An Old Email; A New Look at An Old Stance; Alix Residences Revisited; Alix as Retirement Community; Turning Canadian Dollars Into USA Dollars; A Lazy Day; Photographs Showing Bunny and Progress

This was accidentally found in an old email – the sweetest message. I do not think the significance of it was realized at the time. It was written by someone who very much cared for me. (perhaps cares would be the more operative term)

He: Glad to know that you are happy. It wasn’t a (are you happy without me sort of query) just a genuine wish that you were/are. Deserve is such a weasel word, but you do, for your willingness to grasp all life as an opportunity . Even if this makes you vulnerable to the ups and downs of emotional life.

There is no record of my response to him. Very recently it has occurred to me that I ask to much – probably of the wrong people. Pinning hopes and dreams on them when these hopes and dreams are not necessary for my life. Some poor choices have been made, but also good ones. Somehow, I do not know how, the ability to retain the loyalty of those that truly care remains. Men, women, children, but not dogs. Hahaha

I took a stance on something, with too little information. It is one of my bad habits. First of all what is a stance. It is an attitude, stand, point of view, viewpoint, opinion, way of thinking, outlook, standpoint, posture, position, angle, perspective, approach, slant, thinking, line, policy, thoughts, ideas, sentiments, feelings.

So it was a posture, a position, a perspective and attitude on the Alix Residences in Malaysia. This is taken from my blog posted on August 14, 2019. CPI and I were speaking of the heavy advertising campaign that surrounded the announcement of Alix Residences.

“She: The original is still up and leads into the new. JKT is certainly launching a very heavy advertising campaign – what will come next? Does not look very family oriented after all the emphasis on schools in the beginning, too seductive. Well, I guess one comes before the other. He really wants those presales.

Me: You are again SO funny! Seductive coming before the family orientated. One thing does lead to another, sometimes. Except for you and me and our childless situations. Hahahaha.

But here is what happened next. On August 25,2019 there was a new ‘tour’ of the Alix Residences lasting for more than twelve minutes. I missed it until just the other day. Now, I am excusing myself for not keeping up to date with this as my knee replacement surgery took place on August 27, 2019. I was preoccupied with appointments in Marin, then the surgery, then the recovery, then having a Care Giver etc. etc. etc. But, lo and behold, one very recent day the googling of Alix Residences brought forth a gem and treasure on YouTube entitled Property Review #073. It was a good thing I was in bed because I would have fainted dead away on the hard floor. It was a complete revelation. I am SO very proud of Joo Kim Tiah, his vision, his attention to detail, the beauty of the place, his thoughtfulness, knowing about things that are foreign to him (like cooking and kids), his industriousness and speediness, his hard work! Impressive, impressive, impressive.

I was wrong about the development – it is an impressive achievement and it will be built, perhaps even on time. Hahaha! It better be if I am going to do the promised stand up routine in the Alix Theatre. I am not getting any younger, although I appear to be reverse aging. But if I went backward instead of forward (it has been contemplated) my passport would not match my age and I would not be able to travel to Malaysia. What a dilemma! I wonder what their immigration policy is – whether old white ladies would be eligible for long term stays. I guess I will google it. What would be the harm?? There is air conditioning in the model – I saw it!!! CPI priced the place and translated it into Canadian dollars in a prior blog.

She: There will be checks and balances if there are no cheques (Canadian joke) or if more corruption scandals emerge. I did the conversion on pricing and one could buy a condo in the Alix for as little as around $600,000 Canadian. Seems like a dream here (unless it isn’t built) and think of the climate. Oh dear, you don’t like heat …, but there is air con built in.

Me: So that is rather interesting. I can even afford a place in Alix Residences. Now, this is the problem. It is not going to be built for at least two years and we all know about construction projects. I am old – I do not even want to think about how old I will be at completion.

More work ahead but here I go. I am paid in USA dollars and my savings and investments are in USA dollars. Off to a conversion chart to be found in Google. Here is the outcome. So at this particular moment it is:$ 453.250. I mean, this is doable. Who knows? I might be sick and tired of living in San Francisco in a couple of years. It is an interesting retirement plan for Personal Driver, we have already discussed it. I will wait a little while before springing it on my Chase Financial Advisor as he would faint dead away and fall off his chair.

I do have so much fun in life. There will be more on the joys of Alix Residences and its suitability for those with children. A perfect playground near the entrance with no perimeter fencing for example AND the proximity to schools.

There is something very interesting in the newest You Tube.

A voice sings: If you want me to get close to you – tell me what to do.

Me: What about London Town?

Great plans were made for the day. Personal Driver was going to collect me and It was off for lunch and then to the UPS store but I kept falling asleep (very unlike me). I cancelled and we will see one another on Monday. It is SO wonderful having a Personal Driver. A luxury far less expensive than having a car. It is best that I save money for a place in the Alix Residences.

So nothing is happening today. I am determined to recuperate completely SOON. The picture is of me and Bunny taken about a week ago. Bunny looks the same but I look much better (and younger). Hahahaha Then an earlier one when I just got home from the hospital. Such progress!

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