Mesmerized by Music; Another Strange Day Resulting in a Great Hairdo Photographed From the Back; Ending in Vows and a Strange Biblical Passage from the Old Testament

I can be totally mesmerized by music and I am at this moment. For weeks I have been addicted to an album by Shawn Mendes (a Canadian by the way). It came to me, rather accidentally through Apple Music. I identify with so many songs, at this moment We Do Not Have To Be Ordinary is playing. Do listen to it, as it is unbelievable. We do not have the time to be sorry so baby be the life of the party. My goodness do I take that advice. We do not care what people think. LIFE OF THE PARTY!

That is me. Today I did the most boring and stressful thing in life. I went to the storage unit in Larkspur which had held my few possessions for five years – from when I left for London, England, thinking I would be back. But I ain’t back and it is necessary to throw out the old to make way for the new. I called 1-800- YOU GOT JUNK and loaded up half a truck until I died from exhaustion. What fantastic guys, what a fantastic service. Where is their call centre located? Honest to goodness, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I was talking to a man at the Call Centre and telling him of my exploits AND he told me. I almost fainted as it was SO unlikely. Anyway the two guys showed up on time and we threw out stuff like crazy. They left and they said they wanted to hang out with me because I was the life of the party. Do I need to remind you – gentle reader – that I am 76 years old. But when you are hot, you are not but when you are not, you are. not.

It was so hot today in Marin and do I ever HATE heat. It could prove a bit unfortunate but here is what a man said:

He: Alexis, we have air conditioning!

Me: Well, thank goodness for that!

This man comes from a country that is known for its heat and humidity. But do remember, Alexis, there is air conditioning. At the moment I am in an air conditioned room – I could be in the Arctic. I have a Terry cloth robe and I am under a comforter. I am VERY happy and do not give me a rough time. You guys drive cars and that uses up tons of those carbon emissions.

Here in Marin self0-satisfied women drive around in their huge SUVx. Give me air conditioning. I hate the heat so much and it makes me so grouchy. Once I was meeting Joo Kim for lunch and he was leaving for Malaysia. I wrote and warned him.

Me; I am aware that you are leaving the day after our lunch date. I am warning you, do not kidnap me because I get so grouchy in the heat. If I lived near the Equator I would become a mass murderer.

He: Alexis, we have air conditioning.

Me: Well, thank goodness for that!

Well, he did not kidnap me. I stayed in Vancouver but left at the end of March, 2019. But there is heat in this Marin, and I guess in Malaysia (wherever that might be).

But bravely I went to get my hair cut by wonderful, wonderful Kim. Do I look great, or what? You will see a picture of the back of my head. I did a video on Instagram showing the front. I absolutely love my white hair – there are advantages to growing old. Few but white hair is almost worth it.

But we are about to switch to a very serious subject. My April Admirer sent me THE MOST ROMANTIC EMAIL ever. I, and everyone who read it, decided that it should form the vows of a wedding. Well, it did not happen between he and I but here are these most incredible words.t

“I want to be at your side, to let go of the past with the passing of the old years of broken heart and to embrace with you a future as we enter together. I want to forever be at your side, to love you and to argue with you, to laugh with you and to cry with you, to share with you and to dream with you. As we enter into a new phase in our lives, I want to be the one you love and make love to, as I will love you and make love to you. I want to be the one who cares for you when you’re sick and to be the one you take care for.

We will share in a life of passion and commitment and love unparalleled. We will cross the bridges of troubled waters together and we will laugh and play together under the sun for many years to come. Others will look at us and pray to one day find that kind of love. We will be the couple, who into their 80’s (and beyond) who will still hold hands and share in a kiss in public. The love and devotion will shine around us like a beacon of hope for others.

I have given to you my love, my heart and my soul. I will give to you my life, my compassion and my spirit. Should ever you feel weak, lean on me and I will be your shelter from life’s troubles. Should ever you feel sad, come to me and I will help you to smile again. Should ever you feel anger, bring it to me and I will help you to find the compassion and forgiveness in your soul. If ever you should feel lost or afraid, step into my arms and let me lead you home to my heart again. And from this day forward I will love you with all that I am or ever could be, for without you I am nothing.

You are the vastness in my universe. You are the sun and the light which guides me thru the darkest of times. You are the moon and the stars that lend me my dreams. You are my hope when all seems lost, and you are all that I could ever dream of. You are my heart my soul and my spirit.”

I guess I will read these words haltingly. But then this morning these words came to me, out of nowhere. It was somewhere in my head, but got them through the wonders of Google. It is from the bible, from Ruth. She says:

And Ruth said, Entreat me not to leave you, or to return from following after you: for where you go, I will go; and where you lodge, I will lodge: your people shall be my people, and your God my God.

So if this is an omen – I will not be marrying a Canadian nor an American because they are ‘my people” not “your people.”

By the way, have you seen the newest Brazenly Authentic video on You Tube,. One woman says: “When I first started blogging I told he truth….” She looks like a younger version of me mixed in with a little Mia Farrow. Then Joo Kim talks about being open and transparent and he appears, looking most sexy, by the way. I cannot remember him looking sexy but he does in the last scene. He is sitting down on a sofa Hmmmmmmm.

I do admit to being sassy. The picture is of the back of my head withe the fantastic new Kim haircut. I said something witty on Instagram about not seeing that part of me because I did not have eyes in the back of my head.

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