A Sultan Addiction; Eyes are the Mirrors of the Soul; Two Old Ladies Discuss the Suitability of the Sultan; Some Sultan Poetry; Words from Robert Browning

I readily admit that I am addicted to the “Sultan with the Prinark Bag” Every day I Google the Crown Prince of Dubai with delight and am gifted with images of him, his handsomeness and those eyes. But he did look at me with soft eyes and I do know soft eyes. For me those men who gazed at me with soft eyes have always had brown eyes.

1 A Grandson (the first)

2 Joo Kim Tiah

3 The Sultan

A man cannot fake eyes as eyes are the mirrors of the soul. There is the rather profound quote by Paulo Coelho. “The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden; and like a mirror, they also reflect the person looking into them.” Unknown by me before doing the research was the part that they “reflect the person looking into them. In other words, I look that way back at those men with my blue eyes. Hmmmm

So my most recent Google search brought up the following tidbit of information about the Sultan. “And, no prizes for guessing that he is super handsome and stylish, so much so that he gets thousands of marriage proposals on his Instagram account. In case, you have missed seeing his pictures, here’s a treat and believe us you won’t be disappointed!” Well EXCUSE ME! I am not proposing to him on Instagram, I have proposed at least twice (or three) times from my blog and once (embarrassingly) read my brazen offer to be his London wife directly to to him and blushed. My friends tell me not to play hard to get but be “flirty”. One must listen to one’s friends,. I am a bit brazen. – according to one multibillionaire – Brazenly Authentic. All who know me agree with that designation. (Type Brazenly Authentic into search engine of blog to find a detailed analysis of my being brazenly authentic.

CPI is my high school and university friend. We are in almost daily contact, although that has not been true to us during the vast majority of our lifetimes. Almost no contact for about t fifty years but then I went to live in Vancouver in March of 2017, where she resides. It was not be around her that I went to that horrid city but rather to be around the extended Dryburgh family and two hour flight provided easy access to San Francisco for medical care.. For various reasons most of the contact between CPI and yours truly r contact has/was through the Internet. She GETS me., is impartial and is wise. But, of course, the strangest thing is the following: we are old ladies and we at this point in out lives end up conversing about young multibillionaires, including of course, the Sultan. It is most unlikely. We discuss what I have (or have not) in common with the Sultan. It is rather an amusing conversation but also rather profound given the circumstances. She is convinced that it is hopeless, but gives it a great deal of thought.

Me: I do disagree. Actually we do have a great deal in common. There are of course dissimilarities. I have water phobia, so no deep sea diving. I am afraid of heights and so jumping out of airplanes would be impossible I am not an equestrian, and am too old to learn to ride. But photography and hiking is possible with the repaired knee. And there is the writing; his poetry, my prose.

She: Didn’t know about the horses. Equus must have been a difficult play for you in more ways than one.

Didn’t know about the hiking either. Oh dear, makes me even more of a couch potato..

At least the Sultan’s mother is the “senior wife”. Was it one of the Sultan’s sisters who ran away a year or so ago and was “safely recovered” from a yacht by what was almost a SWAT team?

Some Christmas lights and decorations beginning to appear, making me grouchy.

Love, as ever.

I am mesmerized by the Sultan’s poetry and it is there for the taking on the Internet. It has special meaning to me. I will share it with you gentle reader. The first describes my feelings exactly.

You thought I would stop thinking about you, but instead, my longing increased.

The Sultan sings to me. This poem is so compelling and speaks to me. Evocative, even if it means I cannot talk to other guys.

“I won’t allow you to talk to any other man

Because I am your destiny and true love and my intentions are honest

And if anyone is not enlivened from looking at you in the morning or evening

Then he needs to awake his dead feelings. “

At another time he says:

“None of my enemies can destroy my poems,

Because Allah gave me a gift which can conquer everything.”

I do admit to feeling exactly the same way about my blogs. None of my enemies can destroy my blogs because (God???) gave me a gift that can conquer everything.

“I’m fine and my health is good, but what about you?? Please tell me: Are you okay? is your health good !? By the way I miss you…”

Yes, dear Sultan with the Primark bag. I am okay and my heart is good and my knee is getting rapidly better. And, by the way, I miss you as well…..

“All of our calls are connected by heartbeats,

Because my heartbeats want to connect with yours

And my greatest feelings are saved for the heaven of our connection

And you seem strong without worry or fatigue.

Well, we have not spoken on the telephone but you are most perceptive, occasionally I do get tired but I am strong, and I do not worry because what will be will be.

All of this talk of the Sultan may be a bit farfetched but as Robert Browning said” Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s a heaven for? Translation of this: Words from a poem by Robert Browning, suggesting that, to achieve anything worthwhile, a person should attempt even those things that may turn out to be impossible.

The photograph is utterly irrelevant to the blog – it is a sherry served at the Rex Whistler Restaurant.

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