If You are Going to San Francisco Wear Flowers in Your Hair; What Happened When Alexis Returned to North America; The Final Solution; Probably Not To Be Taken As Would Require Great Bravery

I am presently at the Mercury eating their fantastic avocado toast. I walked in, music was playing: If You’re Going to San Francisco Wear Flowers in Your Hair. I almost fainted because when I came to San Francisco in 1967 it was a popular song. A series of Good Bye Parties were held in my honour and they gave me flowers to wear in my hair. For some reason I am crying as I write. I guess they are tears of joy as I recall those times with fondness. Husband Number One and I were going there for just one year – I stayed on and on and on. Well with brief forays to London and Vancouver. Husband Number One now lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with the Replacement Wife, as I call her. But he went on to live in Vancouver, then Washington State and eventually Berlin. In the bitter end it was he that ended the relationship – it took place in Vancouver. I then returned to San Francisco.

But back to the story, the Final Solution to my Men Problems.

Alexis returns to North America upon the expiration of her student visa. She makes an appointment as goes to see the extremely wise psychiatrist, learning more and more and utilizing various behaviours to remedy anxiety and anger. Not only was she abused but she also has Preverbal Maternal Neglect. Those parents of hers were real bargains. Great strides are made and at the suggestion of the wise psychiatrist she takes the Rorschach Inkblot test again. It was upon the suggestion of the psychiatrist who saw great improvement and wanted the tests to confirm his impression. He was totally right! So put that in your pipe and smoke it you naysayers. You Skvail family.

The psychiatrist makes another suggestion, one that Alexis listened to and will implement. It is something that the wise psychiatrist first utilized decades ago. He pronounced that he can look at the results of the Rorschach test of two people a couple, without meeting them, and predict what will happen in the marriage. Years of practice with scientific results. “Rather like a sneak preview of coming attractions.” said he. But here is the other, more hopeful scenario. Both the man and the woman, before marriage take the Rorschach Ink blot test. The problem with relationships Is that opposites attract and therefore there is usually trouble ahead. But solutions can be found and they can adapt to each other’s style. For example problem solving styles are different but can be accommodated. Everyone’s unconscious gets in the way – but the unconscious can be soothed. Mine has, it does not get in the way, well not very often. Another example is two individuals – one uses trial and error, the other can never make a mistake. Oops. But with help these differences can be overcome and a new style can be born, one that is better actually then the ones employed by both individuals.

Here is another scientific fact. The reason most first marriages fail is because of immaturity. The reason why most second marriages fail is because of different styles that clash in different ways. That is very true of Alexis’ third marriage. The second marriage was rather insignificant and of sort duration. A rebound relationship but with someone known for many years, a rather kind and helpful person but one with hidden and fatal flaws.

This is written with some trepidation but Alexis is sure that a certain individual does not have the bravery to take the Rorschach Ink Blot test and and meet with her psychiatrist. She is brave enough to throw down the gauntlet and do it publicly Either way, she will be fine. He may not be. What does throw down the gauntlet mean? “Today the phrase “throw down the gauntlet” means to challenge or confront someone, but in its earliest use it wasn’t meant as a metaphor, but was a physical action intended to issue a formal challenge to a duel.

Alexis shall not submit herself to a man’s caprice. Definition: a sudden and unaccountable change of mood or behaviour:. Examples: the caprices of the electorate | [mass noun] : a land where men were ruled by law and not by caprice. Its synonyms are: fecklessness, changeableness, volatility, inconstancy, capriciousness, fitfulness, unpredictability. ANTONYMS stability.

Come to think of it, perhaps there is more than one candidate for Alexis’ hand. Perhaps three, all certainly have enough money to take the test. But the problem is this, none of them live in the United States of America and none can relocate here, for various reasons. Such a mess!

So the candidate/candidates can get in touch with Alexis to arrange the appointments necessary. There would be probably three or four appointments. All probably taking place in Marin County, California. USA.


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