Losing My Religion; More Wisdom From CPI; Surgery Delayed Yet Again; Tracey’s Photography

The July 21, 2019 New York Time Book Review includes a review of of “ Leaving the Witness: Exiting a Religion and Finding a Life”, an excellent book written by Amber Scorah. C.E. Morgan begins the review in this manner: ‘Though religious fundamentalism has surged in global proportions in recent decades, the anti-intellectualism of these authoritarian movements, their staunch refusal to set aside ground to reason and empiricism, often confounds nonbelievers. How can people devote the totality of their lives to the unseen; the unevidenced? How can faith subsume thinking? But reason is a poor weapon against the believer whose very religious identity springs from an embrace of the unreasonable….Their faith becomes very thick armour indeed, one that even the sharpest Enlightenment rationalism won’t penetrate.”

What is a witness? In a court of law it is an attester, testifier; a deponent. But this is not a court of law so therefore the meaning of witness in this instance is observer, onlooker, looker-on, eyewitness, spectator, viewer, watcher; bystander, passer-by.

Morgan goes on “ “Amber Scorah’s memoir, “Leaving the Witness,” is the account of a third-generation Jehovah’s Witness finally able to muster the emotional and intellectual resources necessary to leave the sect once she reachers her 30s”

So to break free of cultish clans is an incredible achievement. I have managed to do so, somehow. An interesting tale, to be told at my leisure. .

It is all rather fascinating but there is news on the home front. It is part and parcel of an email sent to CPI.

Me: Surgery delayed. Perhaps for a week, perhaps longer. I will detail on blog in a couple of days. I have been done in by a Chinese neurosurgeon.

She: I am quite sure all of this it will increase traffic on your blog.

I think it very fortunate that much of what we have said re: JKT is within mail rather than in blog.

Me: Indeed!

She: But very very unfortunate to have your surgery postponed ; really hope things will still work out with Tracey. She did arrive …? I’m beginning to think of all doctors as Ching Chan Chung with a Ho thrown in every so often.

Me: How terribly humorous again, my dear!

She: Have been reading about Candace Bushnell’s new book – Is There Still Sex in the City? – as she returns to New York, single and “approaching” 60. Did you know “cubbing” is the pursuit of older women by younger men?

Me: My goodness my dear friend! I have been subbed with my 75 and still counting. I am actually Queen of the Cubbing. That woman approaching 60 – big deal. I am 76. How trivial of her.

She: May you not wait long!

Me: I may have to but I am fine, no matter what. If it is nine months according to the anaestheseoligst in reading Dr. Gao’s report than it will be. I am fine. But second opinion sought, this time a woman physician with excellent credentials. A bit older than Dr. Gao. We shall see.

Several photographs will grace this blog. Scenes of today, Tracey the photographer. She is most talented as you shall see.

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