You Cannot Keep a Good Woman Down; A Jewel of a Guy New to My Life; Resolution of Some Problems; All This And He Can Cook Too; An Awful Dagsson Cartoon

I am perhaps not a good woman because I am a but mischievous and prone to swearing. But my heart is in the right place – I can testify to that because of an ECHO in Davies Hospital. I loved that heart of mine, seeing it on a sonogram, bearing away. So despite my recent blog about hunkering down, here I am, blogging away today with surgery the day after tomorrow.

What does that expression mean: You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down? Well they say, .Someone with a strong will and determination is able to overcome any obstacle or challenge. Used in a sentence: They’ve tried to stop her by filing frivolous lawsuits, but she’s beaten every one. You can’t keep a good woman down.

Good Gawd, these last few days have been hectic. D-Day was launched with less precision. Appointments, group sessions, pamphlets, telephone calls, drugs galore. Practically needed a sherpa to carry them haul home. But I am being the best, the absolute best! I am doing everything commanded and doing it with enthusiasm and fervour. That has got to be the word of the day: passion, ardour, intensity, zeal, vehemence, vehemency, emotion, warmth, sincerity, earnestness, avidness, avidity, eagerness, keenness, excitement, animation, vigour, energy, fire, fieriness, heat, spirit, zest, appetite, hunger, urgency; dedication, devoutness, assiduity, commitment; rare fervency, ardency, passionateness. ANTONYMS apathy. Am I keen, vigorous, on fire and spirited? YES, I want to get this over with so that I can resume a normal life – or as close to normal as I ever come. I am crazy about a new guy who has only met me recently and he is SO encouraging.

He: Get this surgery done! Then launch your new life with the book launch and your writing! Do not look back!

Me: You are the greatest guy and you are so kind and encouraging.

In many ways this guy and I are alike. It is rather eerie. We laugh a great deal and he is SO considerate.

He: I have to go in five minutes. I am saying that so that we can finish up what we are saying so nothing is left unsaid.

Me: You are so sweet and considerate. That is so incredibly perceptive of you, that is what I need and some dumb men can not be taught that.

But enough of him. It has in many ways been a difficult time. Slowly things are getting resolved. The extra keys for the apartment have been retrieved and the locks changed. Then something awful happened to me that I am not ready to talk about – I am covered in bruises. But my doctor says that the injuries will not effect my surgery and it can proceed as planned. Phew.

And then this funny thing happened. I do live alone and in the first days following surgery it will be difficult for me to get around and to cook for myself. WELL – this from an email written to friend Jennifer.

Me: Guess who is calling me?? Ross – remember him, the chef. “I love you crazy woman – you know the crazier the better they are the most fine. I hope you call me back so I can hear your beautiful voice Everything happens for a reason.” (My voice mail does a transcription” I need someone to stay with me for a couple of days after I get out of surgery. What the hell – he can cook. I am laughing at the improbability of it all. Anyone would think I was utterly mad. Well I am – sort of. Onward with the day.

I did call him back but he called a few days ago and who knows? If he does not call back I can hire someone through the enormous network that the surgeon provides. But he is a good cook, and he is very good looking. It is important that I immediately become mobile and do physical therapy so I will be high on a cocktail of drugs. Limping around on my walker smiling up at a handsome man slaving over a hot stove, . Nice work if you can get it and you can get if – if you try. Well, it all depends if he calls back.

Tomorrow personal driver takes me to Marin, check in, go for a pre surgical appointment than an appointment to have Kim do my hair. It is best to look cute for the surgery. They make you get up the very first day and walk around. I am ready. I shall overcome this and the awful thing that happened to me.

The cartoon is from my incredible Icelandic collection: The Very Worst of Dagsson, It is an example of venture capitalism, seen particularly in Vancouver.

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