Reactions to the November 13, 2019 Blog Describing the Failed Attempt to Murder Me; Then Cheerfully Onto Life in This Wonderful Hotel Including an Afro. H and H and a 21st Birthday; Advice: Marry the Both of Them, Be a Bigamist; A Glorious Afternoon at Battersea Park

It is all rather amazing and dreadfully disappointing to me. There have been basically no responses or thoughts of sympathy to my November 13, 2019 blog. All the people who read me and know how to reach me – not a single response, a gesture of sympathy or empathy. I would have never reacted in the same manner, I would have reached out to the poor woman.

But thank God for CPI. Her response was read in the lobby of this hotel.

She: You are a woman of many abilities – strong, intelligent, and independent. After all “the very best people come from Saskatchewan”! And it takes courage to confront trauma, the only way to find peace.

With love from Wimpy and me.

By the way, Wimpy is my high school and uni’s stuffed animal. I have Bunny, she had Wimpy. I did, of course, respond:

Me: I read your email and began to weep convulsively!! Unfortunately I am in the restaurant of my hotel! But wine at hand I hope! Without you and Wise Man I could have NEVER have done this. A wonderful Irish family next to me- the father, a son with developmental disabilities and a long time friend (who lives in London) The wife/mother died two months ago! My heart bleeds for them!

The people at that adjoining table were nothing short of magnificent. They were there to celebrate the son’s birthday and were going dancing. They were piecing themselves back together again with so much consideration shown. The 21 year old told me that he was employed at an inn n Ireland. He was so charming and open and those people gave me hope. There were decent people in the world.

Then a little later, my attention was drawn to a table where H and H were seated. Two of the best behaved little boys that you have ever seen. I went over and spoke with the group congratulating the boys and their extended family for such a fine scene. People that cared for one another and people that took the time and trouble to teach the children good manners. It again was such a delight to see that there were decent people in the world.

Then there was a man at another table with an Afro – just like the ones I saw when going to San Francisco in 1967. He was actually from Portugal, a place I have never been. We had a fine time. He wondering what it was like during that momentous time – and me telling him.

I do love the conviviality of this hotel. Some, in fact many, places discourage people at differing tables to talk to one another. This place feels like a big happy family. In a very strange way, I am the Mom. The staff care about me, smile indulgently as a laugh and joke with other guests. There were televisions with the sound turned off and Prince Andrew was being interviewed. What a ridiculous waste of time that – there are far bigger and better issues to be televised. Apparently he is known as Randy Andy. The most cogent comment appeared in the press, wherein the lawyer for one of the injured woman said that the the interview should not be taking place in the media but in a court of law. I so agree!! The ridiculous things he says: “ I kick myself for what I did.” Kick yourself where Randy Andy? Kick yourself where? He should resign from the Royal Family, either that or be impeached. Hahahaha. I am laughing at my own joke (as usual). Comments in the press later discussed his total lack of remorse and empathy for the injured women. Hmmmm – he has a lot in common with my ‘friends. They showed me no empathy or sympathy for me.

But living well is the best revenge and I do have such fun. I did explain to a very funny 71 year old man at breakfast time that I had a dilemma – which one of the two multibillionaires should I wed.

He: Marry both of them! Be a bigamist!

Me: Good idea! Actually one of them can legitimately have more than one wife. I have volunteered to play a dual role. The London Wife and the San Diego Wife.

He: What did he say?

Me: Well nothing formal yet. I did propose by reading my blog to him and it contained the proposal. He did, al least, smile.

My life is rather improbable but true. Actually I was kidding about marrying one of the multibillionaires. It would be sheer madness considering the circumstances of August 18, 2019.

The next afternoon it was off to Battersea Park. For those not in the know Battersea Park is a 200-acre (83-hectare) green space at Battersea in the London Borough of Wandsworth in London. It is situated on the south bank of the River Thames opposite Chelsea and was opened in 1858.[1]The park occupies marshland reclaimed from the Thames and land formerly used for market gardens. It was a rather lovely day (for London) – the sun made an occasional appearance and it was not raining. I met with Chris, my computer guru, his wife, his mother-in-law and (believe this or not) three dogs. The three dogs belonged to someone not in attendance who never took the dogs out and they smelled. But we had the greatest of times, walking, talking, having lunch in the great out of doors. There were many people (and dogs) – everyone jovial, enjoying themselves, checking out other people’s dogs.. Of course I had to read up about Battersea Park – “The park was laid out by Sir James Pennethorne between 1846 and 1864, although the park which was opened in 1858[4] varied somewhat from Pennethorne’s vision.The park’s success depended on the successful completion of the Chelsea Bridge, declared open in 1858 by Queen Victoria. In her honour, the road alongside the eastern edge of the Park was called Victoria Road, linked to Queens Road by Victoria Circus (now Queen’s Circus). Prince of Wales Road (now Prince of Wales Drive) was laid out along the southern boundary and Albert Bridge Road constructed along the western side.]]”

More history revealed the following facts; “Prior to 1846 the area now covered by the park was known as Battersea fields, a popular spot for duelling. On 21 March 1829, the Duke of Wellington and the Earl of Winchilsea met on Battersea fields to settle a matter of honour.[3] When it came time to fire, the Duke aimed his duelling pistol wide and Winchilsea fired his into the air. Winchilsea later wrote the Duke a groveling apology.”

Let the record reflect that no duleling occurred between any one in our convivial group. Another most amazing and gratifying fact, I walked without a limp, kept up to everyone’s pace, walked up and down stairs. There was a slight amount of knee pain at the end of the day, BUT I DID IT. I feel rather cured, life has begun again.

Home to the hotel which resembled a tomb – apparently Sunday evenings are always quiet. To the room to watch a fascinating program on a woman writer not familiar to me. Ursula K. Le Uni, more about her later. It was inspiring.

No photographs accompany this blog. Taking proper photographs require concentration and I was having too much fun for that.

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