News and Cartoons From Canada; Perhaps a Farewell to Instagram; A Poem by Fazza; The Plan for the Day Beginning with Cold Pizza

High School friend CPI keeps me up to date with news from Canada, it is because she lives there. Here is her latest reports which will be followed by cartoons about the ineffectual Prime Minister, that Trudeau guy, a mere shadow of his wonderful father whose name was Pierre Trudeau. Pierre had bad taste in women and married a younger woman who was bipolar which does explain Justin’s behaviour. Justin is an empty sleeve, an attractive empty sleeve since he grew a beard which makes him look like the Crown Prince of Dubai, but an empty sleeve. The Crown Prince of Dubai is not an empty sleeve, he is a good man. I have met his mother and she welcomed my hugs and a kiss on my cheek. She is a wonderful woman who gave brith to 12 children – the youngest is 10 and the cutest guy in the world and so smart.

Anyway, back to Canada and CPI
She: And on and on it goes – barriers go up, some come down. In the meantime, 1500 railway workers laid off, a propane shortage in Quebec and millions lost from the economy. What would Trump do? Maybe don’t answer that.
Me: Goodness knows what Trump would do. Tweet and Get on the phone and talk with people from the Ukraine?? I do laugh

So this has been a strange day as I realized the possible implications of the previous blog. This to CPI
Me: Blog of today was momentous to write. I wonder what will happen. His family and probably many of the residents of Dubai will be looking to him to be brave. But I think he will do a Trudeau. I do not think that the Crown Prince has the bravery to do it. But what if he does?????? Of course you and your husband will be invited to the wedding. I am laughing. You came to the first wedding as I recall, the first and the fourth. I continue laughing. Rather different events as the first was a civil ceremony above the Syphilis Clinic on Jasper Avenue in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. That was the situs of your wedding, you started a trend.

This is a rather strange morning, some spent in frustration. I cannot log into Instagram on my new phone, massive problems with the password. Totally infuriating. It is making me think about remaining on Instagram and I am beginning to think not. Anne and I are extensive Instagram communicators and I certainly would miss his stickers and his gifs. But with the recent problems, inability to log on, we have been talking on the phone instead and that has been more fun. We laugh hilariously, some of the things we joke about cannot be mentioned on the blog. So Anne is my new best friend – rather unlikely when you think about it. A 39 year old married gay man living near Sacramento. But my psychiatrist approves of him (not having met him) and he also approves of Personal Driver (who he has met). Actually CPI is probably my best friend, we communicate by email, . Come to think of it one can have two best friends. If Crown Princes can have more than one wife there is no reason why I cannot have more than one best friend. Again, I laugh.

With no Instagram I would be immune from a lot of things and people that perhaps I should be freed from. And perhaps with the time saved my more serious writing would take precedence. The problem is that to get off Instagram one has to be able to log on – oh my goodness gracious me. What do I mean by immune: not subject, not liable, unsusceptible, not vulnerable, not open, not exposed; protected from, safe from, secure against, not in danger of, exempt from, clear of, free from, unaffected by, proof against; freed from, absolved from, released from, excused from, relieved of, spared from, excepted from, exempted from; informal let off.

News from Dubai:
Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, Thursday inaugurated the Smart Salem Centre, a medical fitness and occupational health screening facility, in City Walk, Dubai.” That is most interesting because I was thinking of going to Dubai to recuperate from my knee surgery. The Dubai Marriott would be a perfect place with room service, the bathroom is equipped with all of the proper equipment. There is bound to be physical therapists there and the pool would allow water exercises. The hotel promised me a special rate for a return visit and I have sufficient summer clothes. Everyone here approves of such a plan – not sure just when it would be possible for me to fly but that can be discussed as the surgery nears.

Nestled in You Tube is beautiful poem, Between You and the Poem, by Fazza. He recites in his native language accompanied by an English translation. It is a fantastic combination as his speaking voice, when reciting poetry is mesmerizing. Again I laugh as the two most favourite things about him are his poetry and how he looks without a shirt on. There are other good qualities as well- I am almost falling off the bed laughing.

So it is cold pizza for breakfast, a plan to go to the roof garden and take a picture of San Francisco for inclusion in this blog. Then a most boring day of filing out forms for reimbursement of medical expenses. Procrastination has been my middle name with regard to this task. What is procrastination? Dithering, delaying tactics, dilatoriness, stalling, temporizing, hesitation, vacillation; British humming and hawing; informal dilly-dallying, shilly-shallying; US informal kicking the can down the road.

I have definitely been dithering, dilly-dallying, shilly-shallying and kicking the can down the road with those endless forms, But it will feel so good to get it done and then I shall have money for the air fare in case I go to Dubai. It would have to be business class because of the knee.

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