I Should Be On the Pay Roll of the Government of Dubai; My Humour Valued Next to My Sexuality; Examples of Bringing Laughter and Happiness to Dubai; Hallmark, Irreverent, Arcane Droll Defined; A Stupid Funny Conversation With Someone from the UAE

This from a Google News Service: “Shaikh Hamdan highlighted the importance of human resources and the need to ensure their satisfaction and happiness. “Dubai government works dedicatedly to harnessing all its potential to provide the necessary support to human resources and create an ideal work environment that helps them deliver the best possible performance and develop their skills and capacities,” Shaikh Hamdan said.In a series of tweets by Sheikh Hamdan on the decision, the Crown Prince said: “The government has a duty to propel Dubai among the most developed, advanced and happiest cities in the world. It is a government obligation to serve the people and create an environment for all to prosper, while establishing happiness as a pillar of our society.”

So happiness is a “pillar of his society” . Laughter is a hallmark of happiness. That is it is a distinctive feature, a mark, a sign, an indicator, an indication, a sure sign, a telltale sign; a feature, a characteristic,,an attribute, a property, a quality; a trademark, a stamp, a badge, a symbol.

Now my blogs must make the citizens of Dubai laugh, particularly the one of February 8, 2020 where the urinary habits of Arab men are discussed at length. Also that blog contains the dialogue between Alexis McBride and an imposter pretending to be the Crown Prince of Dubai. It is most entertaining to say the very least and good prevailed over evil, which is very encouraging and happy making. I am giving all of this away for nothing and I do mean nothing except for the now deflated Unicorn. I also correspond with members of the Royal Family and entertain them. There was a story on Instagram showing a building which was a hospital.
Me: I hope everything is ok
She: My cousin gave birth to a child.
Me: You are a prolific bunch but you have the money to support them all. Hahahaha

So look how hard I am working at keeping those Dubai people happy and not only do I not get any money but I do not even get any thanks. I would sue but I do not know how the law works in Dubai – the USA yes, but not Dubai. Oh well! I actually quite enjoy my sense of humour, it is my favourite trait – well next to my sexuality. I just made myself laugh.

And then something on YouTube to another member of the Royal Family of Dubai.
Me: OK you do not need to give up your harem. They might miss you – might

Again, that made me laugh.

I am irreverent which I fear is disdainful, disparaging; insolent, impudent, impertinent, cheeky, flippant, flip, insubordinate, presumptuous, forward; , uncivil,, informal fresh, lippy.

So I am definitely fresh and flippant and forward and cheeky. But it is amusing and happiness is apparently something to be sought after within Dubai. I am definitely helping out!

I guess I should take on a serious subject but I an in too good a mood, for some obscure reason. A person I met in London wrote:
She: Hey gorgeous hope you are good. xx
Me: I am absolutely great. Men falling at my feet despite my advanced age. Hahaha

Well, actually it is sort of true and I reached out to a man of old and he quickly responded and made me laugh. He has a strange dry and droll wit. Droll means “curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement.” He spoke of a woman who gave birth to twelve children:
He: I suppose being pregnant 12 times may be a little hard for us to visualize; medieval in a way. i am a volunteer guide for my local cathedral and one of the highlights of my tours is to ask people to read about the family from 1640s whose 7 children all die ( 3 in 1 month, 1647), and then ask them how lucky are we.
Me: So good to be in touch again! You are so funny in a weird way.

Then another person I met at the Pestana wrote to say:
She: You are a wonderful lady
Me: Good people like you bring out the best in me.

So I am happy with myself and I do not even live in Dubai, nor do I get paid for making those rich Dubai people happy. Oh well, it is dirty work but somebody has to do it. Hahaha.

I guess I should pay some bills. How boring is that??? Very decidedly boring. And I need to apply to get reimbursement for medical care when I was away in London and in Dubai. Both experiences were excellent – they were doctors from the private sector who were allowed to practice even though there is ‘socialized’ medicine in both countries. Canada, or at least British Columbia, does not allow that. Canada is so arcane which also means secret, hidden, concealed, covert, clandestine, enigmatic, dark; esoteric, obscure, abstruse, recondite, little known, recherché, inscrutable, impenetrable, opaque, incomprehensible, cryptic, occult. ANTONYMS well known, open.

I enjoyed a long conversation with a person who lives in the UAE (which is united by the way). We spoke of many things – we apparently met at the Pestana. It was such a funny conversation and we laughed hysterically the whole time. I almost fell off the bed laughing. Here is an example of the stupidity of the conversation. A photo was posted in a story line showing a massive airplane and an army of men in impressive uniforms. I inquired where the individual lived and then said:
Me: Well I should have seen that from the photo. An illustration of much power and prestige and of course money. Hahahaha
He: No no no. (emojis) Not all people can afford a lot of money
Me: I do know that of course I am not naive. Just funny
He: Emojis of laughter.
Me: I hate emojis but I am laughing. Hysterically
He: Hahahaha
Me: I am laughing louder than you. I always have to win.
Me: I am almost fallen off the bed laughing
He: OMG I actually heard you laugh
Me: This is ridiculous
He You kissed me on my cheek
Me: Just your cheek how disappointing!
He: hahahahaha of course
Me: Now I am still laughing
He: You really laugh, I could hear you through my phone
Me: This is stupid. I wrote on my blog for today- not posted or sent yet. That I think I should be paid by the government of Dubai for increasing the happiness factor there.
He: OMG you are hilarious
Me: My blog about Arab men peeing is precious
He: Here we don’t pee anywhere we have to be in a private place.
Me: That is good
He Yeah
Me: Now I am really laughing
He: I think you might have fallen already
Me: You mean off the bed?
He: Yeah
Me: Or for you??? Hahahaha
He: Many laughing emojis.

Then we did speak of serious matters, which shall remain confidential. It turned rather tender and caring. Then he signed off as it was late there. We said Goodbye.

So I cheered up another person in Dubai I should charge by the laugh, it seems to me, or by the emojis. I am definitely laughing. One individual wrote a poem saying I brought Joy to his life. It was so incredibly romantic and touching. It was a Wow. I could attach it to this blog but it feels private, so I will not.

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