A Newly Remembered Empathetic Experience Surrounding the Events of August 18, 2019; Sultan Internet Spotting With a Bratty and a Sentiment Comment; ;A Proposal to This Hotel so as Not to Put All Of One’s Eggs in One Basket

I had forgotten something in the telling of the August 18, 2019 tale and its repurcussions. My Care Giver helped me in and out of the shower and washed my back, therefore seeing all the bruises that covered my body from the attack.

She: The bruises will fade.

Me: Oh thank you! I must remember that. It is so painful to look at them.

Indeed, she was right, but not altogether right. My right wrist and forearm is remains discoloured. I fought against the handcuffs placed by the goons in order to expedite my surrender. But I did not surrender and the paramedics arrived. I may take a photograph of my right wrist and forearm – I purchased make up from Shabana to cover the discolouration and will if I need to be at peace. Discolorizution is the perfect word – its synonyms are: mark, patch, soiling, streak, spot, blotch, tarnishing; blemish, flaw, defect, disfigurement, bruise, contusion; birthmark; liver spot, age spot; informal splodge, splotch

So the splodge, the blotch, the disfigurement will remain but on special occasions it can be covered over.

What will the special occasion be? With me who knows? I preformed my daily dose of Sultan Internet watching. One article illustrated his devotion to the gym – the day after his May 15,2019 wedding he was at the gym, training away. Well:

Bratty Alexis: He won’t be going to the gym the next day after our wedding. He will have gotten a sufficient work out the night before.

Then another photograph showed him hiking in Scotland – I was moved beyond belief as I have such affinity for Scotland, visited there constantly and it is my ancestral home. It was totally amazing to see him there – my true home and I am 100% Scottish.

Sentimental Alexis: Oh my goodness, I can do that! I can hike again because my knee replacement surgery was so successful.

But there is no use putting all of one’s eggs in one basket. What is that phrase, where did it come from and what does it mean? There is some controversy over the origin of the phrase ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.’ The expression is most commonly attributed to Miguel Cervantes, who wrote Don Quixote in 1605. If someone puts all their eggs in one basket, they put all their effort or resources into doing one thing so that, if it fails, they have no alternatives left. The key word here is diversify; don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

So, I cannot put all of my resources and dreams into becoming the Sultan’s London wife. I do need to diversify. I arrive at a brilliant idea and then execute it. I do love this hotel, this hotel does not have a concierge so I decide to apply for a part time position. I could live both in San Francisco and London. The helpful staff gave me the name of the person to whom I should direct my proposal and it was sent yesterday. This is basically what was said in an email whose subject was: With thanks to your hotel and a proposal.

“This is my third stay at this wonderful hotel AND I have another visit scheduled for this Christmas. I cannot imagine a better hotel – it is the best hotel in the whole world (as far as I am concerned). Of course I have not been to every hotel in the whole world but I have been to many throughout my travels.

But this hotel lacks one thing, and one thing only. A concierge. My daily blog defines words – it is a practice begun on a whim but is most successful. I am positive that you know this but a concierge is a hotel employee whose job is to assist guests by booking tours, making theatre and restaurant reservations, etc.

I have a proposal. I could be this hotel’s part time concierge. My employment as such could occur at a time when the hotel is not filled to capacity. I would not necessarily insist on payment; instead just a wonderful room – the likes of which I have enjoyed each and every stay. I would retain my ‘real home’ in San Francisco thereby having the best of both worlds.

I am uniquely qualified for the position in that I lived in London for two and a half years during which time I was a culture vulture. Museums, Music, Restaurants were my cup of tea (so to speak). As well I am very much ‘into’ the theatre. I attended an annual London theatre group tour emanating from California for seven years so I do know the ins and outs of such a programme. During my residency in London I took a course in theatre yearly offered by the Victoria and Albert Museum, taught by Matthew Woolf. Often theatres love such tour programmes as then ticket purchases are made in advance and ensure future attendance. I am a ‘foodie’ – I have taken tens of cooking classes, love good food and have the ability to discern what is truly fine food and what is the hype of the moment. As well, I have the personality – your staff is amazed by my constant good humour.

They: I have never seen you in a bad mood and you spread cheer.

My almost daily blog is consumed over 210,000 times a year so can be the source of attraction to this hotel. I am also on Instagram, actively followed by many. I will by separate email include a photograph and the caption from my most recent post.

I do leave tomorrow but in the words of General McArthur: I Shall Return. I do think that this proposal would work to the benefit of both this hotel and myself. Do please ponder and answer by email. I am retired so my schedule can be most flexible.

My references are your staff as I am very well liked. More than one person wants not for me to leave. They would be comforted to learn that they might get to see even more of me.”

I have not received a response but it was sent only yesterday. Today is a big day, my final lunch at the Rex Whistler and then a taxi to a Heathrow hotel as my flight leaves in the morning bound for San Francisco. It is been an extremely eventful and rewarding trip.

The photograph is the one referred to and placed on Instagram.

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