Blocking Another Creepy Catfish Guy; More Thoughts on Victimhood; A Great Lunch at the Rotunda; Overcoming A Major Phobia; It is Not the Destination But the Journey

I am so confused by social media – most specifically by Instagram. It seems another predator is on the horizon. This guy’s name is frank_joshscaba and this has been our conversation on dm.

He: Hi

He: Hi

Me: You have got to be more original to get some attention.

He: Huh?

He: You have no family?

Me: Basically no

He: What really happened?

He: Text me by morning ok Trying to get some sleep

Me: F**k off you scamming creep and tell your buddies to leave me alone. You are in contact with the wrong woman

Me: I will destroy you creep. You and your scamming weird friends. God will destroyyou creep!

HeL Huh?

Me; You are so incredibly stupid. It is amusing. You need a different line of work.

He: You don’t just come on someone’s dm and start saying shits hello?

He: Wtf?

Me: Excuse me? It was you who started this

He: I only told you I’m gonna text you by morning.when I woke

Me: Do not bother I am blocking you

He: ok

Me: And I am putting this on my blog so the world can see.

He: ok

He; led want to let them see.

At this point the conversation was ceased by me and he was blocked. It has been my recent understanding that scammers and catfish share their prey’s information so apparently I am on some list. It is rather fun to play with these creeps. They are actually criminals, using the beauties of social media for their own craven purposes. Do you not love the word craven?

Craven: completely lacking in courage; cowardly. Used in a sentence: A craven abdication of his moral duty. I have not taken on these scum before on my blog but now I am. I have the ability to expose them for what they are. The problem with being a victim is that one takes on the shame and does not expose the perpetrator. This is particularly true with sexual abuse and so much goes unreported, including, of course my own sexual and physical abuse by my father. So he was able to go on and sexually abuse the daughter of his third wife. And goodness knows who else? And he is still, apparently, alive, at the ripe old age of 99 (I think).

Only the good die young is an apt phrase and where does that come from? “Only the good die young” actually means that highly-regarded people who are morally-upright, kind and compassionate tend to die at a younger age than most people do. The phrase originated in a proverb by Greek historian, Herodotus in 445 BC. He wrote, “Whom the gods love dies young.”

I do not know what that says about me however, since my beloved Internist once said that I was going to live forever – later amending it to ‘at least one hundred’ It is a scientific fact based on my cholesterol panel, my habits (not smoking, for example) and the longevity of my parents. Perhaps I am a good person who overcame the odds?

It was an amazing day yesterday! Lots of time with Personal Driver because we went to Marin and then back to the City. A very fruitful time with Wise Man who gave me several gifts of knowledge. The most important:

He: Just enjoy the voyage. Do not concentrate and worry about the destination.

Me: That is absolutely brilliant! It gives me such relief.

It has brought me incredible relief. Then it was to the Rotunda for a great lunch. At the bar I met a wonderful couple that live in Hayes Valley (where I live). They were so happy with one another and she was not at all jealous of the attention her husband was paying me. We discussed the phenomena which is a remarkable person or thing: Used in a sentence: The band was a pop phenomenon just for their sales figures alone. The synonyms are: sensation, wonder, prodigy, miracle, rarity, nonpareil, curiosity, spectacle; informal something else, something to write home about, something to shout about; standout; rare oner. What is something to write home about is that when a woman feels valued by a man, when they have a solid and loving relationship she is not jealous of the attention he might be paying to another woman. When I think of examples in my life there are two more – Matthew and Chris, both London men who are dear to me. They are married and their wives willingly share their husbands with me. Well, not literally, of course, but they are not jealous of the affection their husbands have for me.

Suddenly I thought of something that Wise Man said:

He: You two would make an absolutely amazing couple!

Me: It is true, somehow though it makes me laugh just thinking about it.

That day at the Rotunda there was another couple on my right. She an amazing woman from Taiwan accompanied by a younger man who was a landscape architect. I thought, at first, that he was her son – but not. It was heartening to see an example of an older woman and a younger man. It did so seem to work for this couple. I remember meeting a man from Portugal at my hotel and we did have a great time together. Me sharing what it was like to be in San Francisco in 1967, he was so attentive and caring and considerate. He was 37, I think and a good man. So good men do exist – sometimes they are ‘taken’ but it is possible to speak with them and enjoy their presence.

I missed a day of blogging, so now it is Sunday – had an incredible Saturday beginning at water aerobics at the Presidio YMCA. I miraculously overcame my fear of deep water – I have water phobia. An elderly woman helped me, made suggestions – wear a flotation belt, get in the shallow part of the pool, hold onto the edge knowing I could stop when I became frightened. It worked, there I was in the deep water, having an amazing experience comforted by the fact that I was not hurting my left knee. We spoke later.

Me: Thank you so much. That was a gift you gave me. It enabled me to be in deep water and I will keep doing it.

She: That was my good deed of the day.

Me: No, that was your good deed of the entire year.

Today, absolutely no plans but to unpack boxes and organize this now messy apartment. It seems most luxurious to have no plans whatsoever. I do admit to having some Sultan viewing to start the day. Some footage with him and camels. I am sure that I can ride a camel – you just sit there between two humps. Personal Drive informed me that there are Camel Safaris so I can do that when I am in Dubai. My trip will begin in about a week. I so look forward to it, but enjoy this week as it is not about the destination, it is about the journey, .

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