My Strange Existence; Dubai Times Three; A Bevy of Handsome Young Men; An Unforgettable Little Boy from Birmingham; Bevy and Stealthily Defined

My life is unusual to say the very lease. Most unusual. It is the weirdest life imaginable. Please see November 3, 2019 blog on truth being stranger than fiction. All of the things mentioned in this blog (as in all of them actually) is the truth.

Dubai has played a role in my life in three instances. While living in Vancouver I was scammed on Instagram by a man claiming to be the Crown Prince of Dubai. He promised to introduce me to his father if I paid him one thousand dollars. Needless to say I did not pay the money, so therefore did not meet the father. But I did get a book from the Vancouver Public Library and did learn something about Dubai, so it was an educational opportunity.

My next involvement with Dubai is slightly more complicated, again involving Instagram. A man claiming to be Jimmi Avenzini came onto me. He sent me the most romantic emails, claimed his undying love for me. He claimed that he was living in Dubai doing contractural work What was his job? He said that he was designing clothes for the Royal Family of Dubai but when his contract was completed he would come to San Francisco – we would meet and then begin our life together. As I recall we were going to live in San Francisco and in Vancouver. But just a week or so prior to his arrival in San Francisco he told me that he needed money as the Royals wanted some fabric changes that were expensive and he has spent all of his money getting a ticket to fly to me. Needless to say I did not give him the money – told him that I would negioatate the contract with the Royals but no cash. Then Jimmi wanted me to open a bank account in his name in San francisco so that he could deposit his check from the Royals. I went to my own bank and found that he could open a bank account there and receive the money without a problem. I informed Jimmi of this and never heard from him again. His emails told of this fabulous life together (in great detail) but it did not come to pass. In all honesty I was relieved to be free of him.

My third experience with Dubai was recent and occurred in this hotel. I met a man, dressed in Arabic garb, then saw him again with real clothes and a Primark shopping bag. I only new him by Sultan and he did say (when wearing Western clothes) :

He: Hello its me the Sultan

Please see November 7, 2019 blog Well – I was motivated to learn his identity because I wanted to leave him my Tate book and could only do so if I knew his name so that the hotel could deliver the book to the room. I stealthily Googled using Sultan and United Arab Emeritus as the key words. What is stealthily? in a cautious and surreptitious manner, so as not to be seen or heard. Used in a sentence: We need to move stealthily and look inconspicuous.

I did know what he looked like as I had met him and gazed rather tenderly into his eyes (and he in mine). I say to people when I am going to tell them something supposing:

Me: Fasten your seat belt.

They: Fastened.

Me: No, the shoulder one, not just the lap one.

Well…..Who was the Sultan. The Crown Prince of Dubai. I know it does not seem possible or probable but it is true. A friend Flower Girl’s Wife wrote:

SheL Jump him quick! If you missed the boat you need to move faster next time. xx

Me: Got that in mind! But playing hard to get is perhaps a strategy?

She: No don’t play hard to get, play being flirty.

Me: No Sultan sighting yesterday and he leaves today. But his family owns an airlines so travel should not be a problem Hahahaha

Then this morning I opened Instagram and there was a picture entitled bird leaving palace in Dubai.

Me: Can I visit sometime?

She: Absolutely!

Me: When?

You see what I mean? How unbelievable!! But it is all true! And guess what is happening now? Staying in this hotel is a bevy of handsome men. What is a bevy? A a large group of people or things of a particular kind. Its synonyms are: group, crowd, herd, flock, horde, army, galaxy, assemblage, throng, company, gathering, band, body, pack, covey; knot, cluster; informal bunch, gaggle, posse. This gaggle, this posse, this bunch are the Crystal Palace team – honest to goodness. This hotel is pure gold – ordinary people stay here as well. A couple with the most beautiful little boy – I will never forget him and his mother said that they will never forget me. He is so darling, so intelligent, so well-mannered. He is actually an old soul and is packed with wisdom. You will not learn his name nor see a picture of him as I respect his privacy. He is, after all, a child. His mother says that they will follow my blog so that we can stay in touch in that way. God be praised, and I do mean it. God be praised.

The pictures are of team players and their bus located outside the hotel, just in case you did not believe me. I got into an elevator and counted how many handsome men were there with me – laughingly there were five and a half. The Half was not that handsome. Hahahahaha .

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