A Poem Found on You Tube: So Profound; My Writing Defines Me But Also Fazza; On the Prowl for a March Man; An Email From First Man.

Well, I found this poem on YouTube. It is SO INCREDIBLY PROFOUND and did leave a public comment, under my name which said so. That strange expression: Put your money where your mouth is, comes to mind. I do laugh. So here it is. It does not have an English title – the title is in Arabic but there is an English translation and here it is.

He asked me, how old are you! And I said I’m bigger now
how much time | have to repeat my age for you !
and if we can count the age of the poet ! From his poems !
so , my age is three hundred poems , years old
and you have to count me from the rare people
because from all those thoughts ! and only the rarest one who brought me
and I’m the pioneer man in the sky of poetries and creativity
and I’m the poet who get higher upon the sky of creativity by his direct way
and although that the oldest one was delicious! but what about the newest ones !
newest one can make your soul alive again from the longing , then back you from where he took you
and your brave poet in his life doesn’t accept the safe side theory
he always love to taste the happy moment of adventure
and in his neck there is a necklace of glory
and inside it there is a picture painted by his index finger
and if he felt in love ! He will love only the rare girl who girls feel jealous from her
because he is the hardest who never take a break until hunt his hunting
and my beloved is the most beautiful girl and she is leader of the beauty
tell me, you will stop asking for our connection or still wanna connect me
in Zayed’s land and the longing already increases
repeat your question and the same reply we Will repeat it again too upon your ears .

I am almost fainting – fortunately I am back to my old habits and I am in bed. I do laugh. “Your brave poet doesn’t accept the safe side theory” WOW WOW and more WOW. “Girls feel jealous from her.” Really??? “ We Will repeat it again upon your ears” Oh my goodness. The consistency from those words. “we will repeat again upon your ears.” It is like saying: “I have made my mind up and will not waiver.” WOW. It is his poetry that defines him, I now realize. It is my prose that defines me. CPI said at one point, that there were enormous cultural differences, very different life styles but what we had in common was writing and that would bridge the gap. Perhaps she is right. Perhaps she is.

I did read, somewhere that Fazza wrote that his poetry is a gift that no one could
take away. I feel that about my writing. No one can take it away from me. I can occasionally trivialize it – through Instagram, for example, but have given that up. What is trivialize? minimize, play down, underplay, make light of, treat lightly, make little of, think little of, laugh off, dismiss, underestimate, undervalue, devalue, belittle, deprecate, scoff at; informal pooh-pooh; archaic hold cheap; rare misprize, derogate, minify. ANTONYMS make a big thing of.

So succumbing to Instagram was a pooh-pooh and a hold cheap. No more of that for me. It served no purpose for me. For others, perhaps yes but for me now NO. I am not critical of others who use Instagram for their purposes, not at all. But for me, no longer any purpose. It was rather accidental actually and did serve some useful purposes, but no more. I am playing hard to get. Hahahaha. Hardly. Met a man briefly and proposed using my blog – I really did. I cannot deny it. I am laughing so hard. I did not even know who he was at the time. Honestly I did not. Thank goodness something got in the way. I am laughing so hard. But now, I am playing slightly hard to get – no very hard to get. I am not playing at it. Terms and conditions but it can wait until after knee replacement surgery and recovery. There is no rush – I am old but will live another twenty five years if I stay away from motorcycles. I was struck by a motorcycle in London on September 13, 2014 and almost died. A near death experience, which did change my life. Read about it in the About Me section of the blog.

This is now the next day and I am at the Mercury. You shall see a picture of my flat white at the conclusion of this blog. The place is typically crowded. I am here for a purpose. I have decided that I need a March boyfriend. The knee replacement surgery is scheduled for March 31 and I won’t be much good for anything for a couple of weeks and the plan is to go to Dubai to recuperate and be gone for about a month. Not expecting that love will survive the separation. So Just March. So I am here trolling for a man – this is often a good spot. Unfortunately, sitting next to me is a young Chinese woman and a man who is concentrating mightily on his computer with ear phones. I am making eye contact with a man across the room however. When you are hot, you are hot, when you are not, you are not. Then after I finish my biscuit and my coffee, I can go to my apartment computer/ library/common room. There may be a supply of men there. Everyone knows I am a man magnet, even when I am not particularly looking for a guy. I suppose one could send a response and perhaps Chris could forward the information to me. The guy would have to live in San Francisco. I am taking super good care of myself getting ready for the surgery. Having someone around to pet me might just be what I need.

I want to make one thing perfectly clear. The screen saver of my computer has a message: I miss you with my eyes cause my heart is with you. Please return my heart so I can miss you with it. There is a sunset and a man. The man is Fazza. But that is not why I am going to Dubai for recovery. He did not see me when I was there in January and we were getting along a lot better than, so no reason to suspect I shall see him now. I guess it was not me he is/was missing with his eyes. But here is the hilarious part. It would be very unusual if he took the Rorschach Ink Blot test as a necessary prelude to marriage. We have not been out on a date and only been around one another in person for a few minutes. I am laughing.

I got an answer to the email I sent Adam, First Man.
He:Yes i like that nickname! Sounds like your usual light hearted escapades 🙂
Me: I giggled in sheer delight to see an email from First Man. Then I read the message and laughed again. How can turning down the world’s most eligible bachelor (sort of) and having knee surgery be deemed light hearted? Wonderful to hear from you.Kindly note that I did wait for a response from you before sending another email to you. I am so well behaved. . Affectionately, Alexis

I emailed CPI who mentioned First Man.
Me: I have decided that First Man is more handsome than the Crown Prince. Do not tell the Crown Prince. Hahahaha

One can gaze upon the visage of First Man by going to the February 21, 2020 blog. The definition of visage is a person’s face, with reference to the form or proportions of the features:. In a sentence: an elegant, angular visage. Unfortunately First Man is not a candidate for March man because he lives in Vancouver and cannot come and visit.

Do admit to being sassy and a brat. The photograph is my Mercury coffee.

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