Spoiling Oneself; A Manual for Obtaining Sex Insurance in the UK; Another Man Bites the Dust; A Shift to USA Politics Featuring Elizabeth Warren; Quoting Joo Kim Tiah; Defining Ode; Ending with a Picture of Me Going to Donut Brunch and David’s Do Not Ask a Man for Advice

It is now Friday at 3:33 pm. I have done absolutely nothing all day except write. It is glorious!!!! A blog, long emails to friends, lots of Instagram contacts and then a small dose of Midsommer Murders which I thoroughly love. I love this British TV series involving complicated plots that get always are resolved in the end and the murderer/murderers are piled into the police car and off they go – probably to face uncertain justice. But we are saved that unfortunate detail.

Perhaps today is the day to lighten up. What a better way than to throw in a couple of David jokes. He is an endless supply. One shall appear at the end, entitled: Why Men Shouldn’t Write Advice Columns. It is SO funny! But here is another longer one which has to do with Sex Insurance, of all things.

You can now get sex insurance in the UK so make sure you get correct insurance for the sex you are having. Please find a list of companies below catering for most tastes:

Sex with your wife – general and legal

Sex on the telephone – direct line.

Sex with your partner – standard life

Sex with someone different – go compare

Sex with a lady of generous proportions – more than

Sex on the back seat of a car – Shela’s Wheels.

Sex with a prostitute – Commercial Union

Sex with your maid – Employer’s Liability

Sex with an oap – Saga

Sex resulting in pregnancy – General Accident

Sex with animals – National Farmer’s Union

Sex with a monk – Abbey Life

Sex with Naval Officers – Admiral Group

And finally

Sex with a transvestite: Confused.com

Do make sure that you are adequately covered.

At this precise moment it is Saturday morning, fresh from an excellent sleep experiencing little or no pain. Although there are plans for the day, a building brunch that will include Dunkin’ Donuts. guess I will get up and go because who could turn down a donut?

But a day like yesterday seem ideal, when all I did is write and sleep, write and sleep, write and sleep with a few meal breaks and a little TV. This is perhaps just a phase occasioned by disappointment in the man department again. Surprisingly I find myself immensely relieved. Any union with thus guy would have resulted in a life that did not honour my writing and that is the most important thing to me. The conditions would have been horrid and despite his lip service to my writing abilities I concluded that he had scarcely read anything I ever wrote. He so busy with trivialities – work, a kid(s), construction, that kind of stuff. I do not think so. Hahahaha I need space to write, and not just physical space. I also need challenge, someone to give me mental stimulation who is interested in the world around them and participates actively in that world. So I am perfectly fine. Fortunately the absence from my old wold was brief so I have been able to reconnect with all of my old friends and they are, to a man and a woman, glad to see me back. Therefore I am done and as Wise Man said:

He: Alexis when you are done, you are done.

Me: I am! It is a gift! But I do admit there those I do not get done with. Ah Well, the field narrows.

But it seems time to shift to USA politics because, after all, that is where I live. The September 22 New York Times featured an article on Elizabeth Warren on its front page. She is the person who will receive my support in the upcoming election – not sure what exactly what my support will entail but for once I will do something active on the federal level. I was active in local and state politics but never bothered with those Washington folk. It is time. The title of the article, written by Alexander Burns, In Losing a Coveted Position, Warren Found a Larger Stage. The subheading; Lessons in Power; How to Execute a Plan. The first paragraph reads; “ Elizabeth Warren did not want a goodbye party she told her aides, there would be no grand send-off no celebration of a mission accomplished.” I love this woman, she is like me. Well I am older so therefore, she is like me. The article, a long one, speaks of Warren’s ‘baby’ the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. After slaving away founding this successful agency Obama chose someone else to head it. Warren gracefully stepped aside – explaining to her colleagues that they were ready to sail the ship on their own. And they did.

Warren did not play the victim role, blame and fuss and feel sorry for herself. Women are particularly prone to take that stance, men do it infrequently but women “do it better” . The Bureau became for Warren “a formative lesson in how an idea – a plan – can become a reality. “For it was through creating a new financial regulator that Ms. Warren developed the approach to government that now guides her presidential campaign. And it was in losing the chance to lead her bureau that Ms. Warren came to see the value of asking voters, rather than a president to give her power.”

Foes and looser Democrats wonder if her ideas are ‘realistic “‘ – she just points to the Bureau.

Chants are heard. C-F-P-B. “She fights for you, she fights for me.” Warren likens herself to Frances Perkins, the first secretary of labor. More about Francis Perkins and Elizabeth Warren in a subsequent blog.

So this has to be a decidedly weird blog – starting out with Sex Insurance information and ending up with Elizabeth Warren but I am weird.AND Brazenly Authentic. As Joo Kim Tiah says in his Ode, aptly named Brazenly Authentic: “To be brazenly authentic is being yourself, not following other people or having the same opinions or view about things. You do what you think is right and are not embarrassed about it.”

He ends with this: “Show them who you truly are.”

Well I do, Mr. Tiah, I do. I already do, in case you have not noticed! So there! So there! So there!

So there will be two attachments to this blog. David’s funny article about men giving advice and a photo of me on the way to the Donut Brunch. It was accompanied with this caption on Instagram.

Me: On the way to the building’s donut brunch.As you can see I get better every day. London, here I come – I deserve a reward for such dedication.!! And I am sure I have enough frequent flier miles to do it in style.

They: Lots of likes and one woman asking me this:

She: Dm me Lets make money.

Me: From What??????

Needless to say, I did not Dm her.

Oh, what is an Ode? It seems you could look something up yourself but….” “It is a lyric poem usually marked by exaltation of feeling and style, varying length of line, and complexity of stanza forms. An example is Keats’s Ode to a Nightingale.” But it is also “a poem in which a person expresses a strong feeling of love or respect for someone or something.” Now a video is not a poem, I realize, but you get the drift. What does that mean? “Understand the general meaning or purport. For example, I didn’t get the drift-do they want to go or not? or Over all the noise he barely managed to catch the drift of their conversation. The noun drift has been used for “purport” since the early 1500s.”

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