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A certain scientific test measures the balance between alone time and people, social time. I have taken the test and was queried as to what my scores were – I suppose to see how self aware I was.
Me: I think, 70% people, social time and 30% alone time.
He: You are so close. You are 60-40. 60% social and 40% alone.

Apparently what happens if you are alone too much you become depressed. If you are around people too much you become anxious and stressed. We discussed how to achieve a combination of the two that would work for me. I was able to make a suggestion – that I come to the library, the public space of my wonderful apartment building, but I do it with head phones.
He: That would work. That is a brilliant idea.

It is working. I am here having coffee and bagels and therefore in heaven and around people. But there is this irritating woman doing a job interview – and it is ridiculous hyperbole. But I got out my earphones and am now listening to Classical Motivation from Apple Music. I can sort of hear her but I am talking to myself as I type these words and, between the two, she is drowned out. What is hyperbole? It is overstatement, overstatement, magnification, amplification, embroidery, embellishment, overplaying, excess, overkill; informal purple prose, puffery.

For various reasons it is necessary, or at least a very good idea, that I stay in this my safe building today. As I walked through the garage on the way to the public space of this apartment I waved to a man driving a Black Mercedes SUV. He waved back and could he could probably see that I was wearing slippers. I guess I could get good at this, as I appear to be a natural in keeping myself safe. There is someone nearby crouched over his computer. I feel most safe.

I listen to this poor young woman – pitching herself with embellishment, overplaying, excess and overkill and am grateful for my career. I have had few job interviews and a rather strange one in the former Velvet Turtle Restaurant in San Rafael, California. But I was hired for my degrees, my brains and my knowledge of the subject which was then Child Protective Law.. It is not that I was lucky, it was because I was driven and did not have any children so that I could work full time and go to law school at night and then take a couple of months off to study for the California Bar Exam. People look at my life and say that I am ‘lucky’. Well I am but you have to be at the right place, at the right time, in order to be lucky.

There was one moment I’m time when I was not at the right place at the right time. It was in London. I I looked the wrong way and was struck by a motorcycle and almost died. The man who drove the motorcycle was not punished in any way and proceeding against him civilly did not seem worth the 16,000 pounds that I would have received if I prevailed. So he got off. But what has happened to him? I thoroughly believe that Bad Karma has descended upon him although I have no way of knowing. Somewhere I have his name. His first name and his last name are the same – now that is an example of noncreative parental naming. (hahahaha). His name is not Smith Smith but a more complicated, a more ‘foreign name’. Probably Karma is a concept within his religion. If laws are enforced by countries perhaps Karma does not come into play. For example, in Dubai, its laws are enforced so there is no crime and so Good Karma
can exist, without bothersome Bad Karma. Not in the United Kingdom (which is not united by the way) nor in the United States (which is not united by the way). No gun control in this country, look at the havoc that exists because of this and not much hope that is going to change. Dubai has an excellent gun control laws which is mentioned in one of my prior blogs. Perhaps gun control in the search engine will reveal its whereabouts.

I am definitely having fun here. I have gotten four hugs – I am a hugger and I have hugged Royalty on more than one occasion. It was when I was in London but it was not the Windsor Royal Family. I have not seen them hug anyone come to think of it. The hilarious cartoon which shall accompany this blog is one sent by CPI and was previously somehow overlooked. .

So this day is fine, fantastic actually. The woman having the job interview is gone.
She: I do not think it is advisable to rely on trust funds.
Me: (Silently) Who are you trying to kid. You would love to have a trust fund if you could.

I said nothing but I did have to say it to myself. Personal Driver is telling me I have to keep some things to myself. I am listening Personal Driver, although I did laugh with a young man (actually from Mexico) who was forming a start up company. We laughed about her, he did not have the advantage of the head phones to drown her out.

Personal Driver said that he would come to Dubai with me, if need be. He has relatives and family there. I am SO BLESSED. Praise be to Allah. One ‘friend’ will not allow visitation in Sacramento for silly reasons. It is so wonderful to have someone in your life who is faithful and loyal. For me, at this moment, it is two people. CPI and Personal Driver. Praise be to Allah.

I came to this wonderful space, habituated by wonderful people with my non operative Netflix device. They opened it and found that I needed two AAA batteries and provided me with two and one to spare. I need those batteries for my other device which two members of the Royal Family have seen and I got to explain its function to them. My goodness, how difficult but I did it and in a real way. I am so real, that is why this precious family adores me and I them. All praise to Allah.

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