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I love this from The New Yorker and inspire to this position of glory. “The Twitter account @RudyGiuliani is one of the Internet’s most reliable suppliers of faux pas. I would sincerely love, and aim to be one of the “ most reliable suppliers of faux pas.” It is a gaffe, blunder, mistake; indiscretion, impropriety, breach/lapse of etiquette, solecism, gaucherie, peccadillo; informal boob, boo-boo, slip-up, clanger, howler, boner; North American informal blooper;

It is such fun to blunder, to suffer impropriety to.pursue a peccadillo. I am retired, have no children no husband, no family – so I can pursue this goal with impunity. Such fun I shall have, me and those around me. I do admit to being a bit distracted recently – concentrating on being gauche and committing bloopers does require focused energy. Bye guys! Hahahaha

It is fascinating to reside in this hotel – alone. There is ample opportunity to observe and eavesdrop – the things one learns! My knowledge has to do with the sad state of the business world. Multiple business ‘meetings’ are held here – I suppose because it is a classy address AND it is inexpensive if you sit in the lobby bar. The other day I was comfortable ensconced having a glass of wine and there were four men across the way discussing some big business deal – I could hear every word as they were speaking in loud voices to impress one another. I say with certainty that they did not know what the hell they were talking about. I am not an expert in the business world but I do know how things are done. The grand advantage of once being a friend of a multibillionaire. It appeared that each and every of these four men had no money but they were counting on the fact that someone else did. No women were present, most certainly they were married but their wives were off earning a living and supporting them. I can also say with impunity that that my retirement income probably exceeded that of the income of the four assembled men. But I was most polite as I am a guest in this hotel. However, I did speak to the staff at this hotel, congratulating them on their hard work and feeling sorry for them as the four assembled men treated them with disdain. But it was actually those four men that had my deepest sympathy. They will never get anywhere, do anything – they will just network away with other failures. The ambitious staff from other countries will go on to greater glory.

I was an immigrant, going to the United States to better my lot in life. I succeeded leaving Canada when the land of opportunity was the United States. So I left all that was familiar to me, determined to improve my lot. I did – teasingly I look to the Alix Residences but I also have substantial retirement income and a successful social media presence and self esteem. Besides,, let is not forget the 94 men since April 2016.

But the most wonderful thing happened to be in the afternoon, the afternoon in which I write. My key got demagnetized and so I was in the lobby picking up a new one. Suddenly, a very handsome man walked up to me and said:

He: Hello again. I am the Sultan

Me: Of course you are!

Well it was – he did have regular clothes on but one could not mistake that man’s eyes, eyes that look rather tenderly at me.. (perhaps it is my imagination.I

Me: I wrote about you on my blog. I will read it to you.

He: Please do.

Well I did , including the part about the London Wife.

Me: Oh my goodness I am blushing.

He: You are! (but smiling approvingly)

Me: What are you doing with a Primary shopping bag? Sultans should not shop there.

He: (smiling) I know – it should be a Gucci or Dior shopping bag.

Me: Well, I guess you are a Smart Sultan. May I shake your hand?

He: Of course.

Then we talked of many things..of shoes and ships cabbages and kins, To quote Lewis Carroll

The time has come,’ the Walrus said,

To talk of many things:

Of shoes — and ships — and sealing-wax —

Of cabbages — and kings —

And why the sea is boiling hot —

And whether pigs have wings.’

He was interested to learn that I am from California because he went to the University of San Diego. We both spoke of our affection for the city – he said part of his heart was there. But in the end I utterly goofed, made a gregarious error. I should have volunteered to be his San Diego wife, that would be more convenient (well to me anyway).

So the most unexpected things happen to me – totally. Unbelievable, my friends are blown away. I will include some of their comments in tomorrow’s blog.qw weoolnThey are priceless.

Tonight I go with Shabana to get beautiful – now why that did not happen earlier today?? Before meeting the Sultan?? I must warm you that some of my friends are utterly practical., CPI , for example.

She: Sultan from where?

Me: I do not know – it was not a job interview!

Another friend said:

She: Picture I want to see a picture of him.

Me: I mean really! You don’t go “Sultan will you do a Selfie with Me?” There has to be some propriety – he is Royalty after all.. I guess look him up on Google.

But that proves a little difficult not knowing where he is from. I do laugh at myself (and them)

Propriety: conformity to conventionally accepted standards of behaviour or morals: he always behaved with the utmost propriety.

Its synonyms are:ocial conventions, social grace(s), social niceties, one’s Ps and Qs, protocol, decorum, standards, civilities, ceremony, formalities, rules of conduct, accepted behaviour, conventionalities, good manners, good form, the done thing, the thing to do, punctilio, attention to detail; archaic convenance(s).

The photograph is one taken from my room here at the dreamy hotel. All this and I can photograph too.


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