What Do I Now Think About Alix Residences? ; A Photograph of Me in Marvellous Hayes Valley

I am again aided and abetted by my friends who are so smart and take such an unusually keen interest in my life. Here is what CPI recently added to my knowledge, which is informative.

She: There will be checks and balances if there are no cheques (Canadian joke) or if more corruption scandals emerge. I did the conversion on pricing and one could buy a condo in the Alix for as little as around $600,000 Canadian. Seems like a dream here (unless it isn’t built) and think of the climate. Oh dear, you don’t like heat …, but there is air con built in.

Me: So that is rather interesting. I can even afford a place in Alix Residences. Now, this is the problem. It is not going to be built for at least two years and we all know about construction projects. I am old – I do not even want to think about how old I will be at completion. Now I have thought about counting backwards – so next year I will be 75, then 74, then 73 etc. etc. My appearance has anti-aged in the last five years, so it is worth a try.

I did actually share this ‘experience’ with Joo Kim – I have an email address for him but he said in October of 2017 all of my emails would go to junk and perhaps they not only do, but they remain there, unveiled and ignored.


Well there is this Residence and it has my name. Well my diminutive but still it is my name. I had to call a taxi to take me home from the place of discovery – a Verizon store. (The knee means I cannot walk great distances.) The driver arrives, he is Chinese with an accent. I tell him the story.

He: He Wuvs you! !

Me: Really? Do you think so?

He: He name building for you. He WUVS you. He Wuvs you.

Of course, I had to tip him and did. All of this is totally true. I always tell the truth but sometimes I exaggerate. This time there is no exaggeration. Alexis (aka Alix)

Then I sent this one a couple of days ago.

Me: Do you realize that you are making me more brazenly authentic. You have unleashed a real monster and I was bad enough to begin with, as you well know. Alexis (aka Alix)

I do marvel at the beauty of the buildings, the attention to detail, the fact that they should be the wave of the future – living in a self contained neighbourhood without the need of commuting and cars. People will have time to spend with their children, not be in cars driving back and forth, commuting for hours. The children will be close to schools and public transportation is be readily available. The development is so ahead of its time.

There are links to meditations through YouTube that quotes Andrew Carnegie: “Surplus wealth is a sacred trust which its possessor is bound to administer in his lifetime for the good of the community.” Those of us old and educated souls know that Andrew Carnegie built libraries throughout the United States and Canada. These libraries certainly did serve the good of the community.

So I think it is OK if I believe that Alix Residences was named after me – it does not hurt anyone. And who knows??? I do not care if other people agree with me or not. How can they know? The only person that knows is Joo Kim Tiah and even he probably does not know as it may be that his unconscious is speaking. I am fine with everything, totally fine. I will just save some money and if I want I shall buy a place in the Alix Residences. It would be a good place to live if I get infirm – everything is there and so I would not have to leave the air conditioned premises.

The photograph is me, taken by Tracey. It is around the corner in my marvellous Hayes Valley.

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