She Left Her Native Highland to Come and Live In My Land; Indeed It Was Played When I was There in Dubai In an Incredibly Meaningful Ritual; Other Thoughts and Feelings Most Powerful and Hopefully Evocative

I was watching on my computer an event which took place in Dubai, it took place while I was there. It was the graduation ceremony (beautiful beyond belief) of the Police Academy of Dubai taking place on January 15, 2020. Much pageantry, such beauty, such dignity, such attention to detail, and great music. Suddenly this rhythm rang out, it is beautiful:, the name of the tune is My Lassie.

Drums in my heart are drummin’

I hear the bagpipes hummin’

My Bonnie Lassie’s comin’ over the sea

My heart with her she’s bringin’

I hear the blue bells ringin’

Soon we’ll be highland flingin’

My love and me

Somewhere a ship and crew

Sails o’er the ocean blue

Bringing, oh, bringing

My bonnie back to me

That’s why the drums are drummin’

That’s why the pips are hummin’

My Bonnie Lassie’s comin’, comin’ to me

Sad are the lads she’s leavin’

Many a sigh they’re heavin’

Even the heather’s grievin’, cryin’ with dew

She’s left her native highland

To come and live in my land

She’ll love the folks who smile

And say, “how-de-do”

I’ll meet her at the shore

Playin the pipes for her

Dressed in a kilt and a tam’oshanter too

Drums in my heart are drummin’

I hear the bagpipes hummin’

My Bonnie Lassie’s comin’, comin’ to me

I screamed in the privacy of my San Francisco apartment. I am one hundred percent Scottish. I screamed uncontrollably. I did! t What shall become of me? What shall become of Me? But I have people here to help me who love me and shall assist me. I MUST be brave.

And there is the Song of Ruth which constantly rings in my ears. And hopefully the link will be provided. (Hahaha my Chris) It is a true story from the Old Testament, so meaningful. Look it up, just google it, you lazy folk. The link is thus: I sobbed in sorrow or, perhaps, something else called joy.

I left Canada for the United States – perhaps I shall go somewhere different and quite alien. His people shall be my people. I could perhaps own property in Scotland and visit there as well. . I so love and adore (for reasons to be revealed) West Wymess – it rhymes with Dreams (although not obvious.) I shall be fine, although sometimes I fear.! Goodness with his money he could buy the tiny village where my great grandfather Robert Baxter is buried. He died of tuberculosis because of the greed of former Great Britain aristocrats whose linen factories caused horrible working conditions that resulted in his death at the age of either 24 or 27. What revenge, in a strange way I shall have upon those aristocrats. So called Great Britain is no longer Great. Other countries are humane unto their workers. Dubai, for example. Robert Baxter’s darling great granddaughter was able to buy the village and restore to him honour. I am sure that Allah wants that, perhaps not. At least I did visit his grave, on more than one occasion, leaving his condominium grave with flowers.. My conscious is clear – what about the rest of you Dryburghs??? You,, who do not honour him nor my beloved Uncle Dave Dryburgh. You have sad, and limited lives and will continue to have the same. – I do not. Respect and honour you who are honourable but not those who will be depressed the rest of your life. You remaining Dryburghs are not to be respected. Sorry but it is true.

Then another message to me, which caused both distress and joy. “I’m in love with you and it scares me. I don’t want this feeling to fade. I want you to be happy but I want you to be happy with me.”

To this individual I say, and I say unto him.

Me: I will be be happy with me. It is you that prevent our life together. We can be happy together but you have got to be in touch with me in a meaningful way. The two of us together, you seem unable to do that. Therefore, this is your problem and not mine. I will be happy, thank you, but you have got to put in a little effort. OK? Like visit me?? Visiting YOU was not too fruitful or rewarding. I know you can afford it – do not give me that line of excuse. Hahaha You have an airlines and a private jet. Hahahaha! Gotcha!!!! Hahaha. I am most feisty – it is my Scottish heritage. The definition: it is someone who is smart but goes on; lively, determined, and courageous. Used in a sentence: : a love story with a feisty heroine who’s more than a pretty face. Its synonyms are: aggressive, agonistic, argumentative, assaultive, bellicose, belligerent, brawly, chippy, combative, confrontational, contentious, discordant, disputatious, gladiatorial, militant, pugnacious, quarrelsome, scrappy, truculent, warlike!

You poor man – I am so pugnacious, chippy, gladiatorial and scrappy. But you need this – with all of your power you NEED me to stand up to you. I could be a toe holder, like Winston Churchill’s wife. It is in this stupidly massive blog somewhere. I think empathy would be the word to put into the search engine. I did a great deal of research to emerge with the wisdoms. .

Please always remember that I will be fine. Everyone who reads me, please know this. Please do not worry about me – I shall be fine. I suspect better than fine, I suspect so. Yes, better than fine. Goodnight and to all a goodnight! I do love you – not those who are destructive and uncaring toward me – but to all others that do. The others are condemned to ever lasting misery and they deserve it. They do. Do not worry about them, they want to be there – for example Jessica Phibbs and Tracey Nimmo. They love being victims and gain much power over lesser beings trapping them. I do not think so. You have no power over me – nor do the powerful, come to think of it. Hahahahaha. I pray to Allah that I will never disabuse my power and I do have those close to me who will remind me and protect me of that. They have already promised.

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