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The theme of this hotel is Having The Time of My Life and that is the sign put upon the door to illustrate the more usual “Please Do Not Disturb.” This leads to a false impression simply because I am not cavorting about in the bed. What is cavort? It has two meanings: jump or dance around excitedly, the other , o engage enthusiastically in sexual or disreputable pursuits. To make the record clear, I am doing neither. I am loathe to admit this but at the moment there is no ‘man’ in my life. This I readily admit this a rather unusual occurrence for me, but somewhat welcome. Only perhaps somewhat. There are, of course volunteers for the esteemed position but none have been accepted

I awoke this morning feeling tired and rather drained – peopled out actually. That is most unusual for me. Almost unheard of. But this celebrity status is wearing on me, that and the Instant Intimacy spoken of the day before yesterday. I suppose the strangest moment came yesterday. Adonis and I stopped by a pub after dining at the Rex. A Brit said:

He: I know you from Instagram. I follow you.

Me: But, my goodness, I live in San Francisco.

Then at the same pub, Adonis left to have a cigarette. He returned:

He: I cannot leave you alone for a minute. Now some other guy is sitting with you!

Me: Yes, it is a talent I have.

I went to the hotel from the pub in a cab and found t(his morning) that Adonis sent me an email last night.

He: I am worried about you – you always immediately return your emails and you have not. I am going to assume that you have been assassinated!

Me: Oops, I guess that is an example of too much information given you! Do not worry I am too public to be done away with. Moreover, a stalker needs a live person to stalk.

I am now at breakfast, writing as I eat. One worker said in a concerned voice:

She: How are you today?

Me: Not well. But how sensitive of you to notice.

I then spoke to her boss telling of the woman’s sensitivity.

She: You can always have breakfast in your room when you feel like you would like to be alone.

Me: Thank You. I did not know that. I usually rise to the occasion and start being vivacious but it is good to know that I have an alternative.

So my behaviour and emotions are most unusual. I face a wonderful day, meeting David (of great fame on this blog) and Greg at the Dulwich to see the exhibit then and have lunch. I love David and Greg, and the feeling is mutual. I have not seen them in almost a year and we always have great fun together and maintain constant contact even when great distances separate us. That is unusual for many people, mostly they are lazy, inconsiderate correspondents. Therefore, they are not seen or heard any longer. I dispense with my share of the bargain by writing a blog – if they email me, I do email back. But, if not, I do not. Anyway, David and Greg and all of my UK friends have kept in touch, so I see them. The fault is therefore not with myself but in the stars. Thos comes comes from the quote, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, for we are underlings.” That is Julius Ceasar by William Shakespeare, and so the title basically means that the fault was, in fact, in Hazel and August’s stars. “ What would we all do without William Shakespeare??

This is later, the next afternoon actually. Well the Dulwich Picture Gallery proved to be a disaster! Total. First of all, a little history about David, who is indeed a darling man usually but can often screw things up and has, numerous times. Late sometimes (well often), plans that not quite mesh, chooses restaurants miles away from the theatre, stuff like that. But then he can be utterly adorable and then I forgive him but YESTERDAY no. The day began well – an email from reliable Greg confirming the lunch and viewing at the Dulwich Picture Gallery. A taxi, manned by John was most enjoyable as he spoke of the history of London during WWII supplying me with facts never before heard. When we reached the Gallery we hang out for ages still speaking about history and your lives. But THEN??? The Dulwich is closed on Mondays – yes indeed but everyone most helpful. I complained to everyone there about David and his abilities to screw things up Greg and David did arrive at the appointed hour to find the place closed but the people were most helpful.

He: We were supposed to meet someone here.

They: Was she an American woman?

He: Yes, she is.

They: (laughingly) Oh she is in Reception telling everyone about your folly!

So they found me and off to the village we went for a really great lunch in a restaurant actually found by David. I continued to make everyone laugh by continuing to complain about David. But the food and the conversation was spectacular – they told of their recent trips and their proposed journey to Viet Nam. I told them secrets about my life and they were most sympathetic and insightful. Then they gave me a ride back to my hotel – with Greg driving and David actually managing to get us there using his gps. It was rather a miracle. We are going to continually see one another – although with great trepidation.on my part because something is bound to go wrong. Trepidation’s meaning is a feeling of fear or anxiety about something that may happen:.

It is heaven staying at this hotel as it is the scene of graciousness, ease, and pleasantest. There is nothing they will not do for me, it seems. Other guests have the same impression of their stay here. It is the antithesis of Dolphin House – I have gone to Dolphin Square for other purposes – the contrast is stark. It is impossible to catch a cab from there, people hang about in the lobby waiting endlessly to be checked into their rooms. It is shabby and tawdry Now there isa word for you! Its synonyms are: flashy, showy, garish, loud; vulgar, brash, crass, rubbishy, trashy, junky, cheap, cheap and nasty, cheapjack, paltry, worthless, shoddy, shabby, meretricious, plastic, tinselly, gimcrack, Brummagem; informal flash, tatty, tacky, kitsch; British informal twopenny-halfpenny. tasteless. ANTONYMS tasteful, refined.. I have hated Dolphin Square for quite some time now because of their unlawful treatment of me when a tenant. . When I hate, I hate but when I love, I love. Here is the most unbelievable part. If I were to stay in that gimcrack, trashy, cheap and nasty place I would be paying $ 100 American dollars MORE a night to stay there, rather than here at this lovely place. .

There were ambitious plans to go to water aerobics there but they have been abandoned. Brian ‘forgave’ my attendance and instead I will be training with him individually getting the care and attention I deserve.

I pity the people that stay at Dolphin Square, I pity the people that work there. I was able to escape, just as I was able to escape the confines of my abusive family. Moreover, I am positive that I would never have met a Sultan in Dolphin Square. So there! So there! So there!

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