am no longer on Instagram. People cannot respond to me through the blog as Chris blocks them and I do not hear, except in rare instances. But they can respond on the blog and I can have Chris give me their email address.
Alter Ego: It sounds like a solution – another final solution.
Me: Laughing. Yes indeed!

There are many portents that I should go to Dubai to recover from my knee replacement surgery. It will allow Personal Driver to take his customary month off. I will describe that later. And then, on You Tube there was the opening of the Smart Salem Medical Center. It was all very fascinating and rather cute at one point. A robot greeted the Crown Prince upon his arrival. The Crown Prince patted the robot on the head, It was such a sweet gesture, a darling gesture actually. Then yesterday I found the business card of the man at the Marriott Dubai who promised me a special rate when I returned to the hotel. So Yikes those are three portents.

Anyway what is a portent? It is an omen, sign, indication, presage, warning, forewarning, harbinger, augury, signal, promise, threat, menace, ill omen, forecast, prediction, prognostication, prophecy, straw in the wind, writing on the wall, hint, auspice; premonition, presentiment, feeling, vague feeling, funny feeling, feeling in one’s bones, foreboding,

Last week I was attacked by Chinese again. That was the third attack. The first was having water thrown in my face by a Chinese man in a Greek Restaurant because I mentioned that I was speaking about the rudeness of Chinese people on my blog. I do suppose it proved my point. The second was far more serious, occurring on August 18,2019 when five Chinese ‘ggon’ dressed vaguely like police mea= Physically attacked me, handcuffed me throwing me on the floor of the hallway of my apartment. I was covered in bruises. I wrote about it in November from my hotel in London. It was so wonderful to be able to talk about it. I think something interesting and very profound happened as a result of that blog. A certain individual was reading my blogs at the time. I am now being protected – men keep watch over me. It took me a long time to notice but I finally did. It is very subtle. At firs I did not understand what was going on but now I do and am most comfortable with it. I feel safe and precious actually.

Something suddenly struck me. I do not recall seeing any Chinese people in Dubai. I asked Personal Driver, who has been in Dubai , about this.
He: Come to think about it – I do not recall seeing any either.
Me: I know what I will do. There isa Chinatown in almost every city where Chinese people live. They are not particularly good at integrating. So I will google Dubai Chinatown. It will not be the final word but it will be an indication.

I looked it up, I was wrong. It is called Dragon City. “ Of the estimated 200,000 Chinese people who live in Dubai, one in four live in International City, Rees says. “It’s the heart of the Chinese community here. International City has around 120,000 residents in total; Chinese make up over 40 per cent of residents there.”

So that makes sense that I did not see any Chinese people because I never did go to Dragon City or International City. If I do not particularly want to be around Chinese people when in Dubai, I will stay clear of Dragon City. That should not be too difficult to do.

Dubai is starting to look pretty good, actually. I am laughing and laughing so hard. The Royal Family is most fond of me actually – they call me Granny Alexis.

The photograph is me at work. Do you not love the hat? I have shoes to match. I as most stylish.

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